snow day!

I'd like to start out by saying SNOW DAY!  We are all home today, including Patrick, as it is snowing, snowing, snowing outside.  I didn't hear the THUNDERsnow last night like they said but it is really coming down out there.  I have one package to mail so I'm going to have to call and see if the PO is open and go for a walk.  I thought about arranging a free pick up but that just seemed mean when I knew our walk wouldn't be shoveled.  :)

Here are the children a while ago, drinking hot cocoa after coming in from outside.  I know James isn't looking at the camera but 2 out of 3 ain't bad.  Oh yeah.  James can have whipped cream on his hot cocoa!  He loves it!!  I love how Ruby calls it "whup" cream.  I think "open up a can of whup ass" is such a funny saying so it cracks me up every time she says "whup."

I want to tell you about my reference to childhood pain yesterday.  When I was little, putting the lights on the tree and making spritz cookies always seemed very, um, stressful for my mother so I grew up thinking these things must be awfully hard.  Imagine my surprise when they turned out to be not that bad!  Maybe even fun!  It was a joke, meant for my mother to see and have a little laugh.  I'm sure my kids are already brewing on the things that they will tease me about for the rest of their lives.

Here is Nicky after filling his face with spritz the other day:

It was so funny!  He got up and saw the cookies on the kitchen table and got so excited!  Nicky loves cookies, you see.  Then he asked me, "Auntie Sawah come to mine house and make me cookies???"  HAHAHAHAHAHA!  His babysitter Sarah makes cookies almost every Friday and I don't think he has ever seen me make them.  :)  (In my defense, I make muffins like nobody's business and turn out delicious cakes in my sleep.)  ahem.  But anyways, it made me laugh and laugh.  I'm not sure he believed me that I made them but he sure did eat his share.  I tried asking him if his OWN MOTHER'S cookies were BETTER than Auntie Sawah's but he didn't answer.  harrumph.  Also, he calls her Auntie Sawah because her niece is also there during the day and of course she calls her Auntie Sarah, because, you know, she's her Auntie.  Just so you know, she isn't brainwashing him or anything.

I have to go mix up some sugar cookie dough and then play Monopoly Millionaire with James.  I am ready to WHUP SOME 9 YEAR OLD ASS!



  1. Laughing at the last line of your post today! They are always gonna remember that you played board games with them. Some of my favorite memories of both my grandmas. XOXO Enjoy your first Christmas with your Seester in a long time. Miss you!


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