here are a bunch more:

I love our patio. Have I said that before? :) My only goal this summer is to sit out there every day, at least for a while. Not really a problem.
New rug!
I love that old green door.  I got it last summer for $15.

For my mom.  She likes to see this stuff.  :)

At the lake last week with Wendy:

Nicky shaking his groove thang.  I have another video to upload once I find it.
Running down the halls of the school Wendy teaches at:

Not so amused.  :)  Had just left doctor and had to get them home so the babysitter could come so I could LEAVE.  :) 


Jacob's new house:
Nick over for a visit:
at the beach yesterday:

they love the locks:

sad little nicky.  he is such a fan of the cuddle.  :)


  1. You look gorgeous!!! Oh my goodness...your face is so angular and BEAUTIFUL! I can't wait to see you. You are inspiring me to want to lose weight. Also, James' profile is Thomas to a T in that pic in the water with him and Ruby in the background. Last thing...I want to munch on Nicholas, Elijah and Jacob. Seriously couldn't be any more dreamy. I'm suddenly really into little boys :) I can't believe I get to see everyone in August. xoxo,


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