We are home! We made it!  My mind is full of so much to say that I don't know where to start.  I guess I will start with Day One, since my camera so conveniently dates all my pictures for me.  :)  First, I want to say how good it was to come home last night.  It felt like we were gone for years.  My mom and Annie & Ronan took amazing care of our little ones and I didn't worry about them once.  (Honestly, I barely let myself think about them until we were on the way home.  Easier that way.)

So, here was the upper part of the train station in Paris.  We arrived, got our luggage and decided to take the train into the city.  It was snowing a lot (for Paris) that day and really pretty outside.  After we purchased our tickets, Patrick went through the turnstile first and I went right behind him.  And got stuck.  And it shut on my face, crunching my glasses into my nose.  Ha!  Welcome to Paris!  :)  I was taking too long to get my suitcase through and those turnstiles wait for no one.  So I went back to get in line and ask someone for help.  A very nice man got another nice man to open a door and let me through and there were gobs of people everywhere and I couldn't see Patrick.  I assumed he went downstairs to where the trains come so I headed down and he wasn't there.  I stood for a while wondering, "Would he have gotten on the train without me?"  I talked myself out of that and after waiting a few more minutes decided I better check back upstairs.  No up escalator so I hauled my 50lb suitcase up 2 flights of stairs and there he was.  :)  Yay!  We hugged and turned on our cel phones.  I'd like to mention that my feet were swollen like after birth so that felt really good.  
We had a granola bar and got on the next train.  After a lovely 20 minute ride it stopped somewhere and didn't start again.  They made an announcement that we couldn't understand and soon everybody was grumbling and getting off.  We followed suit and waited a while and got on the next train that seemed like it would get us where we needed to go.  After a bit, same thing happened.  We were at the Gare du Nord (North Station) and saw that we could get on the Metro at this point (the subway) so we headed out to find it.  Harder than it sounded at that point for us...exhausted and hungry and hauling 2 heavy suitcases.  We finally were just happy to find a sortie (exit) and get out on the street.

My first look at Paris:
The first taxi turned us down but thankfully the second took us.  We arrived at the hotel and did exactly what I said I didn't want to do...collapsed on the bed for a blissful 3-4 hour nap.  :)  It screwed up my sleep for a few nights but it was all good.  Being a parent preps you for long days after long nights of little sleep. 

We asked the front desk for a dinner recommendation and she pointed us to the Cafe Pasteur across the Blvd.  It was so delicious and the waiters were so nice that we ate there the next 3 nights.  :)  My first dinner was a Croque Madam with a Kronenbourg 1664.  (I was happy to try one after reading about Mikael Blomkvist drinking them all the time in The Girl Who series.)
We finished with coffee (mistake #2 but oh, so good) and nutella crepes, natch.  Yum.
After dinner we set off on a walk.  It was pretty warm out and sooooo pretty.  It felt so good to be outside and my feet were so comfy in my boots.
We made our way to this little beauty:
Here was our first view of all but the top, which we could see from our hotel.  We turned a corner and there it was!
Me at the Eiffel Tower.

A nice couple from New Jersey took this for us.

It was closed that night so we just walked around the base and the Parc du Champs de Mars (park near the tower), over to the Seine and enjoyed seeing everything.  There were lots of people out and everyone was enjoying the snow.

We walked home after a while and proceeded to stay up for most of the night.  We finally took some tylenol pm (not sure why we waited) and fell asleep around 3:30 or 4:00am?  :)  crazy but we had fun.



  1. So glad you made it there and back. I love the photos keep them coming!! And of course the stories also. I have never been so I am going to live it through you. I was thinking about you yesterday and wondering when you where getting home.

  2. I've been anxiously checking for this post! Such lovely pics. Can't wait to hear more.


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