It has been a crazy 9 days on ebay! I started listing again a week ago Saturday hoping to build my store back up to 100 items before I put it on "vacation mode" while we are away. I think it was around 45 items after the holidays?  Anyways.  I've been doing 5+ listings a day (aside from yesterday) and am only at 79 because stuff keeps selling!  WOO HOO!  No complaints here.  This rush of sales couldn't have come at a better time.  (thank you, Lord!)

I've got a few duds this time but mostly I've been really happy with the sales. Also, that pile of stuff I showed you last week isn't all listed yet.  This might not have been a good time to do that "let's check back in a month" thing.  BUT, that in itself is the reality of ebay for me.  Sometimes it sits a while because life, or something you think might sell better, gets in the way.  :)

Okay.  The sales.  Here are some of the best:

Older Ralph Lauren embroidered Key West Jacket.  Paid $1, sold $38

full length Talbots skirt, paid $1, sold $44
Wool Starter cap, paid .25, sold $96
Junonia swim top (6X) paid $4 (last summer!), sold $39
Cheshire cat, paid $1, sold $17  (after I bought this I wasn't sure why I did.  There were tons of them listed so I was happy & surprised that mine sold.  It went to Sweden or Holland.)
NWT 7.5 Toms, paid 3.99, sold $42
Size 11 earth shoes, paid $4, saw that they had little holes AFTER I bought them, relieved to sell for $17.
Banana Republic belt, paid .99, sold $23.99
vintage Jockey boxers, paid .25, sold 24.99
Lot of 30 cashmere sweaters.  I've been collecting these forever for my own hoarding use but haven't used them in the last year at all.  My mom also found maybe 10 of them for me and I realized I had a pretty large group.  I listed them for $250 with free shipping and put them on sale this weekend for $225.00 and they sold!  Fed Ex shipping cost $15. I paid around $10 for all of them.  (These were listed as craft cashmere.  Lots of these sweaters had holes or pilling or had shrunk but quite a few of them were perfect, too.)
Men's Keens, paid $3.99, sold $38
Smartwool sweater with overall light pilling, paid $1, sold $29
Men's Lacoste white leather belt (UGLY), paid .99, sold $36.99
Vintage Arctic Cat mittens, paid $1.99, sold $34.99
Vintage Mickey sweater, paid $2, sold $40
Free People sweater, paid .50, sold $31.99
Christmas Peek A Blocks.  I had these listed as low as $13 before Christmas and no interest.  I sold them last week for $29.99 to a woman in Sweden.  Paid 1.69.
Guess belt, paid .99, sold $35.99

Holy cats, right?  I'm sorry if you have the sudden urge to go thrifting now.  :)



  1. wow did you ever score on that cap! i'm curious how you manage your store if you're away for an extended period of time - do the folks who buy something from your store just have to wait for you to get back in order to mail it?

  2. When you put your store in "vacation mode" people can still see your items but it says they're not available until Xx/XX/XXXX. That way I don't lose my discount by not being able to ship in one day. :)


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