Now it's Tuesday and I was up again and again with a coughing Nicky.  Then we finally fell asleep and he woke me up again by peeing all over my pillow. 

Being a mom is so glamorous.

He is lucky he has those soft little hands to pat my arm with.

I am lucky to be patted with them.  I am also lucky I have good dark coffee for this morning and that it's nice out and that I have some stuff to plant.  And that I get to make cupcakes for my little darling Ruby who is turning 7 tomorrow.  

I am praying this Columbian does the job and I will soon stop feeling like I need to crawl back into my bed.

I bought sunscreen yesterday and forgot to put it on my kids today. 

James can eat regular ice cream bars now.  Like a boss.

Teresa made me think outside the box for Under Armour apparel and I thought, "duh!  I should check ebay." and found 2 shirts for James for $12 each, shipped.  They arrived last Friday and he's worn a rotation of his now collection of 3 every day since.

Here are some pictures of Ruby's room:

 My vitatop knock offs turned out really good.  They were slightly smaller than real vitatops and had less fiber but were tasty and easy and gone in 2 days.  I'm going to make more today or tomorrow.  Let me know if you want the recipe and I'll post it!
 See what I mean about being underwater?  :)



  1. Her room looks GREAT! I bet it doesn't stay that neat too long.

  2. i am also impressed (and a bit jealous) at the neat room. My children's room only look like that after I clean them, which I usually refuse to do, on principle.

    Nice going on the ebay Under Armor's! I saw a target brand one on the clearance rack the other day and thought of you, but it was a youth XL size. Also, it was $11, so ebay (for the real deal) was a good pick.

    Someday, I will blog again. I keep thinking about it, but my hands are not near a keyboard.

    Hope you are enjoying this great weather! Happy (belated) b'day to Ruby!!!!!


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