catching up

I've got the mid-winter blahs. Do you?? Ugh. I hate it. After a week of jet lag (I was pretty tired the whole first week we got home, went to bed by 8pm every night) and a week of PMS (sensitive and tired), I finally feel normal and have noticed that our house is trashed. Crap piled every where I look! Ahhhhh! Must purge. The hall closet has been bugging me for a LONG time and that is on my list for today.

Instead of going on and on like I'd like to, I will share some pictures.  :)  You're welcome.

I make them do this together a lot now and it works out really well.  (usually.)
The DS brings families together, don't you know?

All 3 kids cuddled up with Patrick while watching Hotel Transylvania last weekend.  (cute movie.  I LOVED the scene with the mama wolf in bed.  hahahhahahaha!  She was covered in wild babies while her husband wolf slept peacefully next to her.  so funny.  :)  )
I got Patrick a Keurig for Christmas and was happy to find this KCup holder at Goodwill.  What a racket, this Keurig business!  Good coffee, though.
My new peacock feather wreath.  Bet you can't guess where I got it? 
A grocery shopping trip with James on a particularly crappy day.  It was fun.
Ruby, after school one day.  We just had conferences last night and it was a good reminder how both of our kids are SO GOOD at school.  They both keep it together so well all day, do such good work, are generally very nice to others...they are bound to be exhausted after all of that hard work.  I need to remember this.  They need to get the crazy out somewhere because the Lord knows they have it in them! 

Little Elijah on a walk last week in the jogger Susan lent me.  (Thanks Susan!  I am itching to get Nicky in that thing for a run!)  (well, fast walk???)

We went to Picnic Point and it was fun and funny in the way that a walk with lots of children is:

Nicky is not so outdoorsy:

Playdoh making last week:

I am off to clean my closet now and dream about gutting our whole house.  :)  No biggie.



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