Hey everyone!  :)  How's it going?  It's Monday and I am supposed to be working but had a few things to take care of first.  Like coffee and blogging.  :)  I don't think I'm going to work on Mondays next year.  I do appreciate the quiet after a busy week but I also want to just get stuff in order after the weekend and I feel guilty doing that if it's a "work" day.  Obviously not that guilty, as here I sit, but too guilty to finish cleaning out my closet like I'd like to.

First of all, I hope if you're a mom that you had a good Mother's Day.  Mine was uneventful but good.  We had a quiet morning with waffles and coffee and then Patrick went to help Ronan at the house.  (I was good with this...he didn't ditch me. :) )  The kids and I just hung out all day, planted some flowers and then went and had dinner at Culver's.  They were all bickering while planting and I was ready to throttle them and then we got to Culver's and they all slid into the booth right next to each other...1,2,3.  It was so cute.  And then James gave me some of his burger and Ruby gave me some cheese curds and I felt much better.  :)

Last week flew by.  I felt kind of off all week, on and off.  I went with Ruby on their field trip on Thursday and that was fun but soooo tiring.  On Friday I worked and then went with Annie & Ronan to pick up our race packets for Saturday night.  When I came home I found these on my front porch

Our dad sent Andrea & I each some flowers for Mother's Day.  awwww.  He is so sweet.  xoxooxox

On Saturday we went to my sister's to see my mom while she was watching their kids.  I also sewed my sister & I some running "skirts" for our run.  It was a Glow Run and I found a neon highway worker tee at the thrift store and was able to make it into two skirts and a couple of headbands.  :)  It was fun.

The run turned out to be super fun!  It was FREEZING cold and really windy so much so that we sat in my van and waited to meet our friends at the starting line.  (they had met earlier and were at a bar nearby)  Once we met up though, and started jumping around to the fun music they were playing, everyone warmed up a little.  I was so happy to finally start running...I warmed up right away then.  It was a 5k with "party zones" along the way that you could stop and dance at.  They actually looked pretty dumb when I got to the first one so I kept on going.  I felt pretty good and thought I might have a shot at running the whole thing.  And I did!!  Yay!  I ran my first 5K!!  I was so happy.  I went slow and it was un-timed so I don't even know how long it took me but I don't even care.  I ran by myself most of the way which I really liked.  I loved being there with my sister and friends but for the running part, it was just good to be in my own zone and not worrying about slowing anyone down.  :)  Afterwards we stayed and danced for a long time (the dj was still there) and then came back to a local bar to have bar food & another beer.  I woke up yesterday and my legs were sore but once I moved around some, I was fine.  I chugged a lot of water throughout the day and went for a walk yesterday afternoon, too.  This morning my shoulders ached!  Same thing, though.  Once I started moving them, I feel fine.

 (the white lips were for the black light areas...not my look of choice.  :)  )

 at the finish line:

 after party:
 Annie & Ronan:
So fun!!!  xoxoxo


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