macarons and shaving cream

Good morning, friends.  How are you?  I am good.  I have an unexpected day to myself so even though I didn't want to, I am working.  Nicky was at his sitter's house yesterday and she leaves for vacation tonight so I thought that was it for a week or so.  When I picked him up yesterday afternoon she offered to take him today so I said, "Why not?"  I was so lazy this morning but got quite a bit done already so I'm feeling good.

My Ebay sales seem pretty normal again for the most part...slowly rolling in, which has been nice.  (people must be getting their refunds!)  I've had 15 sales the last 10 days and all of them but 2 have been items I've listed since we've been back from Paris.  I started a bunch of auctions on Sunday night to try and get rid of some of my old inventory...I hope it works!

Remember that stuff I bought and I was going to show you how I did?  I didn't get most of it listed before I left but it's all listed now.  Here's an update:

Large Plush Horse - paid $7 - would like to make $50  Made $55
Tongue Tie - paid $1.29, found stain after I paid.  sigh.  MUST BE MORE CAREFUL.  Am going to wash and see.  would like to make $15  (stain out, still listed)
Polo Duffle Bag - paid $4 (kind of a gamble) - would love to make $30 Made $40
REI Belt - paid $1 - bought for Patrick, too big - would love to make $10 (not likely) (not even listed...where is that thing??)
Dansko lace ups - paid $4 - would like to make $40 (still listed)
Wolky sandals - paid $4- would like to make $40+  (just listed)
Jambu sandals - paid $4 - still hoping feet might shrink so they fit?! - sigh...hope to make $40-50  (still listed)
2 pairs earth shoes - paid $4 ea - both fit me but OMgosh, I don't need any more cute shoooooooes (or do I?) - hope to make $35+ each (both still listed)
Wolky boots - paid $6 - see Jambu sandals above, tooooo small  boo, hope to make $40+ (still listed)

I paid $55 for all of that stuff that day, kept a lot of it for us, and have made $95 so far.  I know the shoes will sell eventually so it seems my gamble paid off, although not as quickly as I would have liked.  Those shoes would have sold much faster in Oct-Nov, I think.  I couldn't believe someone actually paid me $70 for that horse.  (I paid shipping from that amount.)  He loved it, too!  :)

Here are a few pictures:

This was the night we got home from Paris.  Patrick and Ruby fell asleep on the couch.  It was so sweet.  I had been the most worried about Nicky missing us while we were gone but he was FINE.  James and Ruby really missed us, though.  They were so happy to have us home and have stuff "back to normal."  (They LOVE my mom & Annie & Ronan...they just didn't like their little lives changed that much.)  :)
 I forgot to show you our little macarons.  They have never sounded that appealing to me but I figured I should try them at least.  They were really good!  The vanilla and caramel ones were our favorite.  I would still always select a pastry, though.  :)

 Above are some pictures of the welcome home banner the kids made with Annie & Ronan for us.  It was so sweet and so fun to come in and see it.  It's still up.  :)

I let them play with some shaving cream last Friday.  I bought a bunch at the dollar store last summer for our outdoor shaving cream pit and had a bottle left over.  It kept them busy for a good 20 minutes and Nicky "cleaned up" for another 30 so it was a success.  It looks pretty tidy in the photo, doesn't it?  I should have taken a picture after they were done.  :)

Time to get back to work.  xoxoxo


  1. My kids only get to play with shaving cream in the shower. Easy peasy clean up!
    That banner is adorable :)

  2. i love the picture of patrick and ruby.

  3. Thank you, Kari. :) And Sybil, that is genius.


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