day three

This is the day that I learned to use the Metro.  I was very intimidated, despite hearing how easy it is.  I found out quickly that it certainly is that easy.  Paris opened up to me.  I could go ANYWHERE!  I texted Patrick that Paris was my oyster and set out. This was also the day that I decided to stay out after dark.  Very liberating.  I mostly hunted down shopping places this day as that felt safe.  Saw some amazing places, though, and walked a LOT.  Lunch at McDonalds.  packed & gross.  First and last time.  Used the free WiFi at the hotel.

I do!



  1. seeing that toilet and the icky "kmart" has reminded me of brief experience in France - FILTHY. I mean nasty dirty filthy. And the toilets were TERRIFYING.

  2. Oh man, that store was the only icky place I came across but it sure was icky.


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