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Here we are, our first week of summer vacation over already.  Only 11 more to go!  :)  That seems crazy, actually...it goes so fast!

My Dad was here visiting last Sun-Tues and we were super busy having lots of fun.  On Sunday we spent some time in New Glarus and had a cook out here, Monday was Olbrich Gardens and The Great Dane (also my birthday!), Tuesday was the zoo.  On Wednesday the kids started summer school and our babysitter came for the first time.  Yesterday I went to a physical therapist about my back, I hurt it last week, and then we went to the pool and for a long walk.  The PT pushed on some joints and I am feeling slightly better, I think.  I had gotten hit just to the right of my spine with Ruby's bike wheel as it swung down off of the hook it was on in the garage.  OUCH. 

Today I am having a chill morning here with Nicky.  He pretended to clip my toe nails for a long time and we are heading out to the clothes line/patio next.  I was slightly worried about hanging laundry outside as I have the whole inside SYSTEM down so well.  Luckily, after much quiet pondering (not really) I came up with a solution.  I bring the laundry in from the line and carry it down to the basement to be sorted onto the appropriate piles.  Might seem silly but I don't want to mess up the SYSTEM.  :)

It seems there was much more to share, and many pictures to post, but I am drawing many blanks.  Let's see if a list helps:

  1. Nicky started blinking a lot last week.  I asked his dr. at his 3 year check and she said to bring him to an eye dr. if it keeps up.  I googled it and it sounds like it can be common for kids (especially boys) his age to develop little tics with blinking.  It is already going away a lot but I have an appt. for next week just in case.
  2. We got James a Trac Phone.  He can now call me while he's pedalling around our neighborhood between different parks and houses instead of coming home in between each stop or asking a parent to use their phone.  (which he was really good about.)  It only cost $15 but we told him it cost over $100 so he'd be very careful with it.  :)
  3. I love mowing the lawn.  I have my play list set up so it times out exactly how long it takes me to mow and now I try to beat it a little.  I also burn about 360 calories (53 minutes) which is my biggest calorie burning workout of the week.  Love that!
  4. Speaking of workouts, I haven't done any.  :(  I miss it sooooo much but want to heal properly before I do anything besides walk.  I might not even mow today in case the pushing is too hard on my back.  Tomorrow is a BIG day and I want to feel good.
  5. Tomorrow my sister is picking me up at 6am and we are heading out for a weekend of FUN.  We are going to the farmer's market, breakfast, to get pedicures, shopping and shopping, staying at a hotel (in middleton) going to dinner, a movie...whatever we want!!  Can't wait!!!!  We've been planning it for 6 weeks and it's finally here.  :) 
  6. On Sunday we are coming home in the afternoon to get our families and go to the peanut free Mallards game with an all you can eat & drink tent.  A little fun for the father's.  :)
  7. James & Ruby each chose 3 summer school classes and they both have swimming lessons right afterwards.  The last 2 days, James picked Ruby up at her class and they walk down the grassy hill to the pool together and I meet them there.  I am very proud of them for doing this.  It is something so simple but it shows me they can be trusted a bit and that they're learning independence & responsibility.  James is actually really good with this stuff but it's new for Ruby and I'm proud of her and of James for looking out for her.
  8. Nicky, on the other hand, can't be trusted at all.  Most evenings he is locked in his bedroom while I get dinner on the table.  No joke.  The kid will not stay in the backyard yet so I have no choice.  Little rat.  I'd rather have him screaming in his room for 15 minutes than hit by a car so no biggie.
Okay, gots to go.  xoxoxooxoxoxoxo  Have a good weekend!!!


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