taking one for the team (I mean the tree)

Last night the kids and I met my sister at the mall for a quick food court dinner, a ride each on the mechanical cars (well, not Annie & I) and then I passed them off to Patrick in the parking lot and we were on our own.  Woohoo!  We got some Christmas shopping done, spent a long time in Hallmark (???) and then hit a GOLDMINE at Goodwill.  We got there about 50 minutes before closing and were pawing through the games until they practically shut the lights out.  I got some good things to re-sell and a couple of gifts.  Andrea got a ton of cute stuff for Jacob.  It was really fun.  We were giddy.  :)  (Mom, you would have loved it.  :)  You should move here or something.  xoxo)

It was kind of funny...during our food court dinner Ruby wasn't eating her egg sub, which she loves, and it was annoying me.  Nicky and James, however, were scarfing down their Daily Double and Fish Fillet and Andrea says to me, "Well, 2 out of 3 ain't bad."  hahahha!  What a good way to look at it!  Love that.  I think I can use that for LOTS of things in life because that's usually how it goes with 3 kids...at least one of them, maybe two, is acting bat shit crazy about something but it's not usually all of them.  (thankfully.)  (knock on wood.)

I just finished two books.  The first, The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake, was very good but so UNUSUAL.  Have you read it?  Wasn't it odd???  I kind of loved it.  Mr. Penumbra's 24 Hour Book Store was the second and that was good, too.  Not fantastic, but entertaining and felt very original.  I love to read a book that feels different than anything else I've ever read.  I also love a good, predictable chick lit novel sometimes.  Especially if it involves a bakery or something.  :)

I am trying to decide what to do with my little Nicker today.  I am doing 5 Christmas cards a day so that feels manageable and not daunting.  I actually did 10 yesterday so I am all set for that today.  (I am SUCH an over-achiever!!!)  I still need to wrap gifts and I'd like to get some cookies in the freezer.  I also would like to list some stuff on ebay and take Nicky outside and read him some more Christmas books and fold that basket of laundry on the couch.  I also want to clean out our "toy room" (unfinished mythical lower level bathroom) before Christmas.  But not today.  What a random paragraph.

Oh. Yesterday Nicky was rocking back and forth, standing up, on this little tikes rocking horse.  He says, "WOO HOO NICKY!  YEAH!" over and over while he does this.  (it is very cute.)  At one point I said, "Good job, Nicky!" and he stopped and said, "You call me Nick, Mom.  Not Nicky.  Nick."  I said okay and then forgot all about it and called him "boo boo" a few minutes later, my other name I call him a lot.  He stopped whatever he was doing and said quietly, "Okay, you call me boo boo, too."  :) 

I wish I had a picture for you.  Oh, wait!  I do!

On Tuesday I was lucky enough to purchase the crappiest tree in Madison!  So no worries if you haven't gotten one yet and are afraid of getting the crappiest!  I already have it!  The trunk has about a 30 degree angle at the bottom and that thing would just NOT stand up.  I considered leaving it like this, see above, but ended up wedging a cut log under the front of the tree stand and tying it to the wall.  It is also very pokey and drops needles like a sonofabitch.



p.s.  sorry for the two swear words in this post!  I guess I am feeling feisty this morning.  


  1. omg steph! that tree gave me a seriously good laugh.


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