mke or bust

Hello there! How is your week going so far?  I hope well.  Mine is good.  I am so happy to be home with Nicky today.  We have lots of stuff to do and are going to spend the whole day outside.

Right after I finish my coffee and blogging.  :)

We walked the kids to school again and I have to say, I am loving that.  It's just really fun and all 3 of the kids love it, too.  Today James is picking Ruby up at school and they are walking home together, by themselves.  eek!  Well, kind of.  If Nicky is up, we will go meet them.  If he is sleeping I will go out and watch for them.

We had a great weekend in Milwaukee.  I really love that city...the lakefront is just beautiful and reminds me so much of Duluth.

Along with the fun family time, I was so happy to go to two different Alterras for coffee & breakfast.  The food and coffee is delicious and they just have a really cool vibe.  (Ha!  I just looked at their website and saw that they have a place in Madison, up on the square.  Cool!)  Patrick also really liked them.  He said the coffee stops and the beach were his favorites.   :)

 We were sitting there having coffee and hot chocolate and James said, "Mom, something smells like bread."  HAHAHAHA!  Patrick and I just looked at each other and I was like, "Are you serious?"  He realized what we were talking about and said he hadn't even noticed the 72 freshly baked loaves in front of him.  It was so funny.
We got the cupcakes from Honeypie and they were very good and just as huge as last year.  :)  Next time we want to eat there...the place was packed at breakfast time and the food looked amazing.

Overall, Ruby (and all of us) had a great time and James said he wants to go to Milwaukee in December for his birthday, too.  I'm guessing he'll change his mind but who knows!  I'm game.  :)  Those parties are an awful lot of work.



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