no chocolate chips for you, sir

Hello dear ones.  I want to start out by saying thank you for all the comments, well wishes, tips and suggestions for my trip!  I am making lots of notes and starting to get really excited despite my best efforts.  (a lot could still go wrong in the next 4 days, you know.)  I am washing my coat, though, and doing 1,000,000 other things to prepare for this journey.  I do feel like our life is pretty much ready to be passed off to my mother (and seester and ronan) and that feels good.  Everything (on the business side of life) I can think of is in place in case anything unspeakable should happen.  (please Lord, let us come back to this amazing life you've blessed us with.)

So, too heavy?  Sorry.  :)  moving on.

I procured (at goodwill, natch) a larger carry on (it's just standard size, the one I had was smaller) and that eased up on some of the suitcase weight.  Things like umbrellas and such can now come on the plane with us instead of being checked.  I am also carrying my two pairs of shoes (also heavy) in the carry on.  The real issue isn't overpacking, I am doing so good!, but our suitcase itself is so big and heavy.  Nearly 17lbs.  ugh.  It's okay, though.  I'm no longer worried.  Our second suitcase is lighter and I am sure I will have plenty of room for "souvenirs."  Or, if not, paying $100 for an additional checked bag will not be the end of the world.  (though I would hate that.)  :)

As far as the nighties, it was original plan to bring a new one to wear every night.  I know I don't "need" that many but this is the first time alone I've had with my husband in a very, very long time if you know what I mean.  (brown chicken, brown cow)  I cut that amount in half and am okay with that.  I mean, I'm pretty sure he won't even notice.  It's not like they are on that long!!  TMI TMI TMI

I would like to say how thankful I am for free USPS Priority Mail pick up.  This means I put my packages out on the porch and they are picked up and I don't have to leave my house ALL DAY.  I started feeling really cat-dragged in yesterday and got a little nervous but I feel good again this morning.  I obviously have a cold but I am holding steady at cold and haven't slipped in to severe cold.  My left buttock is incredibly sore, though. 

I did a cardio kickboxing workout on Saturday and hurt a hamstring for the first time!  I actually thought my hamstrings were in my calves.  ha!  It hurt so bad that night but it was pretty much better by the next day.  Then my ass started hurting!  Whatever, backside!  Buck up. 

James was inspired by the kickboxing to make a punching bag in the basement.  He strung two pillows up in the basement ceiling joists and was having so much fun just going at it.  Patrick came down to watch and helped him make it better by stuffing just one pillowcase much fuller and all the kids have been having lots of fun with it.  There have also been lots of tears and "accidental" punches to the face but that is how these things go, no?

On Saturday night we had dinner at The Great Dane with Andrea and Ronan and kids.  I was there last week with Wendy and had such a delicious sandwich that I suggested we go again.  :)  (turkey club with coleslaw...mmmmm.)  It was so funny being there with all 5 kids as the place filled up with Packer fans.  We had a big booth upstairs (Fitchburg location if you're local) and we played a little pool and drank some beer and it was really fun.  On Sunday Andrea and I and her friend Sarah went to my friend's Lia Sophia party.  That was fun, too, and ended with Annie & I agreeing to host one together in April.  :)

I've totally stayed off facebook proper but did log onto my facebook running group after a couple friends told me there was something brewing about another 5K.  We are doing the It's Glow Time! 5K in May!  I'm happy to have something on the calendar to keep me going once we get home.  It will be interesting getting out there to run but even if I keep exercising indoors and just get out to run in March & April, I should be okay.  One of my goals for this year is to run an entire 5K.  It might not be this one but I am going to shoot for that at some point.  ("I am so incredibly grateful for the strong and healthy body that allowed me to run an entire 5K this year!")  :)

The other day Ruby, Nicky and I were sitting at the kitchen table and Nicky was picking the tiny chocolate chips out of his trail mix.  Ruby leaned over to grab one and Nicky said, in a very stern voice, "No sir!  No chocolate chips for you, sir!"  HAHAHAHA!  Ruby and I looked at eachother like WTH?  It was just so funny and now we can't stop saying it, about everything.  This morning she was all, "No blueberry yogurt for you, sir."  HAHAHAHHA!  Maybe you have to be here?  :)  Anyways, it's my new favorite inter-family joke.  (also, I love having inter-family jokes...a nice addition to inter-parent jokes, which Patrick and I have had from day one of parenting, 9+ years ago.  "whatever you do, don't look him in the eye."  Patrick said to me about a 6 hour old James.  :)  hehehehehe.)

I hate to do this to you but no pictures.  Pretty crappy of me, eh?  sorry, peeps.

(no pictures for you, sir!)



  1. ROFL, I was going to say something about all the lingerie but had decided not to. But since you opened the door.....really you needed that many???? My DH wants me naked the whole time we are away together. LOL n Blushing. I usually take just one or two.
    Also we say brown chicken, brown cow too!!!


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