where to begin?

Two weeks under our belt, here we are at the start of the third. How is your summer going? Ours is going really good.  Just as you'd expect, there are daily cranky episodes, lots of bickering and even a few punches thrown.  :)  Along with the normal kid drama, we are having lots of fun.  I'm feeling thankful for all we've done so far and excited looking ahead.  I do feel like it's going by too fast but I know I'll be ready for school come the end of August.  :)

I have so many pictures that I want to get in place here, in case my hard drive ever crashes and we haven't backed anything up.  (which has happened, oh, TWICE.)

I took Nicky out for a special lunch right before school got out.  
The boys at a EMS thing we went to:

Last day of school:
At Olbrich Gardens when my Dad was here:

Out to dinner on my birthday:

Uncle Ronan taking one for the team on the zoo train:

Ruby, one afternoon:
date night, last Thursday:
Ruby's first grade graduation, if it works:


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