Here are some of my sales from the last couple of weeks.  It's been pretty steady...I can't complain.  :)

Polo hoodie  pd 1.00, sold 32.49
Spyder fleece  pd .50, sold 23.00
Nike shirt  pd .50, sold 17.00
Kliban cat mug  (remember these?)  pd .49, sold 18.99
Lole bag pd 3.99, sold 14.99  (they got a deal!)
leather western belt, pd 1.99, sold 23.00
REI purse pd 1.99, sold 9.99 (once I got it home I wondered why I bought it!  ugly color.)
vintage star wars action figures (these were in the same bag as those muscle men I sold for 54.99 a couple of weeks ago.)  I sold these 3 for 23.00 so my total profit for that $3 purchase was 77.99!  woot!  (before ebay fees)
old Far Side cards, pd 1.99, sold 22.99
Ugly Christmas sweater, free from my mom, sold 44.99
IRMI plaque, free from my mom, sold 17.99
SAS loafers pd 8.00 (they were like new and a wide width), sold 54.99
vintage cross stitch, pd 1.20, sold 19.99
Cath Kidson wool scarf, paid .50, sold 37.00  (thrifted last year for myself and realized this year I would never wear it)
Starbucks bear, paid .20, sold 13.49
vintage owl mug, paid .25, sold 14.99
Sully, paid .99, sold 39.99
I bought these Merrell shoes last spring for 5.99. Also a regret because they really are ugly. Relieved to get rid of them for 14.99.
cashmere sweater, free from my mom, sold $23
j. jill cashmere sweater, paid .50 (wore last winter), sold $29.

 Banana Republic petite dress (I hate petite stuff, sells slowly, but if it's really nice, I still buy it.  even though I don't like it!  :)  )  paid 1.00, sold 22.99
I'm going to like up with Thrift Share Monday today at Apron Thrift Girl!  I love reading about all the wonderful stuff out there, just waiting for us to find it.  :)



  1. I just love your blog! It inspires me to start selling!

    The Joyful Thrifter

  2. Great job, thanks for posting prices, it is really interesting to read

  3. Okay, please tell me your secret. You have my undivided attention. :)

  4. Thanks for sharing your ugly choices. I hate it when I don't look closely enough, and then I'm left trying to sell things I don't even like :)


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