non-scale victories #3

I am a little down this morning but starting to perk up again.  James was super challenging this morning and I handled him so well until the last minute when I asked him to get in the van (I had agreed to give them a ride...why do I do that on work days??) and he didn't. get. in. the. van.  I totally lost it and then had to drop them all off.  :/  Ruby knew it wasn't directed towards her and I got to give her a big hug, Nicky seemed fine, but James just got out of the van and I felt awful.  I just emailed his teacher and asked if he could call me when he had a minute and he called me back almost right away.  We both said we were sorry and I feel better.  Gah.  I hate that.  It was almost like God was taking me down a notch because I had thought to myself this morning, "I am handling him so well!"  :)  HA.  I should have been thanking God for my patience and asking for more of it...not patting myself on the back. 


Non-scale victories.  Let's see.  I guess my biggest one for this week was simply not over-doing it all the way when I let myself over-do it a little.  I shared a stack of delicious crepes with Ruby.  I shared a beer with Patrick.  I didn't eat all the cookies.

By the way.  The cookies.

I got them at Aldi's and they are so delicious.  Thankfully they are all gone now.  They are a sandwich cookie and the two biscuits are not very sweet but have a really good flavor and then they have a sweet chocolate filling.  Kind of like a really good oreo but larger and 140 calories each!!  so good.  Don't buy them.

My other non-scale victory happened a few weeks ago but was huge for me.  I switched to drinking vanilla almond milk in my coffee.  I've always liked my coffee light and sweet and it wasn't uncommon for me to add 2-3 sugars and a lot of half and half to a large cup.  That could set me back 80-100 calories for ONE CUP.  And sometimes I'd have two.  The vanilla almond milk has 45 calories in 1/2 cup and 7.5 grams of sugar.  About half of what I was used to and while you can't really compare it to that overly sweet stuff that I favor, it's quite good.  Sometimes I use plain almond milk and add one sugar and that is 50 calories.  And I normally only drink one cup as it's not as delicious.  win, win.  :)  I also like that I'm not starting my day off with all that sugar as I believe that sugar begets sugar...the more you have the more you want, you know?

Anyways.  Sorry for that beginning dump but I can't just start writing like I'm all happy when I really am not.  Although I do feel a lot better now.  Time to get to work!  Go visit Katie J. & Lex for more Non-Scale Victories!



  1. If you can't vent here, where can you? Great job on your NSV's, too! I am going to try that Almond milk in my coffee tomorrow. I am a creamer kind of girl--would you like coffee with your cream? The calorie cut would be great.
    Happy Lil' Friday,
    Lulu and Daisy

  2. I love reading your NSV but even more, I love what an awesome mom you are. James is learning so much from you when you are able to apologize for your mistakes. You are the reason why he so readily sees his fault in the situation. Thank you for sharing and for the reminder to pray for help throughout the day.
    I love you,
    p.s. anxiously awaiting your total for the kids' consignment sale!!!!

  3. I'm the SAME way about my coffee, but get this! I have been using almond milk in my coffee, too, but instead of drinking it hot, I drink it with ice and I add NuNaturals Alcohol Free Stevia (the dropper bottle) and it tastes amazing! No aftertaste, at ALL! And let me tell you, I'm super picky so it has to be good for me to like it. I can't drink the Stevia in hot because I do taste a teeny bit of an aftertaste, but with the cold drink, nothing! I buy the Silk Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk (30 cals in a whole cup!) and then put in two shots of espresso and the Stevia and it's only 31 calories! I have to tell you that I get super sad when it's all gone ;)

  4. Good job cutting back on the sugar. I always think it's those small changes that really make all the difference in the long run. Lots of little changes add up to big changes! Keep it up!

  5. Awesome job! Limiting yourself when you could have gone crazy is huge! You are doing such a great job!


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