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  • I kind of hate when people talk about their dreams.  (This coming from someone who has talked about her dreams A LOT in her life.  :) )  But last night (sorry) I had a horrible dream that I was pushing Nicky across a flat bridge (I was in Duluth and it was the lift bridge but not really the lift bridge, you know?) with no guard rails and instead of having him in a stroller, I had him strapped to a lawnmower.  A heavy lawnmower.  Do you know where this is going?  I lost control of it and he rolled in and I watched my baby start sinking into Lake Superior.  I stopped the dream there because I couldn't imagine an ending.  My brain didn't know if I could hang onto a lawnmower in the water (I still am trying to figure it out) or if he would sink for sure or what I had him tied with...it was awful so I stopped it.  whew.  creepy.
  • I am finding that making a conscious effort to be more physical with James (making sure to hug him a lot, etc.) is helping me feel closer to him.  I adore James but he is 9 now and doesn't come in for cuddles as much as the other two.  He is also a boy and loves to talk about video games and things I don't relate very easily to.  Sometimes I start to feel a distance from him and just making a point to seek him out for more hugs (which he is always open to) makes me feel more connected and warmer towards him.  That might sound awful to you but I don't think it will if you get what I mean.  It is SO interesting raising both girls and boys and having your kids get older.  Interesting and terrifying and heartbreaking and so much fun.
  • Speaking of James, he had a pretty big role in the spring musical and never really told me about it.  He was one of a dozen or so picked to dance up in the front while the rest of the 2,3 & 4th graders were singing Hound Dog on the risers behind them.  He sang and danced this whole routine with a neighbor girl as his partner and nailed it.  No wonder he had stage fright!  He said he was learning the song and moves but I thought they were doing it together as a grade or class.  Oh, James.  You little stinker, you are such a BOY.  It was so fun to watch.  The musical had an American Bandstand theme and was full of old music and the kids did so many amazing numbers.
  • Nicky is slowly tipping from darling toddler who is cute every minute into a normal kid.  I knew it was coming and we've had a good run.  3 is just around the corner, Nicky.  Welcome to real life.  :)
  • I have done ZERO ebay work this week.  Yesterday was a work day and I spent a lot of it catching up on our financial stuff.  Did you know I hadn't balanced our checkbook since January?  Ha!  I paid the few bills that aren't automatic in February but other than that hadn't recorded a darn thing.  It was a big job but I am all caught up now and feeling good.  I did take some ebay pictures yesterday so I hope to get some listings up.  I also got a negative last week.  My only one (that one last year got removed) and I find I don't really care.  The buyer returned a skirt to me having OBVIOUSLY worn it (had dried food on it) and then denied it and left me a negative.  
  • Nicky sometimes taps his finger on his chin (like he's thinking) and says "Actually..."
  • I had my sister and a couple of friends over for playtime and lunch on Wednesday and it was really nice.  I like having new people over because it inspires me to do some things I've wanted to do for a while.  I hope before our Lia Sophia party that I can paint a certain shelf in our living room.
  • Patrick is now working on the flat shelf that will go around the half wall (s) in James' room.  It is a bigger job than I thought it would be as everything has to be even and flush and all these words that seem to call for lots of sawing and sanding and such.  I told him he should just nail it on and he just shook his head.  :)
  • Nicky is also sneaky these days!  He is not very smart about it yet, though.  He will come and tell me to stay in my room, close my door, and then go off to do something naughty like play James' DS.  :)  Or, just now, begin to make himself a glass of chocolate milk on the table behind me and when I get up yell at me to, "Just go work, MOM!"
  •  I am totally unprepared for the kids spring consignment sale that is in about one month.  I got hangers and pins yesterday so I think I am about to start.  One of the only drawbacks to the work in the lower level is that our basement, my usual efficient happy work/storage place, is a DISASTER.  Seriously.  It is full and jumbled and a hot mess.  It's hard to get inspired to get to work down there but I have to.  I want that stuff out of there.  :)  I will probably start working on it for an hour a day or something.
  • Ruby had my camera for a lot of the spring concert and I got about 100 shots like this:

There were also a lot of Nicky and I (Patrick came later):
 And I got a bunch of blurry ones of James (and a movie) because Ruby had messed up my settings and I didn't realize it:

He was hand jiving there.  :)  so cute.



  1. Ha! Those photos of Ruby made me laugh out loud! Thanks - I need a little cheer on this, the 1 billionth day of winter.

    I have had a lot of strange and vivid dreams lately (and, actually, had a similar kid-in-water-and-slipping-away dream a few months back that shook me to my core). Anyway, I have been trying to figure out the meanings on line with one of those free dream dictionaries. It's interesting and sometimes makes sense. I wonder what a large lawnmower means...

    Regarding raising boys, I TOTALLY get what you mean about needing to reach out to be more physical and keeping a connection that way. I had a moment recently where I took my absolutely BEREFT middle schooler onto my lap and rocked him while he sobbed about a recent injustice. And it worked, just like when he was 1 year old. And I loved it, just like when he was 1 year old. And then we watched the most recent SNL episode (which we didn't do when he was 1 year old). This parenting gig is simply fascinating.


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