daily digest volume 1 (I hate the word digest.)

I did it!  I did my c25k run last night and didn't die.  It didn't even feel extra exhausting or anything so that was cool.  I think I might be able to do both...the Ripped in 30 and C25k...and will feel great if I do.  Of course, I haven't tried week 2 yet and have heard week 3 is a KILLER so we will see.  I was up with a puking Ruby last night (she is fine now) so I didn't get up to exercise but am looking forward to it when Nicky takes his nap. 

I struggled with heavy sleepiness all day yesterday and took 2 small naps (one for 10 minutes and one for 20) and that helped tremendously.  Also, getting outside helped.  It wasn't warm but when dressed warmly, it was really nice out.  I took Nicky for a walk and felt so much better when we got home.  We are about to go out now for another one.  He loves to take his scooter and I love for him to have some fresh air and exercise before his nap.  :)

Today was supposed to be a work day but Ruby stayed home (just in case) so I took out some of my spring clothes instead.  :)  This is my roundabout way of starting to straighten the basement and really makes perfect sense if you think about it.  See, I need to access my clotheslines downstairs to properly tag my consignment sale items and in order to do that I need to move our two big chaise lounges and the only place to put them is in front of where my spring clothes were so it will be much easier to get them now than in the future.  Get it?  :)  (plus, I am SO sick of looking at sweaters.  blech.)

I did do some work today.  I had 5 sales to ship out so that was awesome!  One was even from a buyer whom I was sure would not pay.  He paid!  Yay, because it was a $60 sale.  My sitter did say she could take Nicky tomorrow instead so I hope to get some more listing done.  (and more shipping would be great!)

Ruby and I had some issues yesterday so I was honestly less than thrilled to be spending the day with her today.  I'm not mad at her but it all left me feeling kind of weary.  Something happened at school (not with another child or anything) and she lied to her teacher and then to me but we finally got to the core of her feelings after quite a while and a trying a few different methods of communicating.  It's really hard for Ruby to share her true feelings about certain things, which I totally GET, but it's so hard as her mother to be patient and to know what it will take for them to come out.  Basically, waiting...which is hard, you know?  But when I just left her alone, in her room, she came to me about a half hour later and wanted to really talk.  I was so thankful. 

I feel totally unprepared for being a mother most days.  Sure hope I don't screw up too badly.  :)



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