Flu, flu, flu.  It's hitting pretty hard right now.  The stories are making me so sad.  I am also so glad I got travel insurance!  If myself or the kids or my mom get really sick, I obviously wouldn't leave and I know it would be very sad but also, it's not the end of the world.  There is a new knowledge now...the knowledge that my mom will watch our kids for a week.  We could totally hit Florida in February or something.  :)  (actually, we probably wouldn't choose Florida.)

One aspect of this trip that's been hard to get my head around is the money.  We obviously weren't planning on a trip to Paris, or saving for one.  We were saving for something else and I was thankful we had that money to buy my ticket.  As for spending money...thanks, ebay & Dad's Christmas $$!  Our hotel and Patrick's meals will be paid for, as well as his ticket, so that is huge.  We could never have afforded this trip (without a lot more saving & planning) if it wasn't for his work.  January is always when the spending cools down, when I do our taxes and start a new budget and figure out our money goals for the year.  This year, the spending is heating up and I am just setting aside my normal urges.  They can wait until February.  :)

In other news, I'm exercising again!  The Christmas cookie pudge needs to go and even if the scale has (mostly) stayed the same, the body is definitely not the same.  I've been feeling woefully out of shape and mucky and am happy to be moving again.  It feels so familiar to me, it feels like such a hug to myself.  I know that sounds stupid but I've really missed regular exercise and have been missing it since SEPTEMBER.

So, have you made any goals for yourself?  I am mulling some over.  I read a post yesterday where the woman heard from her friend to write out your goals as statements...like those things have already happened.  For example,

"I am so flipping happy that I paid off our credit card in 2013!"  or "2013 was the best year!  Our lower level is finally finished!"  :)  See?  Kind of fun. I want to write some out, maybe tonight. 

My eye started twitching yesterday.  This only happens when I am stressed and while I don't feel that stressed, I must be a little freaked out about our trip.  Today I am making lots of information lists for my mom...I will feel really good when that is done.  I also picked up a travel size saline solution yesterday.  So glad I can cross THAT off my list.  :)

I know this post has been disjointed and boring. I'm sorry.  That's where my head is today.



  1. I hope that everyone at your house stays healthy! Your list on the previous post is sufficiently long. I don't think you can get through all of it.

    miss you.


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