my eye started twitching again yesterday

So, yeah. The fried egg. It was a big deal to me. :)  The last couple days have been tiring.  I am not feeling well and I have children and some of my children are not feeling well and you probably know how that goes.  I feel pretty good in the morning but by about 4pm I am ready for bed.  Unfortunately, my children aren't.  Ugh.  I am just exhausted by the end of the day so that fried egg felt like the best thing in the world.

Nicky is standing next to me sobbing because there is no more yogurt and I won't give him another banana until he finishes the banana on the counter.

le sigh.  (no bananas for you, sir!)


Tomorrow is supposed to be warmer, like 40, so I am planning some sort of outdoor excursion with Nicky.  (I am not sending him to daycare so as to protect him/us from any virus out there that we haven't already have, if there are any.)  Today we might do a few last minute errands.  Today after school I am making chocolate chip bars with James, first thing.  Then Ruby and I are going to color, hopefully in my bed.  Tomorrow night is family movie night and Saturday morning we will clean the house up and then we are off!

I finally made my big "places of interest" list and gave it to Patrick so he could plot it all out for me but then I googled and found CommunityWalk and did it myself.  A lot of the famous landmarks are already on there so I just added in all the shops I found.  A lot of the museums didn't come up under their name so I need to find the addresses and get them plotted and then it will be done.  It's nice to see (when you zoom in) how close places are to other places and things like that.  I guess the city is 6 miles wide.

I read that Paris only has merchandise sales two times a year and one of them is THIS month!  I kind of accidentally did our taxes yesterday and it got me thinking about this trip.  If I end up buying a lot to resell then I can deduct the extra baggage fee as well as the cost of the item, my metro tickets, etc.  Certain items might go for a lot on ebay so it's something to keep in mind.  There is a huge outlet mall on the outskirts of Paris that I could take a "luxury" shuttle to and from, deducting the cost of the shuttle, and maybe buy some high end merchandise on deep discount to sell here.  We'll see.  I like having lots of options.

Back to the salt mines.



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