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Hi Stranger!  I hope you guys had a good week!  Mine was really good.  My little girl turned 7.  I went on a field trip with James.  We had family over.  Patrick helped Andrea & Ronan unload a moving truck.  We did a lot of yard work.  I may have gotten my ebay mojo back.  A really good week.

Now it is a new one!  I am so happy to be home with Nicky today.  We just got back from walking the kids to school.  Oh - you know what?  I totally avoided my neighbor kids today because I just wanted to walk alone with my kids.  :)  Isn't that awful??  They are nice kids but I really like that time with just my kids as everyone is normally pretty happy and it's a nice time.  So today we left earlier and I don't feel a bit bad.  :)

I am having coffee and thinking about our day.  I might make some more no-vita-muffins.  I'm going to call about an aerator for the lawn.  Patrick is going to aerate it this weekend...we have NEVER done that before and our lawn needs some attention.  He also said he'd rebuild the sandbox so that is cool.  That sandbox has gotten more play than anything else in our yard but it is 6-7 years old now and is rotting.  (The swing set that I got 5 years ago for $100 is a close second and thankfully that is not rotting but we did replace a few of the swingy type things a couple of years ago.)

I wasn't here last week for Weigh In Wednesday but I was -2lbs.  Remember I had been +3 the week before?  Well I lost 2 of those and I hope I am back to where I was by tomorrow.  I sure am POKEY about losing weight.  sigh.  BUT!  Those goal shorts & pants all fit me now.  I couldn't get them zipped before but now they totally zip up and everything!  :)  Yay!  They are still tighter than I wear my shorts but I am within a few pounds/inches of them being wearable.  My birthday is 20 days away...I hope I make it.  My tendency is to want to lose weight, on the scale, and to feel bad if I don't, or if it isn't very fast.  However, my body is changing, I can't deny that.  My hips and butt and waist are all smaller.  My arms are stronger.  I can do things with my arms above my head for longer than I could before.  :)  I can tell that I have more muscle and that is so encouraging to me.  I love doing the little bit of weight training that I do and am proud of myself that push ups and squats and lunges and planks don't seem as impossible as they did a couple of months ago.  Good stuff.  Don't get discouraged, self.

Not even when that nearly overwhelming urge to eat carbs hits in the afternoon.  :/  Man, it's strong.  My best solution is to get up, drink some water, chew some gum.  If I waffle (heh) I can sometimes get past it with just a little treat and a couple times (last week with the birthday cake) I've totally blown it.  It's kind of crazy when I see that so clearly...I am not one bit hungry and only want sweets, badly.  I know what's going on but I can't shut it off very easily.  Each time I get past it successfully I feel so good.

Anyways.  Here are some pictures of Ruby's birthday and James' field trip.  Enjoy!  xoxo

 I love gopicnic lunches.  They are so good and they have a sunbutter lunch!  cool.
 Old World Wisconsin is pretty cool.



  1. It must have been pretty difficult to unload a moving truck, they should have stopped it first.


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