Monday, April 30, 2012


My sister laughed so hard at me when I told her I had done 49 listings last week.  Yes, I stopped one short of my goal but really could just not go on.  :)  I felt good about getting that many done and am going to shoot for that again this week.  (49)  haha.  (I got 8 done last night and one sold within minutes!  love that even though it means my price was probably too right.)  I was telling her on Wednesday that it had been kind of a slow week...I was at about $130 in sales and was resigned to accepting that and then boom!  The weekend was super busy and I ended up at just over $400 for the week.  Yay!  :)

My pictures are mainly on the lap top so I'll just link to some of my sales from the last couple weekend and you can click if you want to, okay?  :)

I bought this Liberty of London Target tote for $3 and sold for $24.99
I bought these Merrell Sandals (size 5) for $7 and sold for $24.99  (was regretting buying these as the size is not really in demand so was happy to get rid of them)
Silver jeans  paid $4, sold $41
Chaps Plus Size Shirt paid $.50, sold $34.99
SAS Sandals  paid $3.99, sold $40.00
Johnny Was jacket paid $1, sold $54.99
Patagonia shorts (yikes!) paid .25, sold $15.00
Exofficio shirt paid .50, sold $24.99
2 slightly worn swimsuits paid 1.00, sold 25.00

Let's be honest.  That Johnny Was jacket is pretty ugly.  I could tell it was well made, though, so I did a quick ebay search on my phone and saw that it would probably sell.  Johnny Was items are very collectible but this jacket is probably older and not one of his really cool, current ones.  Went to Scotland, I think, and she was pretty excited about it!  She said, "Let's get more JWLA in the UK!"  haha.  (JWLA=Johnny Was L.A.)

So, how was your weekend?  Ours was good if a bit different.  (whenever we do something we haven't done before Patrick will say to me, "Well, that was different."  haha.  He said that a few times this weekend.)

Friday I shopped all day and found some awesome things.  (3 shirts for me, 2 pristine vintage hawaiian shirts, large donut baking pan for us, little tikes car for nicky for $3 (he LOVES it), lots of vintage owl crap, tons of clothes, vintage wooden hangers, a couple pairs of nice mens shoes...lots of good stuff.)  Friday evening we had family Survivor time with popcorn.  Saturday morning Wendy asked me to go garage sale-ing with her for a while in a nearby town.  It was freezing but we had a lot of fun and stopped at a bakery for delicious coffee and pastries.  When I got home we had lunch and Patrick took all 3 kids to the gym with him (he joined a gym last week) and I got to stay home all by myself.  So nice.  I took photos of the stuff I bought and got everything put away.  I also spent some time ironing and watching "Don't be Tardy for the Wedding."  HAHAHA.  They were gone for a long time and he told me later that he did that on purpose so I'd have some extra time to myself.  Thanks, bunny.  Yesterday we went back to the gym for Family Time and Nicky had a strong reaction to the pool area.  It must have been all the chlorine but he started coughing like crazy, wheezing a little and got a few red patches on his arms almost right away.  I brought him out and took him in the shower and got him dressed and he was back to normal.  strange.  I was worrying about our local pool this summer but it is 1) outdoors so not as overwhelming with fumes and 2) they use bromine, not chlorine.  Anyways, the big kids loved it and we had Noodles afterwards.

I did a ballet workout last night that was SO hard.  Strangely enough, it's my arms that hurt today...just from holding them out in front of me the whole dang time.  ouch.  I lost 2 lbs last week so that feels good.  It's funny how just exercising regularly again these last couple weeks already has me feeling better about my body.  I feel like regardless of the (lazy ass) breaks I take from it, I have learned that moving my body makes me feel good and I hope I always get back to it.

Ruby's birthday is in two weeks and she hadn't mentioned a party or anything so I wasn't sure what we were going to do.  Yesterday I asked her if she'd like to go to Milwaukee and stay overnight in a hotel for her birthday and she said yes!  Yay!  So, in a few weeks we're going to Milwaukee.  We're planning on the Discovery World museum again, maybe the Children's Museum if it's raining, maybe the Milwaukee Zoo if it's nice, and I'll definitely be ordering vegan cupcakes from Honeypie for our celebration.  I am also hoping it's nice out because I just want to spend some time walking by the lake front.  I thought it was so beautiful when we were there last summer.  Oh yeah...she told me she wants a canoe for her birthday.  Okay...

I think I've gone on enough for one day.  I hope you are all well!  Thanks for stopping by.  xoxox

Thursday, April 26, 2012

nicky & sedums

For Toddler Time yesterday, the kids planted a tree. It was actually already planted but they had left room at the top for the little ones to fill in with dirt. It was rainy and muddy but they loved it. Of course. :) Even more, they loved having cupcakes at the library beforehand. (yes, at 10am)  Can you see Nicky?
How about below?
My tiny sedums arrived.  I'll provide more info on them later.  I love them.

I have 29 listings done and have exercised every day this week.  I might break my rule and do a little shopping today.  Still deciding. I AM going to finish those listings later. 

What??  I AM!  :) 


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

hello friends,

I'm going to do a little catching up here with some random photos from my phone.  First we have Ruby and her buddy at the egg hunt here in our little town:

Easter morning bubbles on the patio:
Nicky at Toddler Time:
A day at the zoo when Grandma was here:

Ruby and I went garage sale-ing early one Saturday morning:

My new favorite cup:
I got Ruby this swim shirt and she insisted on wearing it to school immediately.  She said only Dawson noticed it was a swim shirt and he said he liked it.  :)
Little Nicky, blowing out his candles:  (repeatedly)  (isn't that a dirty prince song...little nicky??)
Nicky on the scooter with no handles.  Poor kid.  He actually can scoot, which I love.
Below is one small section of half pint resale.  This place was insanely packed with stuff.  I was awestruck.  I did really, really good, too!  I don't know how much sold full price vs. half price yet but about 90% of what I brought, sold!  Just about 300 pieces sold.  so cool!!  Can't wait to get my check! 
I bought this shirt below for 1.00.  It is size 5X and new with the tags.  It sold the next day, to someone in London, for $49.99 + shipping.  I love finding nice plus size clothes because they can be hard to find or really pricey, depending on where you live, so they usually sell well.  (Shirts from this company START at $70)  This may sound strange but I also always say a prayer for the person who donated things this size to the thrift store.  I always hope they lost weight and had to get smaller clothes...not the reverse.  I can't imagine the struggle of having so much weight to lose.  I am struggling to lose 6 lbs right now.  What a wimp. 
Here are the kids on the rug I thrifted for Nicky's birthday.  It is like new and cost $3.  He hasn't played with it since.  hahahhahaa!  At least it looks cute in his bedroom.

I am baking chicken (sorry, heidi) now for dinner tonight.  James is in a play this afternoon and has really bad stage fright.  He came home yesterday with a headache and confessed today that the play was why.  He seemed to feel better after I explained "stage fright" to him and how nearly all performers get it.  He also read the children's Bible for a while before school.  awwwww.  Yesterday Ruby asked me if I had asked Jesus into my heart for real, not joking around.  I told her yes and that it was when I was 15 years old.  She was kneeling down, putting on her shoes, and said, "I just did right now."  I nearly stopped breathing.  Praise the Lord!!  :)  Church must have been good on Sunday.  :)

I had SO much to do yesterday but instead met a friend at the park and then went to Heidi's to get my stuff left over after the sale.  When we finally got home I was rushing around doing my packaging, trying to iron and take pictures of stuff to list later on.  Then the school called and James needed to be picked up (stage fright) so I had to get Nicky up and go get him.  I then had to finish packaging sales and get them to the post office before they closed at 4:30.  It felt crazy.  Note to self:  I need to do my work BEFORE I do fun stuff.  (we did have a really fun morning, though!!)  :)  After we got back from the post office we all (the kids and I) layed down on my bed and I made a list of stuff to do today and we just talked and it was so nice.  Just what I needed.  Then I got up and made a delicious meatloaf for dinner.  I didn't have enough milk for mashed potatoes and meatloaf so I used beer (Fat Tire Holiday Ale) in the meatloaf and it was SO GOOD.

I realized last Friday, after another fruitful day at the thrift, that I have easily 150 pieces of clothing (and a few shoes) for my store.  (plus other misc. stuff.  oh dear.)  You know, that stuff isn't going to sell sitting in my basement.  I made a goal for myself to get 50 new items listed each week for the next 3 weeks.  And here's the kicker...I can't go thrifting that week unless I get them listed!!  ouch!  The thrifting is the best part!  :)  I have 24 new items listed already this week.  Wish me luck!  You can see my store here if you're interested in seeing my treasures.  (hopefully some of them are treasures!)

Nicky is getting into trouble now, I can hear him.  Did you know he makes me sing eensy weensy spider about 4 times before bed every night?  He does.  Thank you, Nicky.

xoxoxo, dear ones.

Thursday, April 19, 2012


Okay, the rain isn't helping and I did clean my whole house this morning but I am so lazy!

Yesterday afternoon turned gorgeous and we spent it outside.  Nicky can actually scoot on this scooter in the proper way.  It is so cute.  James lamented yesterday afternoon, "I am not very agile, Mom."  hahahaha.  He gets lots of points for trying and he is making some progress on those roller blades.

I also baked cookies and took Nicky to the park before the rain started earlier.  The sitter will be here in 20 minutes and then I am off to unload my stuff!  When I see the pictures going up on facebook of alllllll the stuff people are dropping off, it's hard to believe mine will sell.  There is soooooo much!  But there are also potentially 600 people (volunteers and consignors) shopping before the event even opens to the public so who knows.  Crazy, I tell you.

I bought these tiny sedums here yesterday.  Now I just need a tiny pot to put them in.  I couldn't help it, I fell in love.

I just noticed there is enough coffee in the pot for a to-go cup in a little bit here.  That is good news, my friends.

xoxo to you.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

the weight, it's lifted

Last week I bought these large brass tone birds at Goodwill for $5.  I listed them in my etsy shop for $25 and they sold within a few days.  I thought they might...they are very cool.  I want some for myself but will paint mine a fun color.  I only want one soaring bird, though, and didn't want to break up the pair of them by keeping one.

I was also happy to sell this awesome vintage fabric I've had for y e a r s.  I had it on ebay last week and no one bid on it so I moved it to etsy with a $5 higher price tag and it sold that same day.  (19.99)

I like etsy because I can buy little things that just appeal to me and stick them in there for a small profit and it's fun!

I am so happy to report that I FINISHED with my consignment sale stuff last night.  Patrick carried the totes up for me as I filled them and they are all loaded up and ready to go tomorrow.  (except for one because it will have to go in James' spot.)  I have 5 regular sized totes and one jumbo (long) tote.  whew!  I have been collecting stuff for the fall/winter sale as well and already have quite a bit.  (ahem.)  If this sale doesn't pan out I will know to stop buying stuff and that will be good.  If it does pan out then I have a plan in place to put stuff on hangers as I bring it home so it will be less work next October.  We'll see.  I adore making plans!  It's just a bit harder to actually follow through with them.  :)

I just had to call the school to talk to someone about Ruby's lunch account.  Her bill was so high and she never eats hot lunch so I was confused.  Turns out her and James are on the same bill so that made more sense.  A simple thing but the woman on the phone was just so nice to me, so pleasant, that I felt very grateful that I spoke with her.  Those little interactions in life can really spin your day around.  A good reminder for me.

Kathy asked me last week how much time I spend shopping and I have to laugh.  HA!  Last week I spent way too much.  I got so excited about garage sales starting that I went with Nicky Thursday day (just to a couple), with Ruby Thursday night, by myself on Friday and with Ruby again on Saturday morning.  That was waaaaaay too much.  I haven't thrifted at all this week and won't until I go to the consignment sale on Friday.  I needed a break.  I did get a LOT of good stuff so that was good but I ended up just exhausted.  I would say I normally go once or twice during the week with Nicky (these are QUICK stops as the boy does not like to shop and a sucker only lasts so long), one week night every other week by myself and every Friday.  On Fridays, when I am alone, I usually hit 4 stores staying the longest at the dig for the by-the-pound clothing.  Remember, though, I love thrifting and have for years so it is still a pinch me kind of happiness that I can go even more than before and get paid for it.  :)  I think this falls in line with "do what you love and the money will follow..."  Not that I'm rolling in it now but it is working out quite nicely.  I am taking it easy this week with ebay and etsy (i.e. haven't done anything yet) and have already sold enough to meet my savings goal for the week and pay for Nicky's child care on Friday so I'm good with that.  I plan on doing some listing during nap time and am looking forward to it.

Seeing all these words is making my head spin.  You poor dears.  I will shut up now.


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

sunny day

Yesterday:  Yesterday was Nicky's birthday.  I exercised, baked a lot, wrapped gifts, rocked him to sleep, played with kids, tagged for consignment sale, celebrated, bedtime

Today:  Today I exercised, volunteered at Ruby's school, got groceries, tagged for consignment sale, took Nicky for walk, helped James on roller blades (!!), made dinner...hopefully will FINISH consignment stuff and get it in van.  Need to be done thinking about it!

Tomorrow:  I will babysit, exercise, cook dinner, think about ebay for week

Thursday:  exercise then I will have the morning FREE of obligations!!  OH.  Except for baking for bake sale.  (or, um, make rice krispy treats!)  :)  Probably do a little ebay/etsy.  Drop consignment stuff off in afternoon, have evening to myself.

Friday:  exercise, Volunteer in James' class, shop consignment pre-sale for volunteers, drop  Toddler time bake sale stuff off at 6pm, meet friends at 7, drink, laugh.

Saturday:  a little ebay but no more than 2 hours.  relax.  exercise.

Sunday:  day of rest.  church.  lots of time on couch with Patrick.

A super busy week this week but it's going well so far.  Yesterday was really fun.  Well, it got a little weird right before bed but these things happen in a family, right??  :)  The biggest thing is getting this consignment stuff done tonight so I can be done with it.  You know?  I just need it off of my mind and I will feel so good.  I am close.  Just need 120 more labels printed and stuck on and then to put it in bins and haul it to van.  whew!  I will have about 16 hours of work and $60 dollars worth of thrifted clothes into this sale after I spend the time dropping it off on Thursday.  With some of my kids old stuff, I have around 335 items to sell!!  We shall see if it's all worth it.  :)

James is still out on the roller blades with 2 neighbor girls.  They are being so sweet to his gangly little self.

I need some coffee.  I feel happy right now.  The sun is shining *and* I see the light at the end of my consignment sale tunnel.  :)


Monday, April 16, 2012

nicky patrick

Today my little Nicky Patrick is two.  TWO.  Oh my.  I just adore him and am thinking back on the last two years with so much joy and thankfulness.

At 2, Nicky is perfectly adorable.  He loves to pretend he is a baby tiger.  He crouches under his blue table and growls at me.  He pounces and mauls us with his tiny paws.  He had added ME to his vocabulary and uses it all day long...more me, bye bye me, out me, etc.  He says OW for no but is also repeating my NO NO NO now.  He says it to his cars and trucks while he's playing.  :)  He loves Little Einsteins the most of all shows and I've been fortunate enough to find him two Pat Pat rockets while thrifting.  (he is getting one with 2 guys in it today.)  He loves to pretending he's peeing when his diaper is off (makes a little noise...tssssssss) and always tells me when he pooped.  He does not like shopping (dang.) and LOVES being outside.  He's a good eater and LOVES eggs.  (ME EGG!  ME EGG!)  He adores both myself and Patrick and acts beside himself with glee when either of us returns (even if it's just from the basement.).  He still listens to his mobile every night.  He likes going to Sarah's on Friday and church on Sunday.  Everyone tells us what a sweet boy he is.  (but people always tell the parent that.  :)  )  He has been done nursing for about a month but will still ask for it sometimes while looking up at me out of the corner of his eye.  He is totally kidding around.  It is so cute.  He says gum with a funny little click of his tongue, the same sound he uses for milk.  He loves James and Ruby a lot and maybe loves their DS systems even a little bit more than that.  :)  He is naughty sometimes and messy all the time and his face is one of the cutest things in the world to me.  xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox x ∞, my littlest one.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

I'm going to stop

I'm going to stop coming back from every little break here and saying, "I'm sorry!  I was so busy!" because you know what?  I'm pretty busy all of the time now.  :)  And I like it that way, it feels good. 

Of course things in my life are shifting around with this new part time job/love affair of mine.  I added something big to my life and something has to give somewhere, right?  So far it appears that exercise, tv watching, voracious book reading and blogging are taking the biggest hits.  I haven't logged into pinterest in weeks but did sign up for Instagram.  (finally on android!!  I am stephaniekgb if you're interested.)  I miss exercise (and my smaller bum) the most so that is back on the schedule as of this week.  My mom walked 3 miles yesterday and I was so inspired that I got up and walked 2!  Thanks Mom and Good Job!!

I still squeeze in some reading most nights but not like I used to...I am so tired at night now!  I did read a really good book last week, "How to Bake a Perfect Life."  It had some romance, some magic, some flowers and lots of baking...all good stuff and it made me happy.

Yesterday I was feeling pretty sluggish and I promised myself that I would just veg out during nap time.  I laid on the couch and watched 2 episodes of Survivor.  Nicky got up from his nap and I got up with him.  We went outside, I made dinner, the kids came home.  At 5:30 I sensed I needed more TV so I sat back down and James and I proceeded to watch 2 hours of Storage Wars.  (I love Dave Hester.)  After the kids went to bed I watched last night's episode of Survivor with Patrick.  whew!  I am good for a while now.  I do love having a DVR.  Sometimes there is nothing like a good TV session.

I've kept up with my house, kids and husband.  I am behind on my emails.  (sorry, friends!)  Our computer crashed so I am temporarily set up in our bedroom with the laptop.  Patrick is ordering a new hard drive tonight as this is not ideal.  :)  My postage scale is on one dresser and our printer on the other.  ha!

I did squeeze in a little work yesterday as ebay has been too hot this week to ignore.  Here's a quick look at some of my surprisingly awesome sales from the last week and a half:

Crocs Wedges:  paid 3.99  sold 45.00
 Clarks Sandals:  paid 2.00 sold 34.99
 Polo cap:  paid 2.10  sold 24.99
 Mion shoes:  paid 5.75  sold:  58.00
 Fisher Price Construx:  paid 4.99  sold 39.99
 SAS shoes:  paid 1.50  sold 45.00
 Camper Shoes: paid 12.80  sold: 55.99
 SAS shoes:  paid 3.00 sold 45.00

Holy Crap, right???  And I thought this would be a slow week because I have no auctions up. 

One of my favorite blogs to read is My Secret Ebay Diary.  She has talked about "quick nickels" - items you sell for less than you probably could, just to get them out the door - and "slow dimes" - items you price high and might wait a long while but you will probably get that high priced sale eventually.  I am finding I am much more a QUICK NICKEL kind of girl.  But when a nickel equals a 94% profit margin?  I'm pretty happy.  :)

Right now I need to take some time and get some business side stuff in order.  I know I want to get a business checking and savings accounts first.  Maybe tomorrow.  I had one when I did this years ago and it was so much easier to keep track of all the costs and profits.  I have a special savings goal now and I want a shiny new account to put that money into!  

I also want to order business cards to include in every package and I need to find some bulk tissue paper.  I also want to get my store reallllly stocked up so maybe it can ride me through some of the summer with just a bit of day to day managing and shipping.  I know I will have a LOT less time to work this summer and I want a couple of plans in place so it isn't a huge shock to me.  My only real goal for the summer is to keep socking away my minimum savings amount every week after my fees and other obligations.

So, this was a mighty brain dump of where I am right now.  Some of you have said you find all of this interesting and I thank you for that.  I hope I'm not boring the rest of you to tears.  :)  I have lots of cute kid pictures that I will hopefully get loaded soon.

Right after I post a couple of more items in my store.  :)


Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Hello dear ones.  How are you??  I am good.  The kids went back to school on Monday, my mom left yesterday and Nicky and I are settling back into our routines.  It feels good. 

We had a really nice spring break and a lot of fun.  Our Easter celebration was low key (bratwursts on the grill & church & candy) aside from the 5:25am wake up.  ugh.  :)

Right now I need to go throw some clothes on.  I promised Nicky I'd take him to Toddler Time and it starts in, oh, 16 minutes.


Tuesday, April 03, 2012

spring break!

Hello, friends!

How are you?  It's been so long. 

First, before I say anything else, I'd like to reassure my mom and dad that James and Nicky have both had haircuts.  (I am so lucky to have 2 parents that moonlight as haircut cops!  Thanks guys!  :)  xoxoxo)

We took the kids to Great Wolf Lodge for Sunday/Monday and I still feel tired!  All those stairs!  All those kids!  :)  We had fun, though.  Today is our first official day of spring break at home and it started just the way I wanted...sleeping in until 8:00.  Nicky is still sleeping and I am about to make some coffee. 

The only thing I want to do today is exercise and drink about 4 gallons of water.  (after my coffee, of course)  I am a bloated mess.  Did I soak up a bunch of water while I was there or something?  I am looking/feeling pretty spongy today.  :) 

I'm sorry I missed thrift share monday yesterday as that is always fun.  If I get some time later (ha!) I want to go click around and see all the scores.  I had a pretty good week on ebay considering I only got 10 or 11 auctions up last week.  I sold a lot out of my store and was quite happy with my bottom line.  (well, not my bottom line but my financial bottom line.)  I don't have many new auctions up this week, either, maybe 7, but I did get a bunch of new items listed in my store and will hopefully get a few more in there this week.  I have a bunch of cute stuff for my etsy shop, too.  That has been feeling neglected lately.  Here are a few of my favorite sales from last week:

The last of the play food is gone!  I sold this lot to a woman in Spain for 7.99, bringing my total for that stuff to $27.00.  I paid 3 bucks so that was a decent profit.  She paid $19.00 to ship this stuff!

 This vintage bunny that I paid .60 for went for just over $27.00!  Nice!  The winner was a man in Japan that collects inflatable animals and he was so happy!  :)  I aim to please.
 This barkcloth panel I have had laying around for 10+ years sold for $24.00.  I paid about .50 for it back in the day.  It is totally not my colors but I could never get rid of it.  Glad I finally did.
 And my last cool Denby mug sold for $20.00.  (my other boring one didn't sell so it will go into my store.)
I hope your weeks are off to good starts!  My posting this week will depend on my children.  Bless their little hearts.  :)



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