I am home today, working and (soon to be) finishing my wrapping.  Ebay has been super busy, with 5 things selling since last night.  I never have that many sales over night.  :)  People are in a BUYING mood.  I'd like to spend the day listing but my gifts do need wrapping, too.  It is fun thinking about how I'm going to prepare for next Christmas.

Here are some of my recent sales, I hope they inspire you to get selling or help you recognize a (albeit small) goldmine sitting on that thrift store shelf.  :)

NAOT clogs, paid 3.99, sold 34.99
 Anthro sweater, paid 1.00, sold 40.00
 Thing toys (WWIT?*) - paid 2.00, sold 9.99  (yay! I got rid of them!)
 Bee Boppin Baloo - paid 1.99, sold 17.99  (very proud of this listing, inserted my first video of him singing!)
 Mini Candle Holder that I loved and thought was worth a ton as it is from Denmark but found out was pretty worthless, paid 1.00, sold this morning 8.99
 Large Road Runner mug, paid .49, sold this morning 14.99
Red Clarks, paid 3.99, sold last night for 29.99
 vintage candle kit, paid 1.00, sold 22.99
 Knitting tote (WWIT?)  paid 2.10, sold this morning for 9.99  (woot!)
 Nemo & Dory, paid .50, sold 23.99 BUT HASN't PAID YET
 American Girl backpack, for actual girl, not doll, paid 2.99, sold 25.00
 Snap Circuit set (same set that we paid $30 for James last year), paid 2.99, sold 22.99
 Higglytown Heroes set that I almost didn't buy but my sister made me look it up and then I bought it, paid 2.99, sold 34.99
 Pat Pat with yellowed seats and small crack, paid 1.99, sold 37.99
 Pat Pat with no big flaws, paid 1.20 last spring for Nicky, priced for quick sale, sold for 51.99
 Pat Pat Transform and Go, paid $10 last spring for Nicky, sold 37.99
 And finally, my little Ruby at her concert last Friday.  It was heartbreaking to be in that room with all of our safe and happy first graders.  Heartbreaking and breathtaking.  She barely sang but did have fun up there with her BFF Emily, who is standing next to her. 

Time to finish the wrapping!  I made a batch of spritz yesterday and it went off without a hitch!  Every time I put lights on the tree or make spritz without wanting to cry I feel a tiny piece of my childhood pain erased.  xoxoxo


*What Was I Thinking?


  1. So happy to hear your childhood pain is being washed away little by little. You are an awesome mom. xoxo Merry Christmas!!! Cousintine


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