this is what I want:

In Paris,

I want to walk.  A lot.  By myself, with Patrick, all over.

I want to figure out how I like my coffee there and order it, in French.  (or try to.)

I want to stop while I'm walking and take pictures of anything I want.

I want to wear pretty pajamas to bed every night.

I want to pack light.

I want to shop.

I want to bring lots of stuff home.

I want to eat a lot of pastries.  But not until I'm sick.

I want to take the Metro.

I want to sit in a cafe and read a book.

I want to see famous places and artwork.  But not try to fit in too many of them.

I want to climb the stairs at the Eiffel Tower & Notre Dame.

I want to look down from the top.

I want to walk on a cobblestone street.

I want ice cream from Berthillon.

I want to get up early.

I want to stay up late.  But not too late.

I want to use the free WiFi at McDonald's.

I want to come home safely to my family.


p.s.  Have you been?  Any suggestions for me?  I'd love to hear them.


  1. Café crème. Pronounce: Cah-FAY crem. Have one for me!

  2. ah man, I thought i commented on this a week ago! I did the Louvre in 20 minutes, so you can totally quickly see stuff and not feel overwhelmed by it. The subway there is easy peasy, and you will be happy you used it. If you go to the Arc d'Triumphe (or however it's spelled), please know there is an underground tunnel and you don't have to dodge like 8 lanes of traffic spiraling around that crazy traffic circle. It's a nice city view, so you can satisfy your "looking down from the top" goal there. Also, it's at the end of the Champs L'essay (or however it's spelled) so you can do some fancy window shopping on your way. I do hope you take plenty of pictures and stop wherever you want to snap interesting stuff.

    While you are using the free wifi at McD, be sure to have some of their potatoes. They come with a fantastic dipping sauce that will make you forget that you came all the way to France just to go to McD's. I considered it research I was doing, a little compare/contrast about cultural differences

    I am glad to see what's NOT on this list, which is "I will miss my children every night." They'll be fine. and you will be in PARIS!!! I hope it is amazing.

  3. OH! and they have a good, cheap beer to order. It's called 1667 or something like that. Unfortunately, everytime I tried to order it, it sounding like I was ordering 7 up, which caused all sorts of confusion. The beer is nothing fancy, but we liked it because it was cheap. Also? I had probably way more fun than I should have by saying my two stupid french lines while sitting in a bar. "You are a cantalope" and "I lost my eyeball!" No one really got upset with me because my french is pretty bad, and we had a good laugh.


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