coffee time

Nicky and I got a ton of groceries this morning.  I tried Aldi for the first time.  (I will let you know.)  I couldn't get everything there but I got a lot of stuff and the place was empty so that was really nice. 

Right now my house is messy as I didn't do my usual morning clean up routine before we left this morning.  I am going to have a quick cup of coffee (God bless Keurig) and get it in order before the kids get home.  Here's my list for the rest of the day.  It feels like a lot:

bring groceries in, put away--this afternoon, kids will like to help
5 ebay listings--tonight
fold 2 loads laundry--this afternoon, just found out ruby loves to fold clothes (!!)
sort few things I got at the dig (we met seester there for a little while after groceries)--now
wash pots and pans in sink--now
quick pick up--now
get snack ready--now
dinner--by 5:30

I am all packed and my suitcase is too heavy.  Patrick's stuff needs to go in and we are at 38 lbs already.  (and he wears jeans and jeans are heavy!)  I want to bring one whole empty suitcase so I can fill it up with beautiful Parisian staples IF POSSIBLE.  That is my ultimate goal.  :)  So, I would also like to edit my choices a little more. 

Here's what I'm bringing as of now, for 9 days.  Obviously, I'm planning on wearing stuff more than once.  The skirts and dress are for evenings.:

3 prs black leggings (wearing one on plane)
1 pr gray leggings
1 gray skirt
1 black skirt
1 dress
1 gray cardigan (will probably wear on plane)
1 long gray sweater
1 long black sweater
1 gray & green striped sweater (could maybe lose this)
1 purple sweater
1 gray & green plaid shirt (could lose this, not very warm or layerable)

2 gray shirts (wear alone or layer)
1 black shirt (thin, to layer, will probably wear on plane)
3 tanks (layering)  (prob overkill, remove one of them)
2 pairs black shoes (going in my carry on)
1 pair winter boots (wearing on plane)
2 prs tights
1 pr cozy jammies
5 prs pretty jammies (could narrow down and wash in hotel)
7 colorful/pretty scarves  (so I don't go crazy wearing all gray and black!!)
2 hats, 2 gloves (in carry on)
1 fleece hoodie for hotel
socks/underwear/bras (could narrow down and wash in hotel)

Okay, I think editing a bit and taking out those clothes and wearing them, I might save 5-6 lbs.  I also got quart ziplocs today so I can divide up that stuff for our carry ons.  Those little bottles of liquids add up to 3-5lbs.  And I am low maintenance!  :)

Note: As you might have noticed, I like a bargain.  Paris sounds super expensive.  How will this work???  :)  I am planning on scouting out some thrift stores I read about online, visiting the French grocery stores (some sound like their version of super Targets) for everyday but beautiful (to me) treats & gifts, and maybe splurging on one or two things I fall in love with.  We are going to visit a famous flea market as well.  Because I love shopping so much, especially second hand shopping, it will be so fun for me to use a thrift store as a starting point and then explore the area around it.  This is my plan for some of my solo days.  Then, if Patrick can meet for lunch or gets off early, I can just hop on the  Metro and meet him at one of the landmarks or museums we want to see together.  eek!  We'll see...

Okay, coffee time.  Thanks for letting me work on my packing list.  I will give an update with the new weight.  :)



  1. Grrr. It wouldn't take my last comment. Take all of your older unmentionable and toss them as you use them including socks. It frees up a huge amount of space. Also do you really need 5 special nighties? Take one then go looking for a special one there?? What about shoes - no mention and they take up space...

  2. I am an Aldi's shopper. I go there for most of my groceries and a few of my household supplies. Love it!

    I wish you well on your packing and your trip. :)

  3. packing list sounds great. i know jammies are small, but if u shower before bed, do u really need 6 pair? u could also tie a sweater around your waist for travel to save on some weight. bon voyage!!!! oh, and yed is jealous of all your awesome ebay sales and wants to know your weekly average ebay income :)


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