spring training 5k challenge - week 4

Today has been pretty dreamy.  This morning Nicky & I walked the kids to school and then came right home, loaded up and headed to Picnic Point.  I haven't ran in two weeks and have been really wanting to.

holy crap.  It was super windy, I was pushing the jogger (thanks Susan!) and there are lots of hills on that trail.  I took a walk break after about 5 minutes and then a couple more during my 30 minute run.  I'd just walk for one minute and then start up again.  It was so hard!!  My heart rate was super high but would come right down once I slowed down, which I read was good.  I just need to read up on that more.  I always wondered how hard I was working - because it felt really hard sometimes - and now the heart rate monitor is showing me that I am indeed working really hard.

Nicky was working hard, too.  :)
I ran to the end of the trail, back towards the van about half way and then back to the end again to stop and look at the water.  It was already about 70 out and so beautiful.  I woke Nicky up so he could enjoy it.

 I love this picture below.  He came and sat down as close as he could to me with his little sandwich.  What a cutie.
It took us over an hour to get back to the van as I let Nicky set our pace.  He pushed the stroller for a while, threw rocks forever, stopped 1,000,000 times and ran in little spurts whenever a runner would pass us by.  :)  Afterwards we went to Starbucks and I wish I would have brought my phone in with me.  He looked so cute sitting in a big leather chair with his petite scone and chocolate milk.

What a wonderful morning.

Now he is sleeping, has been for a while, and I'm going to have to wake him up to walk and get the kids.  It's over 80 right now!!

I'm linking up with Katie J today for the Spring Training 5K Challenge!  I hope to get a couple more runs in this week and next.  Our 5K is on May 11th!  It is a fun one, though, a Glow Run, where we will stop and dance along the way so there is no pressure to run the whole thing.  I'm kind of glad even though I want to do that sometime.  As for other exercise, I loved doing the Ripped in 30 (found a new muscle in my calf today!) but am glad to be done, too.  I will probably do another 30 day thing in June but am enjoying this "break" of doing whatever workouts I want. :)  Even if they're still Jillian Michaels.  haha.

Have a great day!!  xoxo


  1. You are such an inspiration!! I am glad you are getting some good use with the jogger. It's old but still gets the job done :) I wanted to go for a run in this beautiful weather but I am stuck at home waiting for a guy to come buy a bike from us. Why oh why did I give a two hour window?!! doh!

  2. The Glow Run sounds like so much fun!

  3. That sounds awesome and looks like you had a great morning! Thanks for sharing and linking up!

  4. Looks like a great place to get your run on! What a great day!
    Lulu and Daisy


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