spring break!

Hey guys, how's it going?  Life is good here even though the weather SUCKS and is just RIDICULOUS.  :)  I am in denial about it, just trying to ignore it.  Yesterday I ran and it was 25 degrees outside.  Brrrrrrrr.  Super cold starting out but after a bit I got warmed up and actually hot and when I got home I spent a while chipping some thick ice off of our front walk.  It's got to end soon.  It's just got to.

I lost the weight I gained in (bad, bad) February but haven't lost any more even though I've been exercising a lot and (mostly) counting calories.  I think I am gaining muscle, though, as I feel stronger and my pants fit better.   Last year I kicked around the idea of losing 10 (20?) more pounds but never committed to it.  I am this year.  I want to lose 10 lbs. by my birthday (June 10th) and maintain that for the summer (and beyond).  I have some really cute "goal" pants, size 12, and that's what I'm shooting for.  :)

I barely worked this week, knowing I had to put my store on vacation today as we're going to Duluth for 5 days.  I did work on the resale clothes, though.  I got a lot done!  I need some more hangers and my goal is to get everything hung by March 31st so I have two weeks-ish in April for pricing.  My basement is so messy it makes me want to weep.  I am realizing how crucial all that space, and the organization of it, is to my two businesses...ebay & children's resale.  It's so discouraging to go down there and just see mountains of crap everywhere.  A lot of my clothes lines are blocked and I use them DAILY so that has been annoying.  BUT!

James' room is all but done!!!  He and Patrick are hooking up the electricity tonight and then there are just a couple little things to do.  We ordered him new bedding & a curtain (Super Mario Bros. - fine by me...stay little a while longer, James.) and they should be here when we get back.  He wanted to sleep in there last night so they just dragged in the mattress.  He loved it!

Last night I went to an open forum with the school board candidates and it was really good.  There are three spots open and I know just who I'm voting for.  Our district needs a lot of work (a lot of which has gotten started this year) and I am SO hopeful about the direction we are going.  Afterwards my friends & I went out for a beer and that HIT THE SPOT.  I am so thankful for them and this community of ours.

Also thankful:  my sister & Ronan closed on their house!!!  They have a lot of work to do but before too long, they will live right down the road.  I can't wait!!!  I haven't seen them all week, which seems weird.  (miss you, seester!)  We did get to run together last Sunday.  James came with, too.  It was cold out but so fun.  There is a nice trail between our houses...can't wait to run with her on it when it warms up.

This week, my van was in the shop on Mon/Tues and then on Wednesday I volunteered (in the school I am still welcome at.  ha!) and Nicky and I finished getting Easter goodies.  Yesterday I "worked" but really mostly did errands, cleaned the house & van and went for a run.  I did hit up a couple of thrift stores but only bought an Anthropologie shirt for myself (score!) and a pair of Keen sandals for James (double score!).  Today I am doing final laundry loads and starting to pack/make packing lists for the kids.  I am also getting James' paperwork for baseball in the mail.  So happy he is going to try that out this year.

Have a great weekend and I will see you back here next week some time.  (when it's WARMER.)



  1. You sound so productive right now!!! Here is what I am doing...breastfeeding, changing diapers, giving lots of kisses and discipline to a naughty little girl whose world has turned upside down. Thankfully Yed is off for 3 weeks! I really can't complain. Jude is a dream baby. He hardly cries and smiles at least 10 times/ day. I miss you. Have fun in Duluth. Keep up the running! I need to lose 20# by June!


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