Good morning, peeps! How are you? I am good. Kind of chilly...can't warm up this morning for some reason. As soon as I finish here I am going to take as long of a hot shower as Nicky will allow. :) I'm happy to report we had another great weekend around these parts. Patrick made crepes on Saturday (and an egg free version for James) and we ate them with raspberry jam & whipped cream. Oh, man. so good.
We also got James all moved into his room!  Patrick finished sealing the trim and moved his bed in.  I hemmed his curtains and made him a throw pillow with the extra trim...it looks really cute.  James loves it!  I am kind of jealous...it's all so new and cozy.  :)  We decided to paint Ruby's room next.  That will be fun, too.
On Saturday night we had a fire.  Maybe you can tell from the picture that it was kind of chilly?  :)  Also, we like blankets.  Ruby read us a story and then everybody went kind of nuts.  (as per usual.)  Nicky ended up tripping and fell right by the fire pit.  Patrick scooped him up while I was still processing that he had tripped.  Seriously, that man is fast.  The elbow of his puffy little jacket was totally melted.  Thank God it was chilly out and he was bundled up.  scary.  After that they all had to sit still and after a weenie roast we sent them inside so we could enjoy the quiet a little.
Ahhh...the magic of television. :)
On Sunday, James went to a friends house and the rest of us just hung out until church.  After church we went to Noodles and ended up quickly leaving after my mom instincts told me James was going to hurl.  We barely got seated in the van and he filled up a to-go container with nothing we would ever want to re-heat.  (sorry.  hahahah!)  He was totally fine after that and went to school yesterday without incident.  ah, kids.  Never a dull moment.

Yesterday was a work day for me but we needed groceries and our house needed some serious attention so I spent some time on that, too.  I ended up getting a lot of ebay photos taken, though, and hope to get some listings done today.  

Here is Nicky from just a little while ago.  He loves to help me make coffee and then he hangs out and waits for the magic to happen.  :)  I do too, actually.

Hopefully I'll be back a bit later with a link up post!  Happy Tuesday!



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