Monday, December 31, 2012

last day, huh?

2 days left of Christmas vacation!  woo hoo!  :)  Our vacation was extended with 2 snow days so the kids ended up with 13 days off.  They have loved it, me too (mostly), but I am so afraid of Wednesday morning.  It might be rough.

How are you??  Did you have a happy holiday?  I hope so.  I would love to hear about them all so if you have a blog, and you haven't yet, please give us updates!!  :)  (when you can...I know how busy it has been for everyone.)

Our Christmas was pretty awesome, slighly exhausting, and so much fun.  Short recap:

Thursday, sometime in December:  snow day! cozy and fun, both big kids had sleepovers (Ruby away, James here)
Friday: snow day!  patrick back to work but still cozy and fun
Saturday:  get groceries, roads horrible, birthday party for Ruby, cookie making with James
Sunday:  family breakfast, Grandma came!  Ronan and kids over for dinner  (Annie worked)
Monday: Christmas Eve, lovely church, back to our house for spaghetti dinner and gifts with grandma, annie, ronan and kids.  tons of gifts, tons of kids, lots of noise, super fun, wine
Tuesday:  Christmas day, kids slept until 7:30!, lazy, jammies and forts and movies, Ronan and kids over for dinner (Annie worked)
Wednesday:  stayed home, boring day until more of our family got here!  super fun dinner out with my Dad & Mari, Thomas & Erin, Annie & Ronan and Patrick and James.  Ruby stayed home to help Grandma with the little kids.  She actually put Jacob to sleep!  :)  (Jacob adores Ruby.  and she, him.)
Thursday:  clean house, go swimming at Dad's hotel with everyone mentioned above (except Patrick - he had to work), lunch at Potbelly's, back to our house for our Christmas together.  Involved pizza, BOGGLE (craving more boggle with them!), beer, tons of gifts, tons of kids, lots of noise, super fun, yankee swap, slight bitterness, lottery ticket scratching, loads of garbage.  sleep.
Friday: Dad, Mari, Thomas & Erin left.  Spent day shopping with Mom.  (Annie worked) found awesome thrift scores!  James went sledding and slept at friends house.
Saturday:  Patrick left for weekend in Superior with his friends, stayed home all day and took down Christmas decorations, got rid of meanest tree ever, watched cute movie (Kit Kittredge), Annie, Ronan and kids over for dinner, impromptu trip to goodwill for me & Annie, fun, good soup
Sunday:  early church with Annie & Jacob, they had Krispy Kreme donuts for whole church, made James really sad  (he said, "nobody should feel left out at church, mom.)  :( , trip to mall, soothed him with cinnamon sticks and pretzel dog, ruby naughty, nicky screeching, left mall.  long nap for nicky, bedroom time for ruby, ruby go outside to play for hours, ruby playdate, make cake with James and new Kitchenaid mixer, watch Lion King, read in bed with James & Ruby, sleep.

Today it's just us, at home.  We might venture out to WalMart as I got some leggings there a while back that I LOVE and now I feel like I need another pair.  I am almost afraid to go look because I bet they are gone.  oh dear, the nerves.

I don't know why I am so nervous to tell you this but I am kind of nervous about it all around so I will just say it.  Patrick and I are going to Paris in a couple of weeks.  He found out at the end of November that he had to go and suggested that I go along and we ask my mom to watch the kids.  She immediately said yes, my sister & Ronan will help, too, and we are going!  We got our tickets at the beginning of December and I started googling Paris and getting guide books from the library.  Now that Christmas is over, it seems really close.  Because it is!  We have never had a vacation together, alone, since we had JAMES.  We will be gone for 10 days.  Patrick will work during the week days and we will have the evenings and 3 weekend days together.  I will have those 5 week days to wander around Paris by myself!  I was initially really nervous about that but now I am not, really.  I am super excited!!  I think I am more nervous about being away from our kids.  I know they will be fine, in the best hands, but it will be so weird.  I also know that I will be fine once we are gone.  :)  The big kids were pretty unhappy about it initially but are more resigned to it now.  They also know they will have fun with gramma, annie and ronan.   I started a packing list with things like ear plugs and eye masks on it and it seems so real now!  My palms are a little sweaty as I type this.  :)  (and I'm going to sew the eye masks, I decided.)

Here are a few holiday pictures:

 xoxo, dear ones.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

snow day!

I'd like to start out by saying SNOW DAY!  We are all home today, including Patrick, as it is snowing, snowing, snowing outside.  I didn't hear the THUNDERsnow last night like they said but it is really coming down out there.  I have one package to mail so I'm going to have to call and see if the PO is open and go for a walk.  I thought about arranging a free pick up but that just seemed mean when I knew our walk wouldn't be shoveled.  :)

Here are the children a while ago, drinking hot cocoa after coming in from outside.  I know James isn't looking at the camera but 2 out of 3 ain't bad.  Oh yeah.  James can have whipped cream on his hot cocoa!  He loves it!!  I love how Ruby calls it "whup" cream.  I think "open up a can of whup ass" is such a funny saying so it cracks me up every time she says "whup."

I want to tell you about my reference to childhood pain yesterday.  When I was little, putting the lights on the tree and making spritz cookies always seemed very, um, stressful for my mother so I grew up thinking these things must be awfully hard.  Imagine my surprise when they turned out to be not that bad!  Maybe even fun!  It was a joke, meant for my mother to see and have a little laugh.  I'm sure my kids are already brewing on the things that they will tease me about for the rest of their lives.

Here is Nicky after filling his face with spritz the other day:

It was so funny!  He got up and saw the cookies on the kitchen table and got so excited!  Nicky loves cookies, you see.  Then he asked me, "Auntie Sawah come to mine house and make me cookies???"  HAHAHAHAHAHA!  His babysitter Sarah makes cookies almost every Friday and I don't think he has ever seen me make them.  :)  (In my defense, I make muffins like nobody's business and turn out delicious cakes in my sleep.)  ahem.  But anyways, it made me laugh and laugh.  I'm not sure he believed me that I made them but he sure did eat his share.  I tried asking him if his OWN MOTHER'S cookies were BETTER than Auntie Sawah's but he didn't answer.  harrumph.  Also, he calls her Auntie Sawah because her niece is also there during the day and of course she calls her Auntie Sarah, because, you know, she's her Auntie.  Just so you know, she isn't brainwashing him or anything.

I have to go mix up some sugar cookie dough and then play Monopoly Millionaire with James.  I am ready to WHUP SOME 9 YEAR OLD ASS!


Wednesday, December 19, 2012


I am home today, working and (soon to be) finishing my wrapping.  Ebay has been super busy, with 5 things selling since last night.  I never have that many sales over night.  :)  People are in a BUYING mood.  I'd like to spend the day listing but my gifts do need wrapping, too.  It is fun thinking about how I'm going to prepare for next Christmas.

Here are some of my recent sales, I hope they inspire you to get selling or help you recognize a (albeit small) goldmine sitting on that thrift store shelf.  :)

NAOT clogs, paid 3.99, sold 34.99
 Anthro sweater, paid 1.00, sold 40.00
 Thing toys (WWIT?*) - paid 2.00, sold 9.99  (yay! I got rid of them!)
 Bee Boppin Baloo - paid 1.99, sold 17.99  (very proud of this listing, inserted my first video of him singing!)
 Mini Candle Holder that I loved and thought was worth a ton as it is from Denmark but found out was pretty worthless, paid 1.00, sold this morning 8.99
 Large Road Runner mug, paid .49, sold this morning 14.99
Red Clarks, paid 3.99, sold last night for 29.99
 vintage candle kit, paid 1.00, sold 22.99
 Knitting tote (WWIT?)  paid 2.10, sold this morning for 9.99  (woot!)
 Nemo & Dory, paid .50, sold 23.99 BUT HASN't PAID YET
 American Girl backpack, for actual girl, not doll, paid 2.99, sold 25.00
 Snap Circuit set (same set that we paid $30 for James last year), paid 2.99, sold 22.99
 Higglytown Heroes set that I almost didn't buy but my sister made me look it up and then I bought it, paid 2.99, sold 34.99
 Pat Pat with yellowed seats and small crack, paid 1.99, sold 37.99
 Pat Pat with no big flaws, paid 1.20 last spring for Nicky, priced for quick sale, sold for 51.99
 Pat Pat Transform and Go, paid $10 last spring for Nicky, sold 37.99
 And finally, my little Ruby at her concert last Friday.  It was heartbreaking to be in that room with all of our safe and happy first graders.  Heartbreaking and breathtaking.  She barely sang but did have fun up there with her BFF Emily, who is standing next to her. 

Time to finish the wrapping!  I made a batch of spritz yesterday and it went off without a hitch!  Every time I put lights on the tree or make spritz without wanting to cry I feel a tiny piece of my childhood pain erased.  xoxoxo


*What Was I Thinking?

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

general life stuff

((I feel like I need to acknowledge the tragedy from last Friday but I'm not sure how.  It's been on my mind and heart ever since and I am trying to pray for those families every time they come to mind.  They need our prayers, every one of them.  I am praying God pours comfort and blessings down on them.  It feels awkward to talk about because I could write volumes and still not accurately describe how I feel.  I'm sure you feel the same.  xoxoxoxo))

I felt kind of drab and dull all weekend.  I slept a lot, long naps on both days.  I also really enjoyed a trip to the bookstore and breakfast out with Patrick on Saturday morning.  It was a cold and rainy morning and it felt so good to snuggle up next to him in the booth and drink our coffee together.  We had talked about what happened Friday night, but he never says too much.  I noticed all weekend that he was holding my hand a little bit tighter than usual, though.   Saturday afternoon I took James and Ruby out to do a little shopping and have dinner.  On Sunday morning we met Annie and Ronan at church and then went to the zoo for a couple of hours.  It was a really good weekend, filled with my family, which was what I wanted.  Oh yeah!  We didn't go to Duluth because my mom got sick and the forecast was calling for rain/snow mix on Saturday night and Sunday.  I didn't want to get caught in bad weather with just Ruby & I.  Our girls weekend will have to wait!

Yesterday was a crazy busy day filled with lots of shipping (yay!) and misc. errands while Nicky was at the babysitter.  I forgot my master list at home (doh!) but only missed one gift - a birthday gift for Ruby's friend Emily.  I ordered it on Amazon last night and DONE!  Woot!  My debit card was smoking yesterday.  It needs a rest. 

I'd like to say I prefer doing all of this in November.  I hope I can get my act together again next year.  A day like yesterday always leaves me feeling frazzled but I am feeling so thankful that I get to be home all day today. 

I am going to go color with Nicky now.  I hope to be back later with a sold! post.  It was a good weekend, sales wise.


Thursday, December 13, 2012

She cleans up pretty good

taking one for the team (I mean the tree)

Last night the kids and I met my sister at the mall for a quick food court dinner, a ride each on the mechanical cars (well, not Annie & I) and then I passed them off to Patrick in the parking lot and we were on our own.  Woohoo!  We got some Christmas shopping done, spent a long time in Hallmark (???) and then hit a GOLDMINE at Goodwill.  We got there about 50 minutes before closing and were pawing through the games until they practically shut the lights out.  I got some good things to re-sell and a couple of gifts.  Andrea got a ton of cute stuff for Jacob.  It was really fun.  We were giddy.  :)  (Mom, you would have loved it.  :)  You should move here or something.  xoxo)

It was kind of funny...during our food court dinner Ruby wasn't eating her egg sub, which she loves, and it was annoying me.  Nicky and James, however, were scarfing down their Daily Double and Fish Fillet and Andrea says to me, "Well, 2 out of 3 ain't bad."  hahahha!  What a good way to look at it!  Love that.  I think I can use that for LOTS of things in life because that's usually how it goes with 3 least one of them, maybe two, is acting bat shit crazy about something but it's not usually all of them.  (thankfully.)  (knock on wood.)

I just finished two books.  The first, The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake, was very good but so UNUSUAL.  Have you read it?  Wasn't it odd???  I kind of loved it.  Mr. Penumbra's 24 Hour Book Store was the second and that was good, too.  Not fantastic, but entertaining and felt very original.  I love to read a book that feels different than anything else I've ever read.  I also love a good, predictable chick lit novel sometimes.  Especially if it involves a bakery or something.  :)

I am trying to decide what to do with my little Nicker today.  I am doing 5 Christmas cards a day so that feels manageable and not daunting.  I actually did 10 yesterday so I am all set for that today.  (I am SUCH an over-achiever!!!)  I still need to wrap gifts and I'd like to get some cookies in the freezer.  I also would like to list some stuff on ebay and take Nicky outside and read him some more Christmas books and fold that basket of laundry on the couch.  I also want to clean out our "toy room" (unfinished mythical lower level bathroom) before Christmas.  But not today.  What a random paragraph.

Oh. Yesterday Nicky was rocking back and forth, standing up, on this little tikes rocking horse.  He says, "WOO HOO NICKY!  YEAH!" over and over while he does this.  (it is very cute.)  At one point I said, "Good job, Nicky!" and he stopped and said, "You call me Nick, Mom.  Not Nicky.  Nick."  I said okay and then forgot all about it and called him "boo boo" a few minutes later, my other name I call him a lot.  He stopped whatever he was doing and said quietly, "Okay, you call me boo boo, too."  :) 

I wish I had a picture for you.  Oh, wait!  I do!

On Tuesday I was lucky enough to purchase the crappiest tree in Madison!  So no worries if you haven't gotten one yet and are afraid of getting the crappiest!  I already have it!  The trunk has about a 30 degree angle at the bottom and that thing would just NOT stand up.  I considered leaving it like this, see above, but ended up wedging a cut log under the front of the tree stand and tying it to the wall.  It is also very pokey and drops needles like a sonofabitch.



p.s.  sorry for the two swear words in this post!  I guess I am feeling feisty this morning.  

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

my fingers are cold*

I'm feeling pretty good this morning, dare I say happy?  This is good news considering I woke up 3 hours ago with a headache that felt like a dagger stabbing me in the head.  ugh.  I was definitely dehydrated and am working on fixing that now.  (downside?  peeing.  I hate all the peeing that comes with proper hydration.)

How are you?

On Monday when I picked Nicky up from Sarah's, there was a big bottle of lotion in his bag.  HINT, HINT, YOUR KID HAS DRY SKIN, it shouted at me.    How embarrassing, right?  Except I wasn't really embarrassed at all.  I know Nicky is neglected in the lotion department and I was grateful that Sarah feels comfortable enough with me to call me on it, and that she cares about his little body as we head into winter. Of course, I have tons of lotion all over my house but she said this stuff (from Melaluca) was great so I accepted it.  I think no matter what, it always feels good to have someone else care about your kid.

That's all I got!

:)  Just kidding.  It looks like Ruby and I are having a girls weekend this weekend!  We are heading up to Duluth to participate in the famed "Cookie Day" that my mom and her sisters do every year.  I can NEVER go so when it looked feasible this year I decided to go for it.  I feel kind of sad that James isn't coming, as we are going to Bentleyville on Friday afternoon with my Dad, but I know he'd be SUPER bored at cookie day.

Speaking of James, he said his party was awesome.  He had tons of fun, Patrick and I were exhausted.  I am SO glad I didn't let him have more boys as 6 (including him) was PLENTY.  I much prefer a single boy sleeping over and look forward to the next 11.5 months of that simplicity.  It was super interesting listening to them all talk and argue and figure stuff out, though.  They ended up playing "animal imagination" the most.  It's a game they created where they were all animal warriors and lived in forts built all over our lower level.  They also played lots of Legos, watched one episode of Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles, talked a lot about books and farted.  See?  Awesome.

Last year I wrote a favorite things list (I'm planning another one for Friday) and #1 was the Yankee Candle in Sparkling Pine.  Do you know that scent is RETIRED?  And the people selling it on ebay are asking TOP DOLLAR?  (dang ebay sellers!  ;)  )  Yikes.  It's kind of scary to think of a Christmas without my favorite scent now.  I'm addicted to it.  I just ordered a dozen of the tea lights on Amazon for $15, shipped.  Not too bad.  Each one burns for 4-6 hours so that is at least 48 hours of happiness.  I just calculated that it works out to about .32/hour.  Quite the bargain in my opinion.

Here are a few more pictures:

This is the banner I got at Panera last January.  :)  I love it.

 Here is Miss Ruby working on James' tablescape:  (haha, I hate that word.) 
 And the birthday boy!  I love this picture, he looks so happy.

 Ruby's finished product:
 Nicky in front of the new shelf I got for our kitchen yesterday at the Dig.  The color looks weird here but it is a gorgeous aqua that matches nothing, but I love.
 I hung some of my favorite ornaments on this vintage spinner rack on a whim and turned out loving it.  Our real tree is in the van, and will be put up today, so I might just have to move this elsewhere instead of taking it down.
 And finally, a picture of my Dad and the grandkids (missing baby Eli) from Thanksgiving weekend.  Love this, too.  xoxoox

*title totally unrelated to anything in actual post.

Monday, December 10, 2012


Here are some of my sales from the last couple of weeks.  It's been pretty steady...I can't complain.  :)

Polo hoodie  pd 1.00, sold 32.49
Spyder fleece  pd .50, sold 23.00
Nike shirt  pd .50, sold 17.00
Kliban cat mug  (remember these?)  pd .49, sold 18.99
Lole bag pd 3.99, sold 14.99  (they got a deal!)
leather western belt, pd 1.99, sold 23.00
REI purse pd 1.99, sold 9.99 (once I got it home I wondered why I bought it!  ugly color.)
vintage star wars action figures (these were in the same bag as those muscle men I sold for 54.99 a couple of weeks ago.)  I sold these 3 for 23.00 so my total profit for that $3 purchase was 77.99!  woot!  (before ebay fees)
old Far Side cards, pd 1.99, sold 22.99
Ugly Christmas sweater, free from my mom, sold 44.99
IRMI plaque, free from my mom, sold 17.99
SAS loafers pd 8.00 (they were like new and a wide width), sold 54.99
vintage cross stitch, pd 1.20, sold 19.99
Cath Kidson wool scarf, paid .50, sold 37.00  (thrifted last year for myself and realized this year I would never wear it)
Starbucks bear, paid .20, sold 13.49
vintage owl mug, paid .25, sold 14.99
Sully, paid .99, sold 39.99
I bought these Merrell shoes last spring for 5.99. Also a regret because they really are ugly. Relieved to get rid of them for 14.99.
cashmere sweater, free from my mom, sold $23
j. jill cashmere sweater, paid .50 (wore last winter), sold $29.

 Banana Republic petite dress (I hate petite stuff, sells slowly, but if it's really nice, I still buy it.  even though I don't like it!  :)  )  paid 1.00, sold 22.99
I'm going to like up with Thrift Share Monday today at Apron Thrift Girl!  I love reading about all the wonderful stuff out there, just waiting for us to find it.  :)



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