new room in progress

Good morning! Happy Monday! Woo hoo! :) just kidding. Except I did mean the good morning. How are you?  I am actually glad it's Monday.  We had a really busy weekend and it wore me out.  I did a lot of housework, took the kids to the mall, planned a boy scout meeting, had dinner with some friends, wiped many boogers, fed Patrick while he worked, went for a run, made myself an old school inspiration board, led boy scout meeting with James and oversaw baths & showers.  whew.  Glad it's Monday and I can rest a bit.  :) 

I just finished packaging up my ebay sales (I had some auctions end last night) and Nicky and I are leaving soon to go pick up some ceiling tiles before the snow starts.  I got rid of 9 older ebay listings (yay!) and also sold 2 more of the shoes I mentioned in that other post so that was good.

Patrick is making a lot of progress downstairs.  GOD BLESS HIM.  Here are some pictures as my mom has been wondering what it all looks like.  The new room is on the left side of the photo.  This is your view when you walk down our stairs.  That is his new (INSTALLED!) door.  I think the layout feels doesn't make the space seem much smaller and I actually really like it a lot.  The room was SO big before, this seems more usable/manageable.
And this is inside of the new bedroom.  He decided to do one more coat of the Buckwheat (the light color) on the new drywall wall but otherwise the painting is done.  The ceiling tile tracks are installed, the door is on and he is staining the trim!!!  This is so exciting!  :)  James picked the green color and it is actually really nice.
I'm so happy James will have his own bedroom. 



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