no more volunteering for you, sir

Hello friends.

I had a dream about Paris last night and I woke up feeling kind of sad.  The feeling didn't linger, thank God.  I've been feeling down enough lately and seem to FINALLY be shaking it.  Who knows?!  Another weekend with my kids could push me over again.  ;)  I know I need to be exercising and just hanging in there.  Spring is right around the corner!!  It's hitting me hard this year, spring fever.

Ebay sales have been super slow these last two weeks but it's not just my stuff that's not selling so that helps me feel better.  I'm just hanging in there and have been working really hard building up my store, doing some research and making some changes.  When people feel like buying again, I'll be ready.  In the meantime, I am cutting back on my own spending (on stuff to sell) and that feels good.  My store is up to 120 items, a new high, so that is awesome!  :)  Luckily, I have had a couple of really good sales this week to kind of keep me inspired.

I decided that I am not doing any regular classroom volunteering next year.  I've done it for 3 years now, 2 years in both rooms, and I just need a break.  I will probably help out for a field trip or party each but that is it.  I am also not leading Girl Scouts again.  These last 3 weeks have been super busy with stuff, stuff, stuff and I am just sick of it.  Of course I feel guilty thinking about not volunteering because I am a stay at home mom but, too bad.  I will get over it.  Also, I work now!  These are the kinds of things that can pile up and make your life feel like it's not your own anymore.  I'm not going to let that happen.  I also have to say...I ALWAYS enjoy volunteering once I am there but I am just sick of all the time commitments.  Also, once word gets out that you are "helpful" then the requests start coming in, you know?  I need to change that reputation that I have.  :)  (just kidding but I definitely do need to modify it.)  Nicky will be in school in a couple of years and I can do more again then.  I want to volunteer at church again, too.  (but not in children's ministry which also feels wrong because I have children but it's just not for me.  I will find something else...)

I guess I just thought you all needed to know that.  :)  Sorry, boring mom rant.

Patrick and Ronan are building James a bedroom in our mythical lower level!  Do you remember the mythical lower level?  Well, not much has happened down there since the paint and carpet 3 years ago.  Now there is a new wall and Patrick is diligently sanding a bit every night and Ronan was here to help him get it all up and will come again this weekend if there is anything for them to do.  I want the ceiling in but Patrick says it's not time yet.  Maybe in another 8 years it will be time?????  :)  Love him. 

Speaking of Ronan...he and my seester bought a house!!  They bought a darling house right down the road in the next town.  A mere 8 miles away!!!  Too awesome.  We are so excited!!!!!!!  Practically neighbors!!

Okay, here are some pictures now:

I almost left the house like this one day but James told me.  That magnetic closure is pretty strong.  :)  (that is my food processor blade, btw.)

 I did our now traditional VDay breakfast for the kiddos.  Patrick got up and helped me this year.  They loved it.  Ruby moaned a little as she ate her hand pie.  :)

James was pissed there was no strawberry milk but he got over it.  ;)

That night we did chocolate fondue.  It was yummy and messy and Ruby went a little nuts afterwards and I'm not exaggerating.  She got covered in chocolate and went crazy laughing then crazy crying and I put her in the shower to calm her down.  It was pretty funny but also a little frightening.  :)

 James was VIP at school last week and Andrea & Ronan & children came with us to be interviewed by his class.  Then we all went out to recess and had a yummy cafeteria lunch.  It was really cute and James loved it.  :)

Nicky just looked at me incredulously and said, "You just called me punkin? (sigh.)" 

((I should be recording everything he says right now.  He is always sighing and rolling his eyes at us and saying, "Fine."  He says "yo elcome" in the cutest way.))



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