Oh poop

My computer is giving me a hard time this morning.  Like maybe the hard drive crashed?!  Poop.  I am blogging from my phone to tell you a few things before I forget.

Yesterday super sucked but then Patrick surprised us by getting home early.  God bless him.  Having him home again...it made me realize how much he makes me feel cared for.  I didn't think it would, but being alone with the kids on nye made me sad.  Or maybe reading about everyone's fun with loved ones and friends on fb made me feel sad?  In any case, i logged off of fb for the month.  It has been bugging me for months now, really.  I think I might delete everyone except for my family, a handful of my cloaest friends that live away, and local friends/parents that are part of groups we are involved in.  Giving myself a month to decide.  Is fb, for the most part, making my life better?  Um...no.  why bother then?  I would like to lose some of that need to be "connected" with people that aren't really a part of my life anymore.  (And yes...sometimes it can make me feel jealous/left out/irritated but not usually...this is something I've been thinking about for a while....even on my usual "secure" days.  :)  )

So.  There is that.  :) 

Also...thank you Sybil, Mim and Sarah for your sweet words about our trip.  Sarah commented on what I should wear and that is one of the first things I had googled.  :)  lots of black and lots of scarves is the consensus.  Luckily, I can do that.  I am planning on bringing exactly what she said:  warm boots (i am going to walk all over...and use the metro.  Eeeek!) Long black coat (christmas gift picked just for this!) Leggings, sweaters, scarves, cute but warm hats and mittens.  And an umbrella. And a long skirt or two with tights for our dinners.  I also might have a new camera coming (finally! I have been without one for a year or so.  Crazy.)  It is so fun planning my clothes and figuring out which areas I will wander in.  ( and where the best charity shops are!)  :)  i guess monoprix is like the french target.  Fun fun fun.  Oh yeah...the art and pastries and bread and wine are exciting too.  And just being alone with my husband!!!!!!!!!!!  Oui.

I will shut up now.  Xoxo


  1. i tell you this because i love you - people cannot (and i mean cannot) handle being unfriended. no matter how you tell them, or how nicely you go about. i really did lose my bff over it. if you are sick of fb, go all the way or not at all.

  2. I am so excited for you going to Paris!! What a wonderful trip to look forward to!

  3. When are you going?
    I hate you.
    (not really, I love you!, just wish I was going)

  4. Paris!!!!! Amazing news! I am so jealous and even a bit happy for you too. I hope you totally enjoy every minute there and don't spend any time thinking about your kiddos here. I'm sure they'll be fine and won't even remember that you left them in a few months, but YOU will have your Paris memories FOREVER!

    I, for one, would be a bit sad to see you leave facebook, but I understand. It really is pointless. But sort of fun too.

    I read a fast-paced and easy book recently - Blame. I forget the name of the author. It's about a woman who drove drunk and killed some people and went to prison and ... The story goes on from there. I read it at the same time Suzy F-H was in the news, so I've spent a lot of time thinking about women making bad choices and trying to go on in their lives. Interesting.

    And I think I have successfully commented on all of your recent posts in one comment.

    Happy new year to you! :)


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