the incredible weight of girl scout cookies has been lifted

I just submitted our troop recognition order and I am DONE with cookie business!!!  I feel so happy and free!  tra la la la la!  I am never doing that again!!  EVER!! 

Now that I got that off of my chest, how are you?  I'm good.  Working on ebay stuff a little and having some coffee.  I'm going to make some chocolate pies in a bit here and then take a shower.  I'm so glad we are having a bit of quiet before the party rumpus begins. 

Yesterday was James' actual birthday and it was such a nice day.  I will share my (minimal) pictures later, okay?  We started at 6:30am with presents, balloons, cinnamon sticks and fruit salad.  The birthday boy was ecstatic with his gifts and headed off to school happy.  After school he told me his friends are going to pool their money and buy him a Nintendo 3ds*.  :)  Isn't that cute?  He was really hoping to get one (and he will...just not for 17 days) so he must have gone to school and told them no dice.  It made me happy to hear they rallied around him.  :)  After school he played his new (regular but he was still thrilled to get it) ds game while I frosted cupcakes and picked up the messy kitchen.  We met Patrick, Andrea, Ronan & the kids at Noodles for dinner and cupcakes.  It was crazy in there at dinner time (who knew?) but we got lucky and there were 3 tables we could push together so we all fit.  He opened his gifts from Grandpa and Andrea & Ronan and really enjoyed himself, I think.  After dinner I wanted to drive through the Holiday Fantasy in Lights but Patrick and James opted to go home so the rest of us went.  It was pretty but will be prettier once there is snow.

When we got home Patrick put Ruby and Nick to bed while James and I played a game of Monopoly Millionaire.  (his gift from Grandpa)  I have to admit, it was pretty fun.  I won, was getting long, but James played really well.  That kid can figure stuff out.  I'm looking forward to playing again.  (It reminded me of the hours I spent playing with my cousin Kerri when we were kids.  :)  Love her.)

Happy weekend!  xoxo


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