I'm just counting the minutes until I can eat again

what are you doing??  :)

How are you?  How's Monday so far?  I hope all is well in your neck of the woods.  I am working today and actually just hit my snack time/break!  Yay!  Coffee & pizzelles for me.  (pizzelles from Aldi.  70 calories for 3. yum.)

Speaking of food, Patrick and I PIGGED out last Friday night.  He brought home Papa Murphy's pizza and I ate 3 pieces.  Can you say stuffed?  I didn't even bother looking at the calories...just ate until I was full (and then ate one more) and it was so good.  Then I made a homemade apple dessert pizza and ate a big slice of that, too.  We were laying in bed afterwards just going on and on about how full we were.  It was kind of fun.  :)  Also, we watched Survivor.  Our Friday nights are crazy like that.

On Saturday Patrick started painting Ruby's room while I went out and purchased a bunch of stuff for it.  It is all cute (in a 7 year old girl way) and it will be so fun to put it all together.  He finished the cutting now and might roll the walls tonight.  I started painting a shelf for her and got sick of it almost immediately.  I still have a desk and dresser to do.  ugh.  :)  Good thing I don't have to do the walls, too.

I spent a lot of time outside yesterday (it was gorgeous) except for a mid-afternoon trip to Home Depot for more supplies.  I think I will be spending a lot of time outside all summer as that is where Nicky wants to be and he's not at an age where I can just leave unattended.  Even though I'm not that interested in plants this year, I might have to fake it.  I need something to do out there!  (Some day I'll have to tell you the story about Patrick vs. My Perennials.  It's a good one!)

James played outside with his buddies all day on Saturday and then slept over with a friend Saturday night.  Then he called me at 7am on Sunday to come and get him because his friend was still sleeping and he was bored.  :)  He obviously doesn't understand the unwritten sleepover rule that you stay up late and then SLEEP IN.

There is this "pond" in our neighborhood that the boys have been playing by almost daily.  They have a little camp set up and it is all so cute.  They are trying to make a raft now but have given their words that no one will try it without a parent present.

They (and I) love it because even though there are houses on one side of them (as shown) the other side is all grassy fields and trees.  They feel like they they are in the wilderness just a little, you know?  Cute.  Boy stuff.  Love it.

I absolutely DID NOT want to work today but I am so glad I made myself.  Now I can just relax for the rest of the night.  HAHAHA.  I have kids, remember?  But I won't have to make dinner as Patrick made (delicious) hamburgers last night and there are lots left.  Bonus!  

In exercising news, I finished 4 weeks of Ripped in 30!!!  WOOHOO!  I wouldn't call myself ripped but am definitely stronger and my hips/belly are smaller.  Today I did Jillian's Last Chance workout and really liked it.  I will probably do it tomorrow with the heart rate monitor just to see what the calorie burn is like.  I was definitely sweating so it felt pretty good.

It seems like there was more nonsense to share but I cannot remember it right now.  xoxoxo


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