Thursday, September 27, 2012


I've been selling on ebay again for about 3 weeks and have been doing pretty well, I think.  I was nervous that no one would buy anything so I'm very thankful that they have.  :)  Here are some of my sales:

I accepted an offer of $20 for this One World sweater (size L) and then the lady didn't pay!  I waited 4 days and filed a non-paying bidder claim.  I waited 3 more days and on the 4th day, when I would get my fees back and she would get a ding against her, she paid.  Silly woman.  No communication from her at all...kind of a bummer when you have to deal with that.

 The day I listed this New With Tags shirt from Maurices (XL) I was like, what was I thinking??  No one is going to buy this.  It sold that same day for $22.99.  :)  People like NWT stuff.
 This NWT shirt/jacket from Coldwater Creek (1X) sold for $30. 
 I couldn't believe when I found this gorgeous Prana sweater (size M) for $1.00 last summer.  I happily accepted an offer of $50 for it.
 I didn't know if ugly Christmas sweaters would be big again this year.  This one (M) sold quickly for $24.99.
 My mom got this wool Talbots skirt (size 12) for me to sell for free!  I sold it for $35.00 minus shipping costs.  (about $3)
 This mini Starbucks tumbler sold almost immediately for $20.  Like, within minutes of listing it.  Should have asked for more!!!  :)  Just kidding.  I like when stuff sells quickly!  I like getting P A I D.  cha ching!
 This Talbots sweater (3X) also sold within a day or two for $30.  I had "or Best Offer" on the listing and she just paid full price.  I almost felt bad for her.  But not that is a nice sweater and perfect for Halloween!
A woman in Sweden also ignored my "Best Offer" offer and paid me $30 for this Lands End shirt (3X).  To her I say, "Tack!"  (thank you!)  :)

I also received about 6 or 7 offers on items that were too low so I countered and they didn't bite.  I do wonder if I should have taken them, money in my pocket!, but the items in question are nice so I think they will sell.  MY BAD if they don't!


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

photographic evidence

I didn't take any pictures during our little, shall we say, upset but here are some pics from the rest of this weekend. (and a couple extra!)

We have a new bridge in town and it is lovely.
So is our berm. 
Nicky's pants kept falling down.  It was pretty cute.  :)
These were on Sunday at Schuster's Farm.

And then on Monday, at the doctor.  I really, really love this picture.  See Nicky saying "ahhhh"?  :)  love.
And then on the way home something flew out of the garbage truck in front of me and cracked our windshield.  See it?  It is a big circular crack...about 4" in diameter.  sigh.  Now I have to try and get the garbage company to cover the $270 repair.  :(
It was so loud when it a giant balloon popped in the van.  Scared the crap out of all of us.  :)


Tuesday, September 25, 2012


If I had to describe our weekend in one word it would be that, restorative.  Of course, this is a blog so I can use many, many words and no one can stop me.



Boy, I needed that weekend.  We started it out by sitting on the couch Friday night with homemade pizza and the Survivor premiere.  Friday night I slept through the night.  (so nice.  the previous 3 nights were filled with kid wake ups and it was getting to me.)  Saturday was some telephone time and ebay work for me in the morning and then a long walk (we were gone for 3 hours) with the family in the afternoon.  Saturday afternoon some of us napped (nicky and patrick) and some of us worked in the basement (stephanie) and some of us played outside (the other two).  That evening we headed out to do all of my errands as a family.  ?!  I have no idea why but Patrick wanted to come along and it was nice.  I had to stop at Target, return some things at WalMart, and return some things at Kohl's.  We didn't get home until after 9pm, which is late for our kids.  It was strange but fun.  On Sunday we had a lazy morning followed by a boy scout popcorn sales meeting at noon followed by a trip to a pumpkin patch.  Our little family imploded at the end of that trip but we were back on track a short while later once we ate.  haha.  It was so funny.

Picture the idyllic fall day.  Sun shining, slight breeze, surrounded by corn stalks, plump pumpkins and laughing kids.  We had just returned from a hay ride and all of a sudden it hit...we were HUNGRY.  James made a plan with some friends (to go in an hour and a half long corn maze) without talking to us first and when we told him it was a no go, he got very upset.  We came up with a compromise and he jumped up and down in the parking lot, screaming.  Clearly, he was hungry as well.  Then, as we peeled out of the parking lot, I verbally attacked Patrick because I was well, HUNGRY, and angry that our idyllic day had come to such an abrupt halt and wanted to blame him.  He replied by telling me to "just shut my mouth" which for Patrick is akin to him slapping me across the face.  I let that sit for a minute and then apologized because he was dead right and I was wrong.  Then I started laughing and could barely stop.  Meanwhile, James was in the back alternately crying and hollering and Ruby and Nicky were looking around, slightly bewildered.  When we got to Noodles, James climbed up to me and said, "Can we just pretend that didn't happen?"  HAHAHAHAHA!  I said yes but his father would probably like an apology.  Patrick gave me the cold shoulder (lovingly, which is hard to describe if you don't know him and I realize does sound kind of messed up and unhealthy, but it's not.  or maybe it is and I have just come to accept it as normal.  hahahahhahaa) for just a while longer, about until the food arrived.  We ate like never before and returned to the van as a happy family once again. 

Don't you just love families?  It can be so hilarious, can't it?  :)  heehee.  still makes me laugh.

Anyways, a very good weekend.  Yesterday I took Ruby for her well child check (only 4 months late) and James conveniently had a sore throat so he came along to get checked.  Since James would be home I saw no point in paying for Nicky to go to daycare so I kept him home, too.  James was negative for strep and Ruby looked good on everything.  (and we all got our flu shots!!)  It was actually kind of a fun time but don't tell anyone I ever said that.  After we dropped Ruby off, we played outside, had lunch and Nicky took his nap.  I got about 10 listings done and was happy about that.  James alternated between moaning about his sore throat and wanting to play outside.  When Patrick got home I left for a school board meeting and when I got home from that at 9:10, he had a fire going out on the patio.  It was soooooo nice.  He had started it to burn some brush and kept it going because he knew I would like it.  awwwww.  I made us hot chocolate and he got the blankets and we sat out there until almost 10:00.  It was perfect.

While sitting out there, I told him that my sister GOT A JOB!!!  She got an awesome job, in MADISON, and starts on NOVEMBER 6th.  How strange is it that my sister has to be to work in MADISON, not Massachusetts, on November 6th???  Super strange and super awesome.  That was just the best news yesterday and totally made my day.  So proud of her and happy for them.  What a tremendous blessing!!!  Yay, seester!!!

I want to quickly add a few kid notes:

Nicky is currently all about the pockets.  He wants to be wearing clothes (preferably both shirts and pants) with pockets ALL OF THE TIME.  Even to bed.  He keeps hot wheel cars in them.  The other night there was a horrible racket when I started the dryer and you guessed it...his little pants had a hot wheel in each pocket.  :)

Ruby yesterday:  "Okay, who wants to juggle creepy doll heads??"  (Nicky replied, "I do!")

Ruby, while pooping in Duluth, trying to describe how good it felt: "It's like a UNICORN and a LOLLIPOP coming together to make a RAINBOW."  (or some version very close to that.  I knew I had to write it down or I would forget it.  Patrick particularly loves this story and will sometimes say, "It's like a unicorn..." when something really good happens.)  (I just checked in with my brother to verify how this went exactly.  will update if needed.)

Ihope you have a great day!!!  (pictures later)


Thursday, September 20, 2012

sit on, sitters!

First of all, thanks for the comments on that last post.  I think every one of you said something true and something I've felt before.  You should check them out if you haven't.  (and that includes Sarah who is super pregnant and should not have checked at all.  :)  )

I exercised yesterday for the first time in a looooong time.  (this was before I watched that show and before I wrote that post.)  Can I tell you how sore my butt is today???  Oh man.  So sore.  Feels good, though!! 

And now I will tell you about some food!  :)  I made this for dinner last night and it was delicious! 

I cut the cheese amount in half and it was plenty.  I also used a whole wheat refrigerated pizza crust and just spread it out, putting the filling down the middle (there was some left over that we ate plain) and then folding it closed like a stromboli.  I love roasted veggies but have never (really?  never?) roasted broccoli.  It was sooooo good.  We loved this and I'll definitely make it again.  That filling would also be good tossed with pasta or cooked quinoa, I think.

Yesterday we saw the allergist (sat there for 2 long hours) and they told me to give James more baked egg so I made these.  They are very good but slightly crumbly.  I like them because they are very oat-y.  The oat is the star, not just an add on.  They said he is definitely outgrowing dairy (yes, that makes sense as he eats a slice of cheese on his sandwiches daily.)  and that I should encourage him to eat even more servings of it "raw."   I barely baked all summer so it's time to ramp up the egg intake as well.  It is hard to find 2 egg recipes (he did do fine with a 2 egg cake this summer) so I might try a 3 egg recipe this weekend.  This favorite pumpkin bread has 4 eggs in 2 loaves...that might be a contender as well.  I remember making that pumpkin bread NINE years ago this fall while I was pregnant with James.  That recipe kind of "is" to me.  It's been there for soooooo long.


Hi!  I wrote all of that yesterday but never got it posted.  How are you?  I am so happy because I get to stay home alllllll day for the first time this week.  Well, that's a lie.  I was home working all day on Monday but that is not the same.  I am kind of strict with myself on those "work" days.  I have to be!  So while I do eat lunch, I do not browse around blogs or pinterest or chat on the phone (very much). 

Work is going well!  It is kind of odd to bring Nicky to the babysitter two days a week but he doesn't seem to mind at all.  I really appreciate that time here to get stuff listed and photographed without having to neglect him all day.  On Fridays I get to shop all day (except every other Friday when I volunteer in James' class) which is still very fun for me.  I do love my job.  :)  I am serious about making some money again, though, so I have to be serious that those are work days for me.  People seem to not take it quite as seriously as a "real" job so I really have to try and stay strong in that.  "No, I'm sorry I can't...I work that day."  :)  fun.

My butt is still really sore.  Patrick is proud of me.  He thinks the world of squats (the source of my pain...I hate them with a firey passion) and does them himself holding 180lbs on a barbell!!!  What?!?  My husband is super strong now.  Rawr!

Today I need to brush up on Girl Scout Cookie knowledge as I am presenting it to our Daisy Scout parents tonight at 6:30.  I'm Wendy's helper or co-leader or whatever but she is mainly in charge.  I told her I would take on cookies, though, as she does them for her older daughter's troop already.  I remember selling so many cookies when I was a girl scout.  My Dad brought the form to work and I remember it coming back SO FULL.  It was great!  :)

I just wrote a long paragraph about how much is going on right now and deleted it after I realized how PTO MOM it sounded.  hahaha!  I am over myself and my writing now and just need some coffee.  :)  Let the couch sitting commence!


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

do you see yourself clearly?

Does anybody else have a warped or unclear perception of what their body actually looks like?  Do you struggle to have a clear idea of how you look as you move around in this life?  I think I do.  A lot of times I will see people who I think might be larger than me but wonder if they might also weigh the same as I do?  Does my butt look like that?  Is she a lot smaller than me?  How much would I need to lose to look like that?

I say all of this because I'm being really honest.  I do think about how my body looks to myself and others.  I also want to say that I think I have a pretty healthy body image and am not AT ALL obsessed with this.  It just comes up sometimes, you know?  Especially when I see a bad picture or, do I really look like that???

So Nicky is sleeping and I was watching this show "Girls" on HBO.  In one scene this girl gets naked and she looks kind of chubby.  Not fat, but chubbier than most naked girls you might see on TV.  Well, I googled her, just to do I compare to what size she is?  Because I was thinking, if she looks like that as a size __ then I must look like this as a size __.  You know?  Do you see my train of thought?  (Her name is Lena Dunham, btw, and she is a size 8.)  (I am a size 14.  not even close.  :)  )

So then I google "see size 14 body" and click on the first site that comes up.  It's 


This site is not dirty at all...they try to keep it very clean.  You can actually input your height and weight and search for submitted pictures of women's bodies that have your same stats.  Crazy!  You know what I found out?  I still mostly see myself as I looked +20 pounds ago.  As I imagine myself going through my life, that is how I think I look.  When I enter my current stats, those women look pretty good to me.  Yes, they are still chubby (some might say fat but I don't like that word or want to "own" it like some women do) but none of them look really big.  (to me!  I realize this is subjective.  A size 12 might seem really fat to some.  That's cool.)  I also checked and saw if I lost 10 pounds, what those bodies looked like.  They look really good to was neat to get a glimpse of what I might look like if I lose 10 more pounds.

It was just all pretty interesting so I thought I'd share it. 

Any thoughts?  Anyone else ever experience this?


Thursday, September 13, 2012

memories, all alone in the moonlight

Saturday we went to a picnic with Patrick's co-workers. They had a woman there putting on glitter tattoos and doing face paint. We were DECKED OUT by the time we left. :)
James, who swears he never naps, passed out on the way home from church.  Two sleepovers two nights in a row will do that to you.  :)
Nicky didn't have any sleepovers but passed out nonetheless.
Ruby took this picture.  She colored him at Church.
Ruby and her babies she dressed up in Elijah's baby clothes:
Ruby and her new socks.  :)  I love cute socks so this makes me really happy!
Poor sick Nicky:
James and Nicky doing homework last night:

I got the kids each a Rubbermaid Sandwich Blox Kit at Target...they were about $10.50 each.  They love them and I am loving them, too.  It does make packing their lunches, which can get very old, a little more fun.
They come with an ice pack and fit perfectly in the flat lunch boxes they picked this year.  (they would fit in a stand up one, too.)
Ruby has been waiting impatiently for a chilly day to wear this long sleeved Gap shirt that I thrifted for her.  She finally got one today and was sooooo excited! 
Nicky continues to feel better:
A lot better.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

morning briefing

Nicky is awake but in his room for a time out after smacking my back as I was bent over inspecting the leaking kitchen sink.  Apparently I wasn't making his eggs fast enough?!  So yeah, he is feeling better today.  And slept 11.5 hours.  Praise God.  He just has a chest cold (thanks for the diagnosis, nurse seester) just seemed so bad for a while yesterday I was getting worried.  Shortly after posting he had a burst of energy, though, so I knew he would live at that point.  We haven't been sick for a while so I forgot how it is.  (oh, joy!)

Our kitchen sink is leaking badly and I just noticed after Patrick left.  I thought I should go buy a new faucet today, since it will be out anyways, and then imagined a new kitchen sink, too.  For the sink I want I would definitely need a new countertop and it couldn't be that much, could it?  :)  Is that how home renovations lose control?  I think so.  It's that easy...a leaky faucet.

I went to bed early last night, at 9pm.  It was delicious.  I tried to take the kids to McDonald's after school so Nicky could sleep on the way and I could have a sinful iced coffee.  Of course we had to ABORT the drive through because my patience was short and their whining and indecision was L O N G so I didn't get my iced coffee but Nicky did fall asleep.

I could have made an iced coffee at home yesterday but my creamer was yucky.  My mom had told me (and my seester) that she freezes her half and half ALL THE TIME and it is JUST FINE when it thaws out.  Well, I call bullshit, Mom.  (hahahhaha!)  I froze a nearly new bottle before vacation and when it unthawed, even after being shaken, it has these little clumps in it when you pour it into coffee.  It is not spoiled, but clotted, which is somehow worse.  It made me sick all week, but I used it, until yesterday.  Then I was telling my sister this story and she said she had just gone through the SAME EXACT THING, based on mom's advice.  Sorry, Mom.  This tip is getting crossed off of our list of "helpful things mom has taught us." 

(but we still love you!)  (and know kleenex are a great back up if you run out of TP!)

I suppose I should get Nicky now.  HA! 


Tuesday, September 11, 2012


I am home today with a very sick Nicky draped across my lap.  We've been up since 3:30am.  Well, I fell asleep for 15 minutes or so at around 8:00.  I thought he was sleeping  too but he got up and found himself a snack.  Resourcefulness is a good quality, no?  Anyways.  He might sleep now, with his head on my lap and covered with the quilt that Zoe and Kari made him.  Sweet.  (He better sleep tonight.  How did I manage his first 20 mos.?!)
Ruby said she didn't want knee socks but she is pulling the crew version I bought her about up to her knees.  Her auntie annie sent her a package of newborn clothes and diapers yesterday and she was so happy.  She kept smelling them because they smelled like annie and jacob.  Awwwww.
I cannot even believe that my sister and her family are going to be living somewhere nearby by Halloween.  It is crazy!!!!  We will be able to: have dinner together/take kids places/celebrate holidays/thrift/double date/go to church/watch each other's kids/help each other/exercise/have coffee/super annoy our husbands.  It is going to be SO AWESOME.  I still can't believe it.  so awesome.

I started this post on my phone and am finishing it on the computer.  I laid Nicky down in his crib and know I should try to sleep but I just finished coffee so that was bad timing.  I do have a couple ebay sales to package up (yay!) and one non-paying bidder that I need to harass.  (boo.) 

The kids sale went great.  At first I was bummed because when I got there to pick up my stuff that didn't sell, it seemed like a ton!  But, I brought a TON and once I sorted it out I saw that it was a lot of lower priced items that people just must not have wanted or maybe I had them priced too high with all the competition?!  I need to leave that stuff at the thrift store.  Target, Kohls, even Old Navy...when there are tons of name brands available that stuff isn't going to go.  Since it is all ready tagged and on hangers, I will probably mark it all down a little and send it next fall.  Might as well.  The good news is that nearly ALL of my higher priced items sold!  Woohoo!  A lot of them might have sold on half price day, we shall see.  :)  I do believe I am going to make my goal of being able to pay for our Christmas purchases this year, though.  Yay!!!

I had a couple of pictures attached but they got lost somewhere so I will add another batch of our vacation photos.  That vacation seems like it was about 100 years ago.  :)

First, why do kids do belly flops?
 Nicky and Ryan, my cousin's husband:
 coffee date with Ruby (we had matching barrettes on, even):
 vista fleet cruise:
 James asked the guide 1,000,000 questions and I was initially worried that he was being very annoying.  He was super polite, though, and listened to all of the guide's answers and the people around said they were enjoying hearing them, too.  So I let him and then let myself feel proud of him.
 Ruby got a little bored:
 Patrick held a sleeping Nicky for a lot of the trip but did join us up on the top deck for a while, too:

 Ruby, waiting in line for the zip line at Spirit Mountain.  I went to relieve Patrick from sleeping Nicky duty so I didn't go on the zip line but the Timber Twister was awesome!!!  Everyone loved it but I did scream the whole way.  :)
 One of our favorite things were the fires we had on Park Point.  The first night we didn't tell the kids, just stopped and bought a lighter and headed to the beach.  We found tons of driftwood and had a nice fire going in no time.  No marshmallows, no toys (just a plastic mcdonald's cup that ruby found), no nothing...just us and the moon and the fire and the water.  awesome.  The second fire, picture below, was different but just as perfect.  We went with my mom and brought everything along for a weenie & marshmallow roast.  We also had a kite and blankets and a chair and toys and towels and and and...It was a lot to carry back but so much fun.

p.s.  Nicky is miserable.  :(  Poor buddy.  No fever but he can hardly breathe, it seems like.  Any advice?  I did call the dr.


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