my gamble...will it pay off?

I recently had a particularly fruitful day of thrifting and thought I'd share it here and update you on all of these particular items one month from today.  This will show you what I think when I buy something, what I hope to get for it and what actually happens.  :)

Large Plush Horse - paid $7 - would like to make $50
Tongue Tie - paid $1.29, found stain after I paid.  sigh.  MUST BE MORE CAREFUL.  Am going to wash and see.  would like to make $15
Bed Canopy - paid $4 (it's behind the horse) - keeping for Ruby's birthday
Building Block things - paid $2 - keeping for summer survival kit
Skeleton Stacking Game - paid $2 - keeping for rainy day
Polo Duffle Bag - paid $4 (kind of a gamble) - would love to make $30
REI Belt - paid $1 - bought for Patrick, too big - would love to make $10 (not likely)
Heart Candle - paid $1 - valentine decoration for us
Dansko mary janes - paid $4 - for me!  woot, woot, woot!
Dansko lace ups - paid $4 - would like to make $40
Wolky sandals - paid $4- would like to make $40+
Jambu sandals - paid $4 - still hoping feet might shrink so they fit?! - sigh...hope to make $40-50
2 pairs earth shoes - paid $4 ea - both fit me but OMgosh, I don't need any more cute shoooooooes (or do I?) - hope to make $35+ each
Wolky boots - paid $6 - see Jambu sandals above, tooooo small  boo, hope to make $40+

So.  I spent $55 (that's a lot for me, like I said, this day was a good one!).  $13 of that is for us so $42 is the cost for ebay items.  I hope to turn that $42 into $335 profit.  I will update with this same photo one month from today.  Wish me luck!  :)



  1. This is fun! Can't wait to see what you make. Also loved the list of what you want to do in Paris...sounds prefect.


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