good morning

Good morning, friends.  How's it going??

I am deleting my Inbox and realized I still have emails in there from the summer of 2011.  WHAT??  I have just over 16,000 emails to delete.  :/  Only a handful are ones I want to keep so I am quickly scanning 100 at a time.  If I do a few hundred a day it will only take me...a month and a half to get it finished.  :)  Nice. 

How was your weekend?  Ours was good.  Patrick was a lawn super hero (he aerated it among other things) and is waging a hilarious battle against something burrowing in our yard.  He would fill a hole with compacted rocks and dirt, go into the back yard for a bit, come back to the front and the little creature would have started clearing out his old hole.  :)  Hee hee.  He must have been watching Patrick because it happened a bunch of times.  heehee. 

I was kind of bored on and off all weekend.  I got a lot done including quite a few ebay listings, watching 2 episodes of Nashville, housework, mowed the lawn, playdates, exercising, eye appt., etc but it all felt kind of blah.  Yesterday the big kids were awful until 2 hours in their bedrooms snapped them out of it.  James had had a sleepover Sunday night and they were all up late and SO crabby yesterday morning.  ugh.  That long break helped, though, and we had a nice evening.  They went to bed at 7pm and seemed back to normal today.  Thank God.

I fell in love last week.  With kettlebells.  I seriously LOVE them and LOVE how I burn the same calories as a Jillian Michaels workout without any specific "cardio" times.  I still really like Jillian but it is SO FUN to be doing something new.  I ordered my first kettlebell and it should be here tomorrow.  I started with just a 10lb dumbbell that I have and that works for the most part but I know an actual kettlebell, with the handle, will be much better to work with.  I guess their weight is off center or something, too.  ??  Anyone else love these?  So fun to do something totally new.  I used this workout on youtube my first time and really liked it.  (It's called Fitness Blender Beginner Kettlebell Workout if the link doesn't work.)  I bought another one on Amazon (Prime Video) this morning and can't wait to try it with my new bell!!  My obliques are aching which feels really good.  That beginner workout, while not easy at all, didn't leave me sore afterwards.  I ordered a 15lb kettlebell so hopefully that one will beat me up a little.  :)  I want to ache!!! 

I am at that awkward point where my pants (especially my few pairs of jeans) are all too loose but I don't want to quite go out and buy new ones yet.  My shorts seem to fit better, and I've taken a couple of them in, but our weather has been CRAP so I haven't been wearing shorts at all.  I will probably take my jeans in a bit in the waist to get me through but it will be so nice to get new ones.  soon. 

Nicky and I are going to the Children's Museum in a little bit so I should go get ready.  I hope you have a good Tuesday!  xoxo


  1. Dear Patrick,

    If you really want to have a good time stick the hose down the hole.

    Although be prepared for loads of screeching as whatever is living down there comes running right back out at you.

    Good times that. :-)


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