Friday, November 30, 2012

bring it on, Christmas

Good morning! It's strange being home on a Friday. Nicky's sitter needed a day off so he was there on Wednesday instead this week and we are home today.  I kind of like it.

Andrea and Ronan came for dinner last night and that was nice.  I hadn't seen them in a WEEK.  Crazy.  :)  We had lots to talk about (Christmas) and, while it's hard to actually have a conversation with 5 kids, we managed to do so.  (the wine helped.)

I bought a truckload of mini trees last year at Home Depot (at 75% off, natch) in order to make some of those mason jar snow globes like I saw all over.  I pulled them out the other day and Ruby freaked out a little.  She loves them.  They inspired a flurry of holiday activities in Rubyville, as seen below.  Last night she made stockings for all of her LaLaLucy (as she calls them) dolls and hung them up in her doll house.  xoxo
Here is her list.  I love how it's pretty simple...notebook, stickers, markers, coloring book...and an iPad.  HAHAHA. 
Yesterday Nicky and I had to do a TON of errands and one of them led us to ToysRUs.  He was in heaven.  We were considering getting him one of these things (probably off of Craigslist) before Heidi found me THE SCORE.  Maybe for his birthday?  He sure loves them and is eerily good at driving, too.  (Nicky just came over and saw this.  He shrieked, "DAT'S ME!!  Driving in FAST car!!  Me YOVE dat.")
Today I am doing the big job of taking down our fall stuff...
and getting out the Christmas stuff. 
It almost feels too much for me but I know I will enjoy it when it's all up.  I don't have a tree, we'll do that later, but I'm going to try to get the rest up before the kids get home.  As soon as Nicky is done watching Dora I'm going to put on some Christmas music.  I think that will help get me in the mood.  Maybe light my favorite candle.  Music and candles can get you in the mood for a number of different occasions, eh?  ;)

Today is the last day of November in case you forgot.  I told Andrea I was going to have to pull an all-nighter to get all of my Christmas business finished up before tomorrow and she reminded me that my "all-nighters" end at 11:00.  :)  So I will now call them "all-11ers."  But anyways, I am not really close to being finished this year but have gotten so much done.  I need to get about 6 more gifts, wrap about half of our gifts, mail some of those gifts and send our cards.  Not too bad, really.  I will probably bake some treats for our neighbors but that isn't until later, anyways.  I've enjoyed what I've done so far and am not stressed out about anything...that feels good.  Hope I can hang onto it.

I better get this Christmas ball ornament rolling.


Thursday, November 29, 2012

guess what??

My lovie sold today!  wah wah wah.  :(

Did one of you buy it???

:)  I'm kidding about being sad, of course.  My lovie is named Patrick not Sprinkles.


Wednesday, November 28, 2012


First off, some duds.  I bought this mug thinking it was a Far Side mug.  It's not.  sigh.
Others rave about how well plush sells for them.  I bought this Gund Lands End bear for 1.99.  I still have him.  Anyone interested?  :)
Also, lovies.  I always read how lovies sell, sell, sell.  ahem.  I suppose it's okay...I've become quite fond of the little guy.  (He's so soft...)
There are always some duds.  I kind of hate them and am so happy when one finally sells.  (it's been known to happen, albeit rarely.)

So, onto some of my November sales.  My "sold" number will be what I made after shipping as I had "free" shipping on lots of these.

Geiger sweater, 3X, pd 2, sold 30.  (hoping for more but whatevs)
Marmot jacket, pd 2, sold 20  (same as above...this was such a nice jacket)
Pikolinos, pd 4, sold 41
nwt (new with tags) kleen kanteen, pd 1, sold 16
creative memories punch, pd 3, sold 20
little wooden gnomes, pd 3, sold 22
vintage woodstock ornament, pd 1, sold 21
sparkly converse, pd 3, sold 20
boys keen, pd 2, sold 22
converse high tops, pd 4, sold 24
3x coldwater creek sweatshirt, pd 3, sold 30
Anthro sweater, pd 2, sold 40
vintage Guess shirt, pd .50, sold 35  (not. kidding.  it was the neon, I think.)
butt ugly Christmas sweater, pd 1.5, sold 40
life is good necklace, pd 1, sold 14
made in sweden candelabra (kind of loved this) pd 2, sold 30
Are you sick of this or should I do some more??  It's actually making me feel better about my sales this month.  :)

Ugg clogs, pd 4, sold 40

 remember those m.u.s.c.l.e. men from yesterday?  I listed them this afternoon and they sold within an hour for 54.99.  I paid 3.  woot!  (see also: did I price too low?  don't sweat it, sistah!)
 prana shirt, pd 1, sold 20  (I had sold one for 30 a week or so before.  wth?)  :)
 awesome j. crew shirt, had it forever, pd 1, sold 10.  TEN BUCKS.  Dude got a deal.
 womens keens, pd 4, sold 35
 coldwater jacket, free from my mama, sold 25  (thanks, mama!)
Okay, there were some more good sales and some more duds but I am out of steam/time.  I hope you enjoyed this edition of sold!


Tuesday, November 27, 2012

messing around

I finally put up a new header but everything else is kind of jacked up now. 

Cute header though, eh?


Maybe I'll fix it tomorrow.



I have been remiss in blogging about the amazing find Heidi found for me/Nicky a while back.  While at the Dig one day, I heard her calling my name from the back of the store.  This is unusual in itself but more unusual was the sound of her voice.  Something was wrong!  She needed me!  What happened, I wondered, as I headed to the back.  Did someone steal something out of her cart?  Did something fall on her?

Oh no.  She had just found the deal of the century...and she gave it to me!

She found a Peg Perego ride on excavator.  These babies sell for around $189 (but on sale right now at ToysRUs !).  I paid $8.  :)  Yay!  I ordered two new pedals (one was missing, total cost $20) but other than that it is in amazing condition, just needs to be wiped down.  Nicky is going to poop his pants on Christmas morning!!  I can't wait!  (I know that sounds strange but you know what I mean, right??) 

Thanks, Heidi!!  :)

p.s.  I promise I will blog again tomorrow.  I've missed this.  (but it might not be until later in the day.)


boogers, mom!

Hello, you guys!  How the heck are you?

Things are good here.  I will quickly recap the last 12 days.

Just kidding!  :)

Just some highlights:

Patrick and I had a date a couple of weeks ago!  We went for a run together and went to breakfast.  It was so wonderful.  I missed him.  We hadn't really spent any time together, without the kids, since school started.  Is that possible?!  Anyways, I got a bunch of new babysitter recommendations so we are fixing that.  I think we are also trading off with my sister soon...maybe this weekend?  Anyways, it's a very good thing.

Nicky loves Dora now.  Just thought you should know.

Nicky is home sick today.  He was maybe going to go to Sarah's (his babysitter) because he can't on Friday but he was up coughing all night.  I swear.  This child scoops up every little bug that comes his way.  James and Ruby breeze through most of them with an occasional sneeze or cough but Nicky gets every one.  The immune system in action!  I know he won't be like this forever, thankfully.  All of this is making him so strong!  :)  When he is sick like this, he says to me, 100+ times a day, "Boogers, Mom!"  lovely.  I've already requested the night off tonight.  A full day of whining makes me want to pull my hair out.

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Andrea and Ronan made a lot of stuff at their house and brought it all to our house to combine with the stuff I made.  We also made 2 turkeys and mine (the one we saved for leftovers) was kind of dry so I was glad that Andrea's was moist.  I was happiest that 2 of the 3 pies that I made were quite good.  I had never made homemade pumpkin or blueberry so I was nervous.  And James ate the pumpkin pie (with eggs) topped with real whipped cream!  Wow.  That was really neat to see.  sniff.  Andrea, Mari and I shopped for a while on Thanksgiving night, just at Target, and that was fun but crazy.  I didn't really have anything I wanted but did want to go and ended up with some cute stuff for the kids.

On Friday, we did nothing.  Well, I read an entire book and ate a lot of pie, but nothing outside the house. The book was Wild.  Loved it.  (Figuring out how to fit a long hike into my life.  I wouldn't want to go solo, though.  And not quite that long.)  We also watched the old Willy Wonka and I slept through the middle.  (The beginning is my absolute favorite.)

On Saturday we woke with a burning desire to get! out! so we did our usual family stuff...park, library, noodles, etc.  Sunday was church and a birthday party (aka germ cities for Nicky) and showers and then back to reality on Monday.

I have done lots of shopping in the last week or two, mostly online, and that's been fun.  I don't think I ever updated with how I did at the Half Pint resale, did I?  I did awesome!  :)  I made enough $$ to pay for all of our Christmas gifts this year!  That felt so good.  We might end up spending a little extra (can you say Kitchen Aid mixer??  I might finally be ready...) but for the most part, it's all taken care of.  It feels good to provide for my family.  A little.  :)

Ebay has been slow but I have been slow at doing it.  I've had sales here and there, some good ones, but it's been slow.  My store is only at 59 items.  My bad.  I'd really like to get it up to 100 again.  That really seemed to make a difference though I think consistent listing makes even more of a difference.  I took a bunch of pictures yesterday and hope to get some more listings done today.

I found a bag of M.U.S.C.L.E Men a while ago and kind of fell in love with them after I saw the pictures I took of them.  They are so colorful!  I bet that's why all the boys liked them in the 80s.  :)


Thursday, November 15, 2012

it's true! and lots of stuff I've bought

Kale chips really are delicious!  I've been hearing (reading) about them forever and finally tried them last night and they really were so good.  I made them with this cauliflower soup and we ate some plain and sprinkled some on the soup.  They got soft in the soup but added delicious flavor.  I didn't have sharp cheddar, or quite enough of what I had, so the soup wasn't very cheesy but it was still tasty.  Patrick added chicken to his when he got home and loved it.  Andrea and Ronan ate with us and I do wish I would have doubled the recipe.  Next time!

Nicky keeps playing the music on Ruby's Squinkie Ferris Wheel and dancing to it.  I would go mad if he weren't so cute.  (Did I tell you yet that he counts 1-2-3-K-O ?  love.)

I got everything on that list done the other day except for making cupcakes.  And I didn't get the 5 listings done until last night, and it was really only 4, so take that as you will.  :)  I am feeling pretty good this week with strong urges to go running.  I might finally get to take Nicky out today in the jogger Susan graciously loaned us. 

I have to tell you about a couple bunch of cute things that I've purchased lately.  The first, more beautiful than cute, is this set of silver and gold stacking rings from The Fork Whisperer on etsy.

She can make them in any size you want and they are really pretty.  I love them.  Also, if you buy them and blog/facebook/tweet about them, like I am doing, she will send you a coupon code for 20% off.  (I would have blogged about these anyways so that is really nice.)

The second item I got on ebay.  I have a few longer belted cardigans but discovered that the thick knit belt is not a good look for me.  I cut the little belt tabs off, no biggie, but it kind of bugged me that they hung open when I was chilly.  One day I remembered those huge safety pins everyone wore in the 80s and started searching on etsy and ebay.  I saw some selling for lots of money (designer or sterling) but also found some for $4.20 with free shipping!  :)  That is more my speed.  If you search "kilt pin" you will find lots of options but these are what I got.

They are also going to be wicked cute on my scarves.  :)

Before I found the kilt pins, I came across something called "vintage locker pins" on etsy and kind of fell in love.  Now, a lot of these are big and made of thick metal...they would ruin all but the chunkiest knit sweater.  I had to have one, though, and purchased this one from Gracie's Cottage.  The shop owner is in Wisconsin and it came really quick.  (she has more!)  It is the perfect key chain!

Before I go on, I need to let you know that I did not buy all of this this week or anything.  Maybe over the last month or two.  :)  (It is kind of crazy, though, how much amazing stuff I find thrifting.  Stuff for us that we really need, stuff that makes our home look pretty, stuff for friends and family, stuff for others in need, stuff that provides extra income for us, gifts for my's truly amazing how much God blesses us through the thrift stores.  :) )

Okay.  So, I also got these two metal flowers and the brown lamp shade.  Total cost?  $6.60.  It really warmed up that corner and the finish on the flowers is really glossy and pretty AND the colors match our large painting that hangs to the left of the blue one.

And I just realized how late it was getting!  I need to get some stuff done.  One final picture of a little (10") wooden owl I thrifted for .60 and painted my favorite color green:

Happy Thursday!  Can you believe it is Thursday??

Also, thanks to those that mammogram came back A-OK.  No additional pictures needed.

Also, you can find my ebay store, sugar river resale, here.  :)


Tuesday, November 13, 2012

hello, dear ones

I last blogged a week ago today, stating that I had no energy.  That continued for most of the week, I'm sad to say.  Oh, I had some energy but I knew I had to spend my most energetic time of the day (morning) doing responsible things and not blogging or dinking around on the internets like I like to.  How boring!  Thankfully I am feeling much more like myself this week.  :)

I was down about a lot of stuff last week (pms, time change, plumb tuckered out) and one of the things on my mind was Christmas!  Last year I made November my new December and it worked out so well.  This year?  Not so much.  It's nearly mid-November and all I've done is bought a shit ton of stocking stuffers.  :)  (my kids are going to have the best stockings ever this year!)  I am not making any gifts this year (like vanilla extract), I am not going to try and get the perfect Christmas card photo...just using singles from the archives.  I am keeping it simple and hoping for the best.  I still might get a lot done in these next two weeks.  I kind of have the urge to wrap today.  We will see. 

I also have the urge to list some ebay stuff.  Remember when my store had so many items a while back?  Yeah, now I'm down to 40.  40!!  That is so low and what two weeks of not working (listing) will do to you.  I did list 12 new items yesterday and took a ton of pics so I'd like to get 5 more done today.

How about a list?

1.  package and ship yesterday's sales
2.  wrap stocking stuffers
3.  walk with nicky
4.  dinner
5.  deliver popcorn
6.  5 new listings
7.  vacuum
8.  make cupcakes for James' stash at school
9.  fold truckloads of laundry

yikes.  Not so sure about all of that.  I'll let you know.  :)

In exciting news, my Dad and Mari are coming for Thanksgiving!  Yay!  Andrea is coming over tomorrow so we can plan our meal.  How fun!!  We are also kicking around the idea of going out shopping Thanksgiving evening for a while.  I saw DS games are B1G1 at Toys R Us and they are on my list.  It feels kind of wrong to shop on Thanksgiving but it also sounds kind of fun.  And my sister works on Friday so we could get a little shopping time in together, which would be awesome.

Alright, time to go be productive for a while.  I know my blog has been particularly boring for a while.  Thanks for stopping by anyways.  :)  xooxoxoxo

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

dude. no energy.

Yesterday Patrick revealed to me that there was an extra van key hidden away and my appt. time was still available and my sister could watch Nicky so I did have my mammogram.  They said to not be surprised if I get called back for more pictures as this is my first one.  I haven't heard anything yet...kind of waiting to.

Yesterday I was all energetic and busy and get-er-done.  Today, not so much.  I can't find the energy to do anything.  I collected cookie money last night for 2 hours and had a few people not show up so I have to set up times with them individually to do it another night.  And then collect from all of them again in December.  I might change my mind but I am thinking this one year of Girl Scout helping might be plenty for me.  :)

Nicky is also tired today.  Yawning and walking slowly through the house.  Perhaps it is something in the air??

I could go on but I will spare you.  Instead, here are a couple photos from Halloween:

And one I took of myself in my sister and Ronan's old attic.  Lots of good stuff up there.  :)  I am so glad I got to go help them with the move. 

Have a good day.  Stay awake!  Vote!  :)


Monday, November 05, 2012


I don't even know where to start!  First off, how are you??  I hope all is well.  I know there are some icky bugs going around right now and I am just waiting for them to hit us.  blech.  Hope you're all in the clear!

Well, my sister lives here now!!  And her husband and kids, of course.  They are just 19 minutes away and we've seen them every day, I think, since I flew out there 10 days ago.  I probably won't see them today.  sniffle, sniffle.  :)  I was going to ask her to watch Nicky this afternoon as I had my first mammogram scheduled and our babysitter has a puking bug and couldn't take Nicky but then I realized that Patrick has my van keys so forget that.  Not going anywhere. 

Did I say 10 days?  It feels like 10 years ago that they moved here, that we were in Mass packing up that truck.  haha!  That was crazy.  They ended up needing a second truck so we left about 8 hours later than we had planned on that Saturday.  Not too bad, actually.  Thankfully we were driving away from horrible Sandy and all of her awful weather.  We hit high winds and lots of rain around Cleveland one night but it was clear the next morning.  Thank God.

We got back home on Monday afternoon.  I had caught a cold on Sunday so I felt pretty crappy...that was a bummer.  (my nose is STILL stuffy!)  Then it was just the craziness of unpacking/life for the next bunch of days.  My mom stayed until Wednesday and Annie and Ronan and the kids slept here through Wednesday night, I think.  I think they are finally starting to feel a little settled in their apartment and Annie starts her job tomorrow!  Crazy town.  It is so so so so good to have them here.  We went to church together yesterday!  And have eaten dinner together lots of nights!!  Love.  Love.  Love.  My kids are also in heaven.  They love all of them.  I feel super thankful.

I had planned on working today.  My ebay store is down to 43 items.  Ha!  I had a bunch of sales last night through running some auctions.  Good to have some income and get rid of some slow movers but I really want to get some new stuff listed.  Maybe during nap time?

Nicky is playing Bad Piggies so I can't get any of my pictures right now.  I will try to post some later. 

Happy Monday! :)  xoox

Friday, November 02, 2012

We made it

We are home and getting back to normal or finding our new normal, in my sister's case.  I miss you here!  See you next week.  Xoxo 

Happy Birthday Mom!!!!!


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