(yet another) snow day!

We are having another snow day here.  SERIOUSLY, WINTER.  STOP IT.  I was hoping that the storm might pass us by but just in case I made banana muffins last night and washed and cut up a container of strawberries and left them in the fridge.  This morning when everyone was up and SO! EXCITED! and also STARVING, MOM! I got to tell them to grab a muffin while I laid in bed for a while longer.  :)  (I have been making THIS banana muffin recipe and they are so good.  I think it's the melted butter.  I also add a teaspoon of vanilla, just because.)

Yesterday Nicky and I went grocery shopping, stopped at the mall to ride the escalators (while I waited for a supply list from Patrick) and then hit Menards for ceiling tiles, etc.  Those tiles are big and heavy and once the cart was full I rammed it into the back of my ankle and dropped the F Bomb OUT LOUD in front of a Menards employee.  What??  Can you believe it?  I can't.  But it happened and I apologized and he just laughted.  It really hurt.  Nicky was oblivious.  (I hope.)  :)
And now for some random photos.

Here is a fort Ruby built in the living room last weekend: 
For cub scouts we did the Space elective and we had them make Pinhole Planetariums (easy and they really liked it) and then find their constellation on this vintage map of the Heavens that I've had for years.  I am totally framing this.  I love it.  We also had them make Sky Wheels (you'll want to click on the PDF file that is linked) and James gave a little presentation on Jupiter.  It was cute. 
Here was Ruby's set up this morning on the living room floor.  The girl knows how to make herself comfortable, that is for sure.
Here is the inspiration board I made myself.  I subscribe to a few health related magazines and have noticed that certain articles/images really do inspire me...but not so much after I shut the magazine and walk away from it.  So I cut a lot of them out Friday night and made this!  It's not finished but it was fun and I like it.  It turned into a lot of running stuff.  I think that's because I started the C25K again (started at week 3 this time) and quickly remembered that running is REALLY hard for me.  I'm not "good" at it.  I'm slow.  It's hard.  But I can do it if I try!
I got Kate Spade New York Things We Love from the library and this image was inside.  I LOVE IT!  It's so fun and so cute.  I want to print a copy for my wall.
Here is James' bedroom as of last night.  Patrick put some of the ceiling tiles up (the ones that didn't need to be cut) and the casing on the door:  (yay!)  He also had me get two 40 gallon buckets of joint compound yesterday and I was like WHY? (because all the drywall is done) and he said, "I'll need it for the bathroom."  And I promptly fainted dead away because having a second bathroom has only ever been one of my wildest dreams. 
For the Blue & Gold banquet a couple weekend ago, James decorated another cake, this time depicting a flag ceremony.
I forgot to take a picture before they cut it but he did win a prize again.  :)  He was so happy.
Here is my cute seester while we were at Anthropologie. 
I found the Paris print somewhere and thought it was really cute:
And finally, I still see these arrows they put around our neighborhood for that 5K I did last summer.  I kind of hate them.  :)


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