After my wonderful morning in Montmartre, I headed to the Arc de Triomphe.  Luckily Teresa told me there was a tunnel to get over to it or I probably would have tried to cross the crazy traffic circle.  :)  
Down you go.

And then up you go.  Only 100 some stairs but I was pooped!
This looks like one of my old boyfriends.  I don't think it's him but the resemblance is uncanny.
I loved this and wanted to steal all of them for my walls at home.  What are they??  Laurel leaves?  I will have to look that up.  Right as I was done in the gift shop they told me they were closing early.  When I got downstairs there were armed men in military gear walking around.  ??  Maybe Beyonce was coming??  (kidding.)
Totally wanted to buy that but it was sold out.  ;)
Oh, wait a minute.  I was just there about 30 minutes ago!  Metro, you ROCK.
Hello, lovely.
I couldn't stop taking Tower pictures. 
Except to take one of myself.  :)  (look at that clear skin!!)
Thanks, boy from Ireland.
My feet on the Champs-Elysees.  So glad I brought those Merrell shoes.  I walked crazy miles in them and they were so good to my feet.  I did get shin splints but they were better by Friday.  What you read is true...practically NOBODY wears tennies or jeans in Paris.  Don't do it!  Unless they are high heeled tennies, okay?  Black jeans, fine.  Blue jeans, not so much.
Oh, look...there's a ferris wheel!
obligatory historical sculpture shot.
Ah, that's better.  :)  (that was a really good snack...pain au chocolat aux amandes aka bread with chocolate and almonds.)
Lots and lots, tons of people!!  The Champs-Elysees is just a glorified State Street in my opinion.  There is a Claire's and a Gap right along with Cartier and Citroen.  big whoop.  :)

Here it is, all sparkled up.  This happens on the hour, every hour during the night time.
Yes, I went on the ferris wheel.  I had to!
Beautiful moment crossing the Seine.

Headed home.  cool metro station:

The bakery right across from the hotel:
And me at the end of an awesome day.  Very happy. 
Patrick came home a while after and we went out for another delicious dinner.  He worked so much and was so sweet and asked me about my day, every day.  I would not have been that sweet.



  1. ahhhh...lovely chocolate croissants with almonds!!! am loving these paris recaps. i'm dying to go to my old stomping grounds in london with my husband very soon someday... your posts are making me even more eager!

  2. Thanks Liz. London! I wanna go to London!! :)


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