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I was hoping it would be a quick bug and seems to have been one.  After going to sleep a chilled achy mess, I woke up feeling like myself.  So did my children.

How does that happen?

I am glad it does, however the case. 

I kept James & Ruby home today as they barely ate yesterday and I wanted them here to get their strength up.  I might be regretting that decision just the tiniest bit.  :)  (it was an early release day anyways....)

Tomorrow will be so fun!  They will go to school and I will have the day to wrap, wrap, wrap.  Can't wait!  I am starting to get the urge to make Christmas cookies, too.  yummmmm.

James turns 9 on Friday.  NINE!  That's crazy talk, isn't it? He had the choice of a big "location" party with lots of friends or a more intimate sleep over with 5 friends.  He opted for the latter so we are having 5 boys over on Saturday for a sleep-over and some mini golf fun.  Lord, help me.  :)  I would have chosen the larger "location" party but I think this will be fun, too.  He chose a good group of kids who are all buddies so it should go smoothly.  And they are getting picked up at 10:00 on Sunday so we will have a day to recover.  :)  (this kind of stuff exhausts me...you, too??)

While going through my Christmas stuff I found these fabric bags I made to sell at the Craftacular a few years ago.  I sold more of them than I thought (or my mother thought) but had a couple left and I'm so glad I kept them.  I want to make more!  It won't happen this year but maybe next.  It was so nice just to stuff a couple gifts in them and be done!  :)  These contain Ruby presents and I have a feeling she might want to keep the bags afterwards, which is fine.  I made them all from flannel pajama pants legs!  

 We watched Elijah and Jacob last Saturday and then Andrea and Ronan watched our kids on Sunday.  It went really well and was fun to have a date with Patrick.  (We saw Life of Pi.  I enjoyed it while I was watching it but now it kind of bugs me.)
I had put the vintage Little People in the basement a while back and the weekend seemed like a good reason to pull them out.  They played with them quite a bit and I will stash them away again now.  Until next time.  dum, dum, dum.

My ebay sales were OFF THE CHAIN last week/weekend.  :)  Things have quieted down again but boy, that was fun.  I will post about them soon.



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