new format: day six, hour one

Due to the incredible interest in these posts, I've decided to start writing HOURLY reports about my time in Paris.  I will write, in great detail, about one hour per day from now until mid-March.


hHAHahhahahahha!  But.  I cannot tell you each how much it means to me that you guys let me know that you're enjoying these.  Thank you!!! :)

Now, onto day six.

Honestly, I wasn't really looking forward to the Louvre.  I had just been at a museum the day before and while I love some art, I don't love art in general.  You have to wade through a lot of un-interesting (to me) stuff to get to the good stuff, you know.  (yes, unrefined.)  :)  BUT.  It's the fracking Mona Lisa.  How could I not go?  So I went.

Too bad this picture didn't turn out the best.  I was having a good hair day.

 I breakfasted at our favorite Pasteur Cafe and had the good fortune of seeing them receive a delivery.  The floor in front of the bar opened up and they sent all the boxes down on a dumbwaiter type thing.  It was very cool and a tour guide I had the next day told me the basements in Paris are truly amazing because many of them are original.  After I ate I went to that blue cash machine across the street and found a 50 centimes piece!  That is like finding a use-the-bathroom-free card in Paris.  Yay!  :)
 Once at the Louvre, I stopped in the gift shop first.  duh.  These books looked cute and we love Not A Box.  Must check out Not A Stick.  Also, I can so relate with that alligator book sometimes.  :)
I sprung for the headphone tour this time and they handed me a Nintendo 3DS and sent me on my way.  I loved being able to hear a lot about some things but wish there would have been detailed info on everything.  Get on that, Louvre, will you???
 I first headed towards the Winged Victory of Samothrace.  It was incredible and I listened to the whole spiel about her on my headset.

I really loved this painting and then almost screamed as I noticed that creepy guy between their legs.  Of course I didn't note the artist so I could read more about it.  Anyone know?  c r e e p y.
 Oh, hey.  Who's that?
 Just me.  HAHAHAHAHA.
 Pretty ceiling. yada yada yada.
 These were small wax seals imprinted on glass.  WANT.  Does anyone on etsy do this?  must check. 

 I loved this woman's work.
 And then I saw a bunch of other stuff and then I got lost in Egypt.  I wandered around forever, got directions from the same guy twice, was considering ending my life there and getting mummified and then finally got (the super simple) directions from another girl and found my way to the promised land. 
 whew.  While bitter and anxious to leave, I decided to check out the Medieval Louvre, the original foundations of the fortress that the Louvre started out as.  You are basically walking through the moat and it was really cool.
 At one point I took an elevator and wondered why it was so empty and then I got off and saw that it was for people with disabilities.  whoops.  Also, the Louvre had free bathrooms.  I guess most tourist places did but by this time in our trip I really appreciated a free bathroom.  You can't easily find a place to pee in Paris and once you do, you'll probably have to pay.  After I finish these daily updates I will publish my comprehensive list of free toilets in Paris.  (kidding.)

 And here I am, free of the Louvre.  Outside!  I'm outside!  No more mummies!  Hooray!!!
 I decided to split this into two parts because Nicky is awake and SO annoying with his constant demands for, well, care.




  1. I'm waiting for more.......
    your mother x

  2. HAHAHA! nice ceiling, yada yada yada...i am crying from laughter over that. you funny seester


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