I wish I could think of one blog post title and use it over and over again until I die.

Oh my goodness, I am tired.  It's 9:58am and I am already excited to go to bed tonight.  :)  Last night I was in bed and asleep by 8:15.  Woke up at 4:45, layed around until 6:00 and then exercised.  Today felt easier and I started thinking I wasn't doing it right and then I remembered this quote I saw on Pinterest (where else?) :

I am kind of excited to move on to level 2 next week.  I hope I can stick with this for 4 weeks.  If I'm doing it while I have my period (that's why I'm so tired), then that is a good sign as this is usually my l a z i e s t week.  I measured all of my parts today so I have something to compare them to when I'm done.  I have my measurements from this time 2 years ago and they are almost all the same.  Well, my waist was 3 inches bigger today (ha!) but everything else was really close.  My body is pretty comfortable right here.  Too bad I am not!  (fake enthusiasm.  :)  )

I am kind of determined to get into these pants by my birthday, though.  I thought I'd show them to you, just for fun.  Yay!!  Pictures of random pants!  woohoo.

These are actually shorts.  I love them.  (They remind me of a pair of shorts I used to wear that belonged to my dear friend Cherie.)  Hers were gold-er than these but these are still very cute.  (size 12)

 This is a pinstriped skirt.  It's a 14 and while it does "fit", it doesn't really.
 Size 12 pants. 
 Another pinstriped item...a pair of pants.  Size 14 but wicked tight.
 I found this Fossil scarf and fell in love.  I am not much of a label whore but I just LOVE Fossil stuff.  I had it hanging in my closet for a few days before I realized it kind of matched my main goal pants & shorts.

And then I stacked them all up and realized it matches all of them.  I might have a problem.  :)
(The pinstripes are either blue or gray...it's so hard to tell.  Maybe my sister can determine their true color.  Her eyes are younger than mine.)

Last night when we were getting the kids ready for bed I was so tired and just kept imagining myself coming downstairs and getting the pie that was left in the fridge from Easter.  I wanted that pie so bad, after not even thinking about it all day.  Being tired is a HUGE carb-craving trigger for me.  Instead I chewed a piece of gum, read for about 5 minutes, and fell asleep.  Yay! for small victories.  I'll take them whenever I can.  

Now it's time to get dressed and stuff.  The kids have early release today so I pick them up at 12:30.  We talked this morning about going to a park but it's so flipping cold out right now.  This spring STINKS but I'm trying not to dwell on that.  More time for me to fit into my cute clothes, right?  :)  (speaking of that...I cannot wait to see my shirt collection again...oh, how I've missed it!!!)

Oh wait, more good news:  the three candidates I voted for (for our school board) all got elected!!!  That is better than good, really.  It is AWESOME!  I see our schools' futures looking a whole lot brighter.  I am so relieved and happy.  Wendy called me after school to see if I wanted to go to the bar and await the election results with our friends and I said I doubed it it, but maybe.  She texted me at 8:13 to see if I wanted to and I was already asleep.  :)

And now, some pictures from Duluth:



  1. I have goal pants too!

    That snowy beach looks absolutely beautiful


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