wednesday weigh in

Good morning!  How's it going?  I am good.  I got lots of extra sleep yesterday which I think I needed.  I took a nap from 2-3 yesterday afternoon and then fell back to sleep after I checked the time.  I woke up at kids usually arrive at the front door at 3:40.  :)  How do our bodies do that??  They wanted to go to a movie and since there was no homework to do (yeah!) I said sure.  We saw Epic and it was really cute.  Nicky is not totally down with the whole "sit still for 2 hours" thing but the theatre was practically empty so it wasn't an issue.  Still, I won't be bringing him again for a while. 

I also went to bed at 10pm and let myself sleep in this morning until 6:50.  It felt really good.  I've been getting up between 5-5:30 to exercise but if I don't go to bed until 10:30-11...I'm not getting enough sleep.  I like 8 hours the best so I want to try and fit that in a little bit more often.  Also, I should say that my legs were tired yesterday!  That was good to realize!  :)  All those squats with a 15lb weight took their toll, in a good way.  Today I'm just in the mood for a walk.  It's kind of crappy out and we have a dr. appt and then 1st grade Graduation so it might be a walk inside later on with my pal Leslie.  Haven't seen her for a while!  I wonder how she's doing.  ;)

My weigh in was good this morning...only .5lb up.  :)  I was worried because I seemed to eat a lot of treats last week but I must have balanced it okay.  I'd like to stop messing around for a couple of weeks and lose 4 more pounds and then maintain that for the summer.  I wore some size 12 shorts last week but my yellow goal ones still feel a tiny bit snug to me in the waist.  oink oink.  I have 5 more days to get them to fit and reach my goal.  Actually, they totally fit now but I want them to be super comfortable which for me means a little loose.  I might not make it...we'll see.  Either way, I still feel good about what's been going on over here the last couple of months.

Nicky is waiting to sword fight me again.  He is wearing tiny little striped underwear and is pretty hard to resist.  I work tomorrow but will be back on Friday.  Have a good day!!



  1. Hi! I am still here every couple days. I am usually on my phone due to nursing and for some reason unable to comment. I have tried a few times. Just wanted you to know I still love your blog and I miss you. Good work with the exercise!!! I had a crazy, scary, vivid dream about Patrick and a motorcycle when Jude was a few weeks old. It kept me awake for an hour. It still makes me think of you guys and pray. Patrick doesn't even have a working motorcycle, does he? Can't wait to see you guys this summer!!!
    xoxo, Cousintine Happy Birthday in a few days!!!!


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