My first cup of coffee went down way too quickly this morning.  It was also super duper hard getting out of bed today.  My bed was the perfect temperature!!  So cruel, isn't it?  We slept in nearly every day during vacation...that was sooooo nice.  Our kids don't usually do that.  I suppose they don't usually stay up really late, either, so that probably explains it.  Either way, I enjoyed it.  Like, a LOT, you guys.

How are you?  I'm good, aside from the "out of coffee" and "longing for warm bed" that I mentioned above.  I just ordered rental phones for us to use during our trip.  Because Patrick will work different hours every day and we plan on meeting for lunches and after he's done, we really need to be able to call and text each other while we're there.  For instance, "Hi Bunny, want to meet at the Louve at 5:00?"  "Um, I'm kind of more in the mood for a walk down the Champs-Elysees, if that's okay?" (heeheehee)  Also, I got a US number attached to my phone so my family can call me there without using international codes or anything.  Sa-weet.  (not that I'm going to answer)  ahhahahahhaha

Our computer is working!  Patrick came home, clicked a few keys, and it was working.  So nice.  I will now show you some pictures from our new camera!  So fun to have a camera again!  I got a Sony because I am a Sony girl, I guess.  I hated that last Canon.  (no offence to any canon lovers out there.  holla!)  Also, just never mind the mess, okay?  We live here.  (saw that on Pinterest.)

James was so happy to be reunited with his 3DS after school.  And his brother.

 Hey boys!

 Panoramic feature.  cool.  Note:  Unless you want your evening life to have an undertone of "urine", don't paint your kitchen pale yellow.  Okay?

 And Ruby this morning.  See how the laundry multiplied and moved to the couch?  I've got a fun day planned.  Wanna come over?  Also, my living room was so dark when I took this.  VERY good low light pictures.  We'll see, but I think I might like this camera.

Thank you for more happy wishes and book suggestions yesterday!  :)  Also, I forgot to tell you about the best book I read on vacation, Jerry Heasley's RARE FINDS Mustangs & Fords

It features none other than my dear old Dad!!  TWICE.  That is another new record for him.  :)



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