Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Here are some of my sales from the past few weeks. The good, the bad and the awesome!

Life is Good fleece, paid $2, sold $35
Petites Talbots Plus Size Skirt, paid $1, sold $22
Liz Lange Dress - my mom got this for me to sell for free.  I put it up for auction and it sold for 8.99.  I had free shipping on it?????  So, I made about $2.50 on this after shipping and fees.  :)  duh.
Vintage Adidas Jacket.  One recently sold for $45.  I sold mine for 9.99.  oh well.
Super cute costume.  Sold for 9.99 MINUS shipping.  What was I thinking the day I listed these??  Oh well.  I paid about .50 for this.
Sigrid Olsen 3X vest, paid $2, sold $25
Liz 3X sweater paid $1, sold $30
J. Crew sherpa hoodie, paid $1.50, sold $23
Lands End 3X blouse, paid $4, sold $22
Men's Arc'teryx Fleece:  paid $1.5, sold $58  (I declined many offers before I finally accepted one for $64.  I paid shipping.  I wanted more initially, these are super expensive, but I also wanted it gone so I was really happy I finally got a decent offer.)  woot!
Darling Clarks, paid $7, sold $40
red clunky danskos with no insole, paid $4, relieved to sell them for $20
cute but small Merrells, paid $4, quick sale for $25  (shoe polish really does WONDERS for shoes.  You should try it!!!)
Wolkys, paid $4, sold $35
Modellista, like Dansko, very well made but relatively unknown, paid $4, happily accepted offer of $25
Darling little Minnetonkas, paid $2, sold $18
Regretted buying these Terrasoles when I saw they were sold at Sam's club.  paid $4, sold almost right away for $18.  hmmmmmm.
cool vintage marker, still in package, paid .30, sold 9.99 to Spain!
Darling Livie & Luca shoes, paid $2, sold $27
Wilton Clara Cow Pan, paid .90, sold $20.50
Ugg Loafers, paid $4, sold $37
Fisher Price Nativity, paid $2.30, almost didn't buy as it was missing a few pieces, sold for $66.  woot!!
I could keep going, I love revisiting sales past, but will stop now.  I hope you enjoyed this little peek into my crazy ebay world.  Just when I think the week is for shit, I'll have a really cool sale.  It makes me crazy sometimes but I love it.

As a final word, I would like to sing this Katy Perry song to ebay:

'Cause you're hot then you're cold  
You're yes then you're no  
You're in then you're out  
 You're up then you're down

You're wrong when it's right 
It's black and it's white  
We fight, we break up  
We kiss, we make up


this post is NOT toopid

The days go by so fast, don't they?  This is making me sad this week but I am emotional so I'm taking it with a grain of salt.  Next week I might not even notice.  (but I might.)  :)

So how are you?  Are your days flying by?  Quick updates:

1.  If Ruby (or mama or james or dada) does something bad to Nicky he will say, "BAD Ruby! not TOOPID Ruby, BAD Ruby."  ahhahhaa!  Of course he still calls us stupid (or toopid) sometimes but he knows now that he's not supposed to.  Also, he stopped calling her "ERBU" a while ago...it's Ruby now.  How sad.  See?  fast.

2.  I'm partially so emotional because my sister and her family will be living here next week at this time.  In their own apartment, not far from me at all.  Really?  We haven't lived near each other in 17.5 years.  We have built and sustained an incredibly close relationship over the phone and through our vacations and visits.  Now we get to be practically neighbors.  What an incredible blessing.

3.  I love James to death.  He is learning cursive and writing me sweet notes of apology, in cursive, after he gets busted for LYING to me.  About dumb stuff, too.  Brushing his teeth, saying he rinsed something sticky out that he didn't...stuff like that.  Is this a normal phase?  I must google this.  Real life experiences would be better, though.  Do you have any?

3.  I was so torn on Saturday because it was a beautiful day and I couldn't decide to go off by myself or spend it with my family but then I realized that I really didn't want to spend it with my whole family, just Patrick, and we couldn't find a babysitter so off I went.  It was a wonderful day full of very nice things that I really like.  (just minus the husband.)  (but I went home and we took a long walk and held hands and that made me happy.)

4.  We finally got to do a corn maze on Sunday.  It was a short one but it was gorgeous out and it was actually perfect for our kids ages.  After that James had a birthday party and I had a nap and then we went to church.

5.  I had lunch with Susan last Friday and she brought me a pair of earrings that she had made me and they are so cute!  How sweet of her.  She is totally into making jewellery right now and it made me want to make some stuff.  It's good to have creative friends to inspire you.  :)  I ordered some rings on etsy last week that I will blog about soon.  They finally came yesterday and I really like them.  I ordered a cheap ring on ebay last night (for 3.99 with free shipping from Hong Kong...that is cheap!)  They had really good feedback aside from one lady saying her ring looked "cheap."  HAHA!   What does she expect for less than $4 shipped from HONG KONG????  I have large fingers so it has been nearly impossible for me to find a ring at a store that will fit me.  Realizing I could get one on etsy or ebay has been like a whole new world opening up.

6.  I keep thinking that I need to clean out my cupboards and closets and basements because my seester is coming!  Normally when anyone comes for a long visit we try to make everything very nice and clean for them.  And us...it feels good.  But I am telling myself that she will LIVE here now and see my house in it's natural state all the time so I don't need to clean anything.  That is both good and bad.  Who will inspire me to do that deep cleaning now?????  (although I've felt since the summer that my cupboards need cleaning so I need to do it anyways, just not this week.)  I can tell this work crap is definitely eating into my "project" time at home.  You can't have it all, can you?  :)  (I say work crap in jest.  I still love my job.  especially this week.  I will share later.)

7.  Wendy and I ran on Sunday.  It was fun and cold.  Instead of it being 77, like so many mornings last summer, it was 37.  brrrrr.  But yes, I totally warmed up once I started running.  Also, I did not run the whole time...we did walk/run intervals.  Susan loaned me her jogging stroller so I am going to take a test run with Nicky today if it stops raining.

I should go now.  Team Umi Zoomi is over and Nicky is ready for action.


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

we did it! we survived!

Well, my darling Patrick gets home late tonight and I cannot wait. We all miss him and today I am extraordinarily tired. I need to sleep for a long time. My kids were so good. I was so good. (meaning I didn't scream at them. that is kind of where I set my bar.) I am glad it's nearly over. :)

Some pictures and words.

Nicky loves to lay on the floor and play.  It makes sense to me.  I love him so much even though he is crawling out of his crib and coming into my room every night.  I will deal with this next week when I am not so tired.  
I started a new system for myself at the beginning of the school year and it is now indispensable to me.  I got a normal sized notebook from Target and am dividing every page up into two or four sections with smaller ones for the weekend.  Some days in September felt crazy but having this helped me so much.  I like it with me all of the time and feel a little crazy when I can't find it for a minute.  I went with a standard notebook as the smaller (cute) ones were 7.49 and a standard (cute) one was only 2.49.  Now I love this size.
The picture below was as I was filling stuff in but I do sometimes have pretty blank days and that makes me feel happy. 
I loved this pic of Nicky from the other night so I added it again.
On Sunday morning James got up and made breakfast for us.  He was all business as he prepared coffee, sausage, sunbutter toast, instant oatmeal and fruit salad.  Loved it.  Nicky woke up a while after I took this but we had such a nice quiet time for a while.
It rained all day on Sunday and Nicky had a grossly snotty nose so we just stayed home.  I let the kids use whatever they wanted of my art supplies and they thought that was awesome.  Oh, and Nicky didn't nap at all.  what???????  Here is Ruby making thumbprint creatures for Patrick:
James making a fire pit for his diorama:
I blurred out Ruby's plumber crack.  You're welcome.

James' finished project:
Next they decorated a Halloween cookie house.  (Nicky was in his room pretending to sleep at this point.  At least he did me that courtesy.)  I told them that if they fought I would throw it away and they must have believed me.  They were so polite to each other and were filling buckets left and right.  "That looks so good, Ruby!"  "It's your turn now, James!"  hahahhahahaa
I made a Halloween version of these sugar cookies today for a bake sale tomorrow.  (yes, this was written in my notebook.  happy sigh.)  Thankfully Nicky was here to help me eat the unsightly uneven edges.
I ended up making just over $300 last week thanks to some of these shoes.  I got off of my butt and listed a bunch of them and a few sold right away.  I have more listed now.  There were Danskos, Merrells, Pikolinos, Clarks Artisan, J. Crew, Minnetonka, SAS and Wolkys. 
I actually have a LOT of listings right now...117!  I think that's the most I've ever had.  113 of them are in my store and I started a second seller ID: stephaniekgb as well.  (not sure why now that I think about it.  the free auction listings I get are probably negated by the lack of discount on my final value fees that I get with my Top Seller ID that I've had forever.  That was for any ebay sellers that read this.  :)  )  Either way, I am proud of myself for getting so much work done this past week.  It was good for me, I think.

I found these beautiful Rachael Ray cookware pieces for myself last week.  I paid $12 for all you see here and it is all in like new condition.  It is so nice and we can really use them so it was a happy score!

It seems like there was something else but I cannot remember.  I have to go bag up those bars now before my kids get home or they will want to eat them all!  (I am saving one for each of them.)


Saturday, October 13, 2012


My house is a mess.  I haven't exercised yet.  Laundry everywhere.  Ate all the chocolate.  BUT it is almost bedtime!! :)  xoxo

Thursday, October 11, 2012

short term single parenting survival list

1.  plan your meals ahead of time - what is worse than crabby kids and nothing to feed them?  okay, maybe a lot of things but still, it's not fun.
2.  go buy the groceries while you are still fresh, especially if you have to take a toddler with you
3.  perhaps buy them at target so you can also get a yummy coffee and some new mascara (or something)
4.  make a list of fun things you can do together, especially if there is a weekend involved.  When your parenting partner is out of town weekends=very very long days with no school.
5.  call friends.  or don't.  sometimes my kids are easier to handle (thus more enjoyable) when it's just me and them.  go with your gut.
6.  accept all offers of help
7.  get a babysitter.  A few hours to yourself might refresh all of you.
8.  keep the house clean.  what is worse than a messy house, crabby kids and no husband?  okay, maybe a lot of things but it still sucks.
9.  keep up with the laundry.  this makes you feel better all of the time and you know it.  don't ignore it.
10.  exercise at least a little every day.  this makes you feel better, too.  and you know it.  duh.
11.  that being said, a small chocolate treat for after the kids go to bed never hurts.
12.  go to the library, get some books.  save any new subscription magazines you receive the week before he leaves for when he is gone.  you're going to need them.
13.  get good sleep.  a tired mom is more likely to be a bitchy mom.
14.  put your kids to work.  it's good for them.
15.  go to church.  spiritual enlightenment + one kid-free hour = no brainer
16.  get them to bed ON TIME.  See 11 and 13 above.
17.  kiss and hug them a lot.  maybe let them each sleep with you one night.  they miss him too but also love the extra time with you.
18.  text husband 4 happy messages of love to every desperate one.
19.  spray paint something
20.  shower.  every day.


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

warning: super boring post ahead

I've been feeling kind of "off" and very hungry and tired all week.  Last night it hit me...I have a cold!  I thought it was allergies - it's so hard to tell sometimes.  I stayed on the couch for the whole evening, James ordered pizza for dinner, I went to bed early with a small container of ice cream Patrick brought me.  I feel better today.  Not healthy, but better.  Our little friend is here for the morning and I am hoping for a good nap this afternoon.  Nicky has a cold, too, but it's better now.

I feel dull and boring.  I am having another slow ebay week but have been polishing shoes all morning so I hope to get them listed soon and that they sell.  Last week ended up being around $240, which isn't awful, but it isn't that great.  I feel like I have nice stuff listed, and am accepting offers on everything, but who knows?!  Maybe I should drop my prices, skip the offers and see what happens.

I did score an amazing handbag for myself on Monday.  I stopped in Goodwill to return a pair of shoes, which it turns out is not allowed, and spotted a black Lucky Brand purse hanging there, priced at $4.99.  It's a cross body bag and looks like new aside from a 1/2" v-shaped tear on the very bottom of the back of the bag.  I planned on sewing it but ended up using some fabric glue and it turned out great...not even noticeable.  I looked it up when I got home and was shocked to see the original retail price.  What a score! 

I love it.  I didn't have a nice black bag and would NEVER spend $200 on one.  (if you didn't notice...I am kind of cheap.)

I saw Frankenweenie with Ruby last Saturday night and LOVED it.  I had been wanting to go to a movie so it felt good to be at one, all cuddled up eating popcorn, and the movie was so so good.  Kind of creepy but beautiful and sweet, too.  Now I just need to go to one with my husband.  I miss him.

My Dad and Mari came for an overnight on Sunday afternoon.  Our kids lost their minds for the first hour they were here and in turn, I almost lost mine.  They don't usually all act out at the SAME TIME and when they do it is UGLY.  Thankfully, we took a brisk walk and when we got home it was time for dinner.  Dinner turned out well, I cracked open a beer, and we all ate.  Ahhhh.  After dinner Patrick built a fire and we had pumpkin bars and beer out by the fire.  It turned out to be such a good visit but it sure didn't start out that way.  :)  I wish they could have stayed longer but I know I will see them soon with the holidays coming up and my seester arriving and stuff.  My brother is coming down soon and I can't wait to see him.  Hopefully Erin comes, too.

My mom and I are flying out to Mass. at the end of the month to make the drive back with Andrea, Ronan and the boys.  I am really excited to see them and it will be so crazy that we are driving back with them so they can LIVE HERE.  crazy.  

James is a pill about doing his homework.  Anyone else going through this?  I am just trying different things every couple days to find the best outcome.  It seems that snack and then homework in a quiet room, right away, is working best.  A quiet room in this house can be hard to find.  Ruby is having me make up homework for her because she doesn't have any, aside from reading.  She also gets up easily while James resists it.  Thank God they are not both difficult in the same areas.  :)  Trust me, Ruby has hers, but these two areas are not included.

Nicky has had a language burst in the last two weeks.  He is saying everything, using lots of long sentences, and loves to tell me stories now.  He also started saying his first bad word, "toopid!" and it sounds soooooo cute but he is getting consequences for it.  He has excellent manners a lot of the time and I just love when he thanks me for changing his diaper, wiping his nose or giving him a kiss.  He also apologizes when he crawls over me or hurts me.  Love it..."sanks, mum" he will say is his solemn little voice.

Okay, I suddenly ran out of steam.  I hope you are well.


Thursday, October 04, 2012

lovely, lovely, lovely

Our afternoon was wonderful yesterday.  I was so happy to have them all with me.  The only thing that would have made it better is Patrick and I tried to get him to go home "sick" but he couldn't.  :)

Ruby talked me into getting these iced cookies for all of them at Whole Foods.  They contained eggs but I thought James could try them.  I think there must have been egg in the icing because he practically spit it out of his mouth, it tasted so bad to him.  (I love that he has that strong taste bud reaction!)  I was not opposed to eating his cookie, just a little sad that I really paid $3.99 EACH.  (My mom just choked a little.)  They were baked in a nut free bakery and that is why the price was so high.  You have to pay for safety.  (or make it yourself!)
Anyways, Picnic Point was gorgeous as always.  I love it even more since they made it bike free a while back.  You might find a rogue biker or two but it is so nice not to have to worry about the kids getting plowed over.
I let James bring a (kind of dull) pocket knife and that was very exciting for him.  He was very responsible with it.

The trees were not full on yellow yet so we will have to go back soon.

Something new:

My wonky picture wall.  I need to get some more black frames and Patrick said he'd help me straighten it all up.  I have another 5x7 of Patrick and I and would like to add that one and then some of our cousins.  I love it. 
I let James walk home after school and he collected the stuff on the plate below.  Ruby added to it after we got home and then arranged it all on the table as shown.  She loves making our table look pretty.  xoxo
I cannot believe it is already 9:36.  What should we do today???  Be responsible or have fun???  :)

Maybe a little of both.  Hope you have a good one.



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