It's June!

I wonder if I'll get back to regular blogging this summer?  I kind of miss it.  It makes me feel another part of my "younger" life is ending.  Or maybe it's just that my birthday is next week.  :) 

How are you guys?  Anyone still out there?  Show of hands??  :) 

Last Tuesday Nicky and I went with my friend Carolyn and her son to the Children's Museum.  It was really fun even though Nicky leaned over a temporary chicken fence and crashed it over and all the teenage chickens got scared to death and scattered.  Thankfully, none of them got crushed.  whew.  Can you imagine??? 

Last Wednesday I watched baby Elijah while my sister and Ronan moved into their new house!  Yay!!  They live right down the road.  We can easily stop over at each others' houses!  Baby Eli is a doll and very easy to watch so it was a fun day.  (although tiring.  how does anyone get anything done with a baby around???  oh yeah, you don't.  :)  )  (but I did make some oatmeal sunbutter bars that were crumbly but good.)

Last Thursday was a work day.  I didn't thrift, I just listed.  Oh, and Thursday was Patrick's birthday so I went out in the afternoon and got his gifts and picked up Hubbard Ave. pies.  Thursday night was the end of year Girl Scout Fiesta (ha!) and then we came home and celebrated our Patrick.  (cake and pie in one day.  oof.) (oh, and I baked muffins.)

Friday was a work day and all I did was list all day.  I got around 25 listings done?  It was a productive day.  Friday night James went to an event at the school with his buddy and won some cheese & crackers.  This was funny because at the EMS open house the week before he won a tooth brush cleaner.  :)  Lucky kid.  Andrea & Ronan came over for tacos that night.

On Saturday I took Ruby for a hike at Picnic Point.  James went to a soccer game with a friend and Patrick and Nicky stayed home because Patrick and I were pissy with each other.  Saturday afternoon I made a Texas Sheet cake to bring to a bbq at Patrick's coworker's house and we went to that.  We were slightly less pissy with each other so it wasn't bad.  They don't have kids and there were no kids there and I was really impressed with all 3 of our kids and how well-behaved they were.  This doesn't happen all that often (all 3 of them at once!) so I want to remember it.  :)

On Sunday I mowed the lawn, did a little ebay work and took James to his end of year Boy Scout Crossover thing.  After that we stopped by my sister's house and then came home.

Yesterday I worked and shipped over 30 packages.  I had a lot of auctions end Sunday night so it was a busy morning!  It's good, though.  I am waiting on payment from around 10 more people so I hope they cough it up soon.  Yesterday afternoon I did 2 rounds of that kettlebell workout (so 20 minutes) and was flat out exhausted.  My 15lb bell felt super heavy at first but I found I can totally do the exercises with it.  Not sure if I can do all 3 rounds yet...won't attempt that for a couple days.  I am not sore today, though, even though I was WIPED out afterwards.  ??

Today.  Today I am home!!  With nothing to do and it feels lovely.  Here is Nick a little while ago, after just waking up:

That's all I want to do all day.  :)  I hope you have a lovely day.  xxoo

p.s.  did you catch all the baked goods I mentioned???  Not looking forward to tomorrow's weigh in.  Last Wednesday I was down 1lb.

p.s.s.  I also decided we are having cereal for dinner once a week this summer.  And a night of cold cuts & cheese & pickles & fruit & veggies once a week.  (thanks to Zoe for that idea!)  And a night of pizza and a night of pasta (hot or cold) and we will grill once and maybe eat out once so that leaves only one night of coming up with something else.  :)  Brilliant!


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