What a strange week.  Sarah (Nicky's sitter) was gone so he was here with me all week.  Tuesday was a snow day.  There was a lot of serious type of kid stuff going on that left me worn out and not wanting them to grow up and now Ruby is home sick today.  She is actually better today but she had a fever and threw up last night.

I just finished a big cup of coffee and my new HGTV magazine.  That was nice.  I love that magazine. 

Remember how I said I was sick of volunteering?  Ha.  Well, I won't be volunteering in James' classroom any more this year.  His teacher told me yesterday that she wouldn't be needing my help anymore as she has a high school student to help her now.  All this after I spoke up about something she had done that I didn't agree with.  Coincidence?  I don't think so.  I am bummed about it but mainly glad that it's all out in the open and over with.  As much as I was sick of volunteering, I never would have quit this year.  What a witch.

I am happy it is Friday.  This week we tried doing homework immediately following snack after school and it went so much better than doing it after they had an hour to do whatever they wanted.  We're going to do it that way again next week and I am hoping the results are the same.  I didn't even need to prod them that much.  I just said, "How nice is it going to be when you are ALL done for the WHOLE night???"  Nice for all of us, that is for sure.  :)

It turned out to be a pretty decent ebay week even though I only did ONE new listing.  :)  I just decided not to bother with Nicky here every day and took naptime to just chill out and/or exercise.  I still had quite a few sales and am in the mood now to do some listing so maybe this weekend.  Otherwise next week we will be back to normal.  I sure appreciate having those days to myself, to work and just be kid free.  What a nice thing that is for me. 

Ruby had holes in both of her snow pants knees and James' are shredded along the cuffs.  I fixed his easily enough but wasn't sure if Ruby would go for patches.  I ironed them on (made from what I had at home) while she was sleeping after school yesterday and held my breath.

She liked them!  Yay! 

Time to figure out what the heck we're going to do with ourselves today.  Happy weekend, friends.



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