Last weekend my sister & I (and our families) met our mom in Eau Claire for a little family fun.  UNFORTUNATELY, the weather stunk and we could not go to Big Falls like last year.  boohoo.  (Melissa, if you read this, I was going to call you if we did something fun but we really didn't...just hung out...which is fun but not FUN, you know what I mean??  :)  xoxo)  We ended up at this strange zoo type place that actually would have been a neat place on a nicer day.  We needed to eat and it was as good a place as any.  :)  The boys ended up fishing and we saw the animals and then sat in our cars until it was time to leave.  :)

creepy spewing turtle:

After our zoo adventure (it was 58 and cloudy) we checked in at our hotel to swim and eat a dinner that cost nearly as much as the room.  :)  The next day we walked around the mall (before it was open) and let the kids play a little and then hit the highway home. 

We spontaneously decided to take Hwy 12 home and then decided to stop at Devil's Lake.  It's one of our favorite spots and we hadn't been there yet this summer.  It was 10 degrees warmer and the sun came out!  It felt amazing...kind of like a little taste of fall.

Nicky was NOT AFRAID of the big rocks. 
None of them are which is both good and bad.  :)

I tried to take a family pic with the timer and this is what I got.  :)  haha!
A nice man walking by offered to take one and, while it is not my favorite pic (can you say bad angle??), it will do.  :)

This is an out of order pic from Saturday.  James was quite pleased to be going fishing.
In other news, James passed his deep end test this morning.  WOOHOO!!!  The boy is thrilled and I am, too.  He worked so hard this summer and it has really paid off.  We went out to Noodles for lunch to celebrate.  We also got school supplies and it went 200x better than when I did that with all of them last year.  cheers to that!! 

summer life is good.  I am thankful. 

the end.



  1. Just catching up on your blog :) sorry I didn't get to see you last week, next time. Irvine Park in Chippewa Falls is FUN!! We have not been to Madison lately either
    :( soon. xoxo


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