non-scale victories, week 4 (and other random bits)

My NSVs for this week are:

1.  I'm on track for exercising 5x this week.  That is my goal for every week.
2.  Walking the kids to school in the morning.  It was freezing today but James is really into it and I want to encourage that.  Plus, I burned 180 calories during that walk!!  Nice.  :)  (Ruby took the bus and Nicky burrowed under his blanket as seen in the blurry picture below.)

3.  Going to Chipotle with Patrick last night and getting what I really wanted (burrito bowl...ate 3/4 of it.).  I looked at the website earlier in the day, figured out the calories I'd need, and ate accordingly all day so I'd have enough.  We even got some frozen yogurt at Orange Leaf afterwards.  YUM!!  I did get some cookie dough chunks but would have been just as happy with the plain oatmeal cookie yogurt.  It was soooo good and 180 calories for 4 ounces.

I have had such a good (busy) week and today I am just tired out and unmotivated.  Of course, it's a work day so I can't just sit on the couch all day like I really want to.  Maybe all night??  It's chilly out so maybe my kids will want to be couch potatoes with me later.

After our mini-date (which was so nice.  I really love Patrick.) I stopped in Old Navy to get Ruby some shorts.  I brought home 2 pairs of flip flops for her, too.  When she saw them she was so excited!  "Do I get to keep them both, Mom??"  :)  So cute.

We are going to Milwaukee again this weekend for her birthday celebration.  (here are some pics from last year)

Something tells me she's most excited about the cupcacks.  :)

I found the diagram below when I cleaned out her folder yesterday.  I asked her about it and she said they had done them about their favorite animals and then she wanted to do one about me.  :) haha!  I asked her to read it to me and she read the "evol" as love.  I thought she was trying to write evil but she laughed so hard when I suggested it that I believed her.  She said, "Why would I write that about you, Mom??"  And the "hort" is heart.

Something that's making me happy right now:  Patrick is really good about noticing the stuff I do around here.  Lots of times when he comes home he'll say, "The house looks nice, honey."  (we usually pick it up before he gets home)  He always thanks me for dinner, even if it's less than stellar.  This morning he thanked me for washing his sweatshirt.  That stuff is so simple but really means a lot to me.

Anyways.  :)

The other day as I drove past the last gas station on our way out of town, Nicky reminded me I needed to get gas.  (I had told him that as we were leaving the house 4 minutes earlier!  duh.)  I totally did so I turned around and went to the gas station.  We have had this van for over 7 years and I've never put in more than 16.5 gallons.  NEVER.

17.7!!!  Holy cow.  That was a total blessing because I don't think we would have made it even 15 miles down the road.  Crazy.  We were so empty!!

And finally, just a couple cute (but silly) pictures of Nicky & Jacob last week.  I was happy we got to see them a lot last week.  Sadly, Nicky has started making funny faces for pictures...a lot like his older brother!!



  1. Great job on sticking to your workouts!! I totally cracked up at the web. I thought it said Evil too!

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